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Austin Aries next World Champ?

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Can Austin Aries be a genuine Main Eventer in Impact Wrestling?

OK so the twitter bug bit again. And this time, as it does ever so rarely, worked out for the better.


When Sting posted the kayfabe driven tweet; “I’m done” Aries quite brilliantly in the eyes of many true wrestling fans replied; "I guess "I'm done" is code for "I'm booking myself in another PPV main event". Yet the X-Division champ can't sniff a main event... #Shocker". As a result Austin Aries was booked, alongside Bully Ray and Bobby Roode to take on the combination of TNA’s breakout star of the year James Storm and the tag team champions Magnus and Samoa Joe (who it was also good to see in the main event)

Aries defiantly held his own as far as the action goes, although at times he and Magnus were booked far too weak to have a lasting effect on their careers.

Aries has stirred up the wrestling world but what has emergered is not a public outcry to put X-Division champion in the main event but the question: is Aries a viable main eventer?


Aries has phenomenal talent in the ring and has made the best of the talent he has been presented with, exceptional matches with Kid Kash, Jesse Sorenson and Brian Kendrick have made his reign as X-Division Champion best in recent memory, should TNA book a World Title push for Aries it would re-establish the division as a major component of the Impact Wrestling product.

Austin Aries, and his ROH background make him easy to compare with guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. The mainstream wrestling world is high on ROH Alumni and TNA could clean up with a push for “The Greatest Man Who ever lived.”

Promo Work, Aries has the most charisma on the roster and is an exciting man to listen too. Not only do fans everywhere listen to him, but they also care about what he has to say, despite the fact TNA has given him little new material in the last six months. Something heavy players like Crimson and Garrett Bischoff would kill for.


I know this sounds cynical but he isn’t really a merchandise man. The only thing that Aries can viably sell is his sparkly cape. Why would TNA invest in Aries when Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and James Storm will sell more action figures, more T-Shirts

The Tweet could backfire on Aries, just make him seem like a moaning idiot instead of the 70’s style macho champion gimmick he has established.
Dispite his brilliant Promo work he finds it hard to get fans to “boo” him. It’s the job of a good heel to make the crowed hate him despite the odds, take for example Bully Ray’s Bound for Glory promo in Philadelphia. Aries would need to invest more effort in being a Heel if he is going to be involved in high profile feuds. Of course they could always turn Aries face but that would mean his cocky gimmick would be watered down.


Austin Aries has the raw material to be a viable world champion for TNA. But his push must be a careful one, they must expand his gimmick and his marketability without effecting his character, Aries might well step up to the plate heel-wise given the chance, but it all depends on if TNA give him the chance.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I see Aries losing that X-Division belt to Ion or whatever his name is. He will hold on to the belt for a long time til Sorrenson returns. I think TNA could take advantage of him returning. He could be a huge star because the crowd will be behind him. Hopefully TNA won't screw it up!!
  2. eboy's Avatar
    I agree that Ion will be champion when sorenson returns and it will give him the chance to connect with the fans finally.

    I also agree that Aries needs to stay X-Division for now.

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