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Wrestlemaina 28 Rewind!

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What up everyone, Kid Contra here! Now that WM28 is in the record books, I kust wanted to take a brief look back, so I may share my thoughts and opinions on the event. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as well, I love to read everyone's comments.

World Heavyweight Championship <strong>
Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (C)

-How great did A.J. look, wow....lucky bastard D-Bry gets to swap spit with her.
-I could really use some chips right now.....(18 Secs later)....What do you mean I missed the whole match! That can't be possible....oh wait I guess it is.
-Right winner, wrong way to go about doing so.

Santino/Foley Promo
-For every crappy promo like this, WWE should take 5 dollars off of the price of the PPV, this was a disgrace. Thank God I wrote up some rules for a WM28 drinking game, which kept us entertained.

Randy Orton vs. Kane
-I was the only one in my group of friends who was cheering for Kane, would I get the last laugh?
-A great friend of mine texted me...isn't it too light out for Kane to come out? This totally ruins his entrance!....So True
-Say what you want about Kane, but that was an awesome chokeslam off of the top ropes.
-WTF!!! KANE WINS!!! YES! YES! YES! I was so shocked that Kane won, one rule in my game was if Kane wins, it's 3 drinks. Thanks Kane!

IC Championship
The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes (C)

-Two drinks if Show slobbers at any point....guess what? I got my two drinks.
-Love that white IC strap!
-They announced how many days Cody was champ....that's the WWE kiss of death in a match, the equivalent of a sports announcer saying this guy has hit 20 free throws in a row. He won't hit 21.
-This should have been the match that went 18 secs. One WMD and we are saved from this uneventful match, but hey at least the IC belt got a spot on the card.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve

-Pretty sad that the Divas champ (Beth) had to come out with Eve, to Eve's song.
-Yeah right Maria, that stain was make-up. It's cool too be nervous in front of 70k+
-What a flip by Kelly Kelly, mad props!
-Celeb wins....they always do.

The End of An Era Match
HHH vs The Undertaker...Special Guest Ref. HBK

-So what's the point of the cell if it's not going to be used at all? The giant palm trees didn't do enough view obstruction?
-Blood! Finally!
-Hells Gate on HBK was awesome!
-SCM on Taker was awesome!
-Ummm HHH was there too...yay I guess.
-I was preying this turned into HBK Vs Taker 3, which it did not.
-"He's too old!" classic
-Match was kinda w.e., blood, chairs, Sledgehammer, Taker winning, about what you would expect.

Team Teddy vs. Team Johhny....You know the players
-Should I even waste my time writing anything on this?
-Well Booker looked great in the ring.
-Nice flip to the outside by Kofi, Ryder and my friend swears there was a third, but I was hammered at this point, so I will take his word.
-Right team won, right person scored the pain, right person got pinned, so no complaints, except it should have been an elimination match.

WWE Championship
Chris Jericho vs. C.M. Punk (C
-Awesome jacket Jericho
-Awesome pyro for Punk's intro.
-"Your father is a drunk! Your sister is a drug addict!" It's gets no better than a Chris Jericho mid match insult. It should be a book on tape series.
-Awesome counter of Punk's Hurricanrana into the Walls of Jericho.
-Wow I use the word awesome a lot!
-Right person won, but I was really pulling for Jericho. Did he have to lose by submission though? That was rough to watch. Punk is the moon!

Brodus Clay is Dan.....Fuck that! Let's move on.

The Main Event!
-Diddy is out, nice touch.
-Like the MGK song, good performance. Love seeing Skylar Grey. Nice shot at the Rock by MGK, nice touch.
-On behalf of all those who make great Hip-Hop music, I apologize for Flo Rida.

John Cena vs. The Rock
-Love the chorus of boos for Cena, I haven't heard that many boos at Sun Life Stadium since the last Dolphins game, shesh!
-The Rock needs to go back to his old cool song, "Do you smell what the Rock is cookin'?" And walk down all pimp and cool.
-Crowd was going bonkers for this match, which was awe...amazing.
-Go back and forth match, more of a I can't believe this is happening match, then a this is a great wrestling match match, but great for what it was worth.
-Really wanted Cena to hit that People's elbow, the place would have went nuts.
-Huge Rock fan, so why was I cheering for Cena? WWE did a great job painting Cena as the home guy and Cena as the visitor.
-Rock wins of course, which I thought was the wrong way to go, but we will see where they go with this. If it's anything like the WCW Invasion angle, then well, I might get into TNA!
-So did Rock wins because he's a legend in this business or because he's another celeb. WWE loves to bring in, get a cheap win and bounce. Hmmmmm, something to think about.

All in all it was a cool show, not great, not bad, worth watching. Hope you enjoyed my blog and until next time my friends.....Peace!

P.S. Please check out my music vid. It's a cool song that people seem to enjoy and I hope you do as well. Help me get the Kid Contra name out there. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Dylan515's Avatar
    Hey you know if you watch were HHH first hit Taker with the sledgehammer HBK counted 3.
  2. vmoronez's Avatar
    i know... i thought the match was over!
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    UT vs HHH was epic in both spots and psychology...
  4. Rylexander's Avatar
    I realize the Cell wasn't used much, but it didn't have to be. The Cell was perfect as an atmosphere. Think about it - Triple H said it best when he said Hell in a Cell was where he learned what it took to end another man's career. This statement hearkens back to the era in which those three men cut their teeth and made history every night.
    I think for the first time ever, the Cell wasn't a weapon. It was a testament to the legacy of three of the greatest of all time: Shawn Michaels, Tripe H, and the Undertaker.
  5. kidcontra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan515
    Hey you know if you watch were HHH first hit Taker with the sledgehammer HBK counted 3.
    I thought the same thing, but I guess he just hit the mat really hard and it sounded like a count because he's so quick. I think HBK did it on purpose, to fake us out, what a genius.

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