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5 Things that WILL HAPPEN during 2012 in the WWE

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Kid Contra here! I am getting very impatient on this long road to WRESTLEMANIA (In the voice of Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon,) so I decided to take some of that energy and put it to good use by writing this blog. Though this blog would have been better served at the start of 2012 I didn't think of a till just now so (LAY OFF ME- Chris Farley SNL...... I decided to put on my psychic replica spinner belt that I purchased at a Halloween store for 4 bucks and I will reveal 5 things that WILL take place during 2012 in the WWE.

5) A.J. Will Become The Number One Diva In The WWE- I should specify what I mean by this statement. I am not saying she will win the divas title and become the best wrestling diva in the division, no what I am saying is she will become the "face" and the body of the Diva's division. I believe she will become a face when Daniel Bryan mistreats her and she slaps him in the face to the crowd's delight which is when her push will truly begin. I see her as taking the same path as Mickie James took a few years ago, start out heel, become a face and lead the division. The divas division has become a bit stagnant and Kelly Kelly's time as the "face" of the Divas Division has come to a close. Plus, Beth can wrestle, but she isn't the kind of woman WWE is going to market as the "face" of the Divas, which is where A.J. comes in. Being paired with the current world champion shows the kind of faith WWE has in her and WWE is using it as a means of exposure for both Bryan and A.J. If you don't believe she can be the face of the Divas Division, then check out these pics, which should answer any further objections.....

4) David Otunga Will Win A Single's Title- When I first saw this guy I thought he was a joke who would disappear form the public's eye as fast as he appeared and I must admit I was wrong! When I first saw him, I didn't realize he was in a relationship with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, if I would have known that, then I would have said that WWE will keep him around as long as she keeps him around because WWE loves any connection if can make with a celebrity. Now just on a purely wrestling level, his character as a coffee sipping lackey for Mr. John Laurinaitis who is the Excutive Vice President of Talent Relations and the future General Manager of both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown, wow what a mouthful, that's what she said....thank you Michael Scott, has capture the interest of the WWE Universe and catapulted Otunga to the top of the chain of Heels in the WWE. My prediction was cemented in my eyes a few weeks back when I attended a Raw house show in Ontario, CA. Of all the heels that were there, Ziggler, Swagger, Miz, Kane, etc., none of them could hold a candle to the negative reaction that Otunga received during his match with Brodus Clay and when he spoke on the mic. It was insane and a shock to my eyes and ears, I didn't realize how hated he is as a heel. That being said, the next logical step is to put a single's belt on his waist, most likely the U.S. Championship, and let him have a respectable run with the strap, which I feel he has earned in the last few months.

3) Wade Barrett Will Win The World Heavyweight Championship- I have had many discussions about this guy over the last year with my friends. My friends do not believe Barrett is much to write home about, while I believe he is the future of the company. I mean he has the size, the strength, the look, he's great on the mic, he truly is the total package, and no I don't mean you Lex Lugar, I mean someone who will actually when a World Championship in the WWE. Even the little intricate details in his character are awesome. The cape looking thing he wears, the rose in the pocket, the broken nose makes him look even tougher, the accent for some reason makes us hate him even more, I just can't see him not winning the world title some time soon. While Swagger bores people, Ziggler still hasn't developed his own identity ( is he Mr. Perfect Ass the Showoff? IDK,) The Miz is losing steam as a heel, Barrett has developed his own persona which makes him stand out as a major heel when WWE is in need of great heels. (Don't believe that WWE needs heels? Look at the three biggest matches at this year's WM...Taker vs HHH, Cena vs Rock and Punk vs Jericho, that's five faces and one heel, if they did a classic wwe move and had all the faces vs. all the heels the week before the big PPV, my boy Jericho would be S.O.L., though he is the best in the world at EVERYTHING he does, so maybe he has a shot.) Anyways back to Barrett, there were reports that there was going to be a MITB match at this year's WM, but it had to be cancelled because the proposed winner got hurt, any guess who that might have been? So, what's most likely to happen is when he gets healthy he will participate in the SD MITB match at the MITB PPV and win, then cash in his briefcase on who I think will be the WC on SD when he does so, but more on that in a little bit.

2) The Miz Will Turn Face- The Miz has had a great run as a bad guy, but it's been downhill since his big WM win last year over Cena and it's time for something fresh. He is already to the point where half of the people cheer for him as it is, so I believe a face turn is on it's way. He has improved as a wrestler tremendously over the years, he has a catchphrase that people love to say, he can sell merch. and hes losing steam as a heel, add in the fact he has feuded with most of the major faces, and there really there isn't much left for him as a heel. The fact that his best asset is his mic work, makes him a prime candidate for a run as a face. Miz vs Swagger, Ziggler, Bryan, Barrett all seem more interesting than Miz vs Orton again, vs HHH again, vs Cena again, again, AGAIN! I see him not only turning face, but being very successful in doing so

1) C.M. Punk Will Be Drafted To Smackdown!- Smackdown badly needs a shot in the arm. Randy Orton is cool, but I don't believe he has the right amount of personality to be the main face of a brand. His promo work is still only slightly above avg. at best and a snore fest at it's worst. When you are the main event of a brand, you have to have extraordinary mic skills
( Hogan, Flair, Punk, Cena, Rock, Austin, just to name a few) and right now there aren't too many guys who have those skills in the WWE. Raw has all of them now, Cena, Punk, Jericho, so it only seems natural to share the wealth throughout the company by moving Punk to Smackdown! Plus, Raw is the ratings powerhouse of the WWE and unfortunately as much as we all love Punk, he isn't guaranteed ratings, that title goes to Cena. So, Punk seems like the guy who I believe will be moved to Smackdown! as the brand's big get to garner some interest on Friday nights. I believe he will have some great rivalries with Daniel Bryan, which they have been teasing the past few weeks, as well as with Wade Barrett when Barrett cashes in his MITB on Punk, to begin what I feel will be one of the better rivalries of 2012.

Well that's it, those are my set in stone predictions for the rest of 2012 in the WWE. I hope you all enjoyed your look into the future of the WWE. Until next time my friends....

P.S. Please check out my Youtube Ch., I have some great music that I would love everyone to hear. I am trying to share my passion with the world, so please help me do so. Thanks for all the support! Peace!

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  1. knox's Avatar
    1. Your song is awesome. Clever word play and your delivery is sick. You remind me of a Machine Gun Kelly or Aster Roth. Keep up the good work man, we should collab one day if you down.

    2. I haven't read a more realistic blog on this site in a while. Everything you said sounds completely legit. The most realistic one is the Miz turning face. I think the Miz has all the makings of a great face. Cm Punk will goto Smackdown because you can clearly see they are dying to get Orton back on Raw somehow. I;m not too sure about AJ taking over, but your explanation leads me to believe that could happen. I was thinking they would push Alicia Fox as the face of the division but I don't know about that anymore. Wade Barrett & Dolph Ziggler will win the WHC & WWE Championship, MARK MY WORDS. Otunga has grown on me as well. He could be the next big thing once he hits FCW for a couple months to work on his ring work.

    Once again great blog, keep doing what you doing bro.
  2. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    I would like to see all these things happen this year apart from the David Otunga part, I have never liked him and don't think I ever will, it would be interesting to see cm punk back on smackdown and I'd love to see wade barrett hold the world title.
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