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Vanity Blog: Twitter and Wrestling

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Oh! Hello. How're yo--Wait! Is that...Is that a title for my blogs?! Aww yeah! people, 11 months into EWN I finally thought of a name.

Speaking of EWN. I'd just like to point out that EWN is about to hit 500 blogs. Congrats to EWN for hitting a grand achievement, I feel this calls for a badass blog!

So what topic will we discuss today? The upcoming battle of generations with The Rock facing John Cena? The fight for the title of Best in the World? Or how about Santino winning the US Championsh--Twitter?!

Really?! Well yes. There is a lot to be said about it and someone on here may as well blog about it. It has good points and also has bad points.

The good

Well let me point you into the direction of Zack Ryder. He is the best example of how to use social media. His series on YouTube helped him get support and he currently has 1 of the biggest following group on Twitter. If others could use this to their advantage as well then I'm all for it.

Secondly, people Tweet funny stuff. For example:
#ChrisBrownPickupLines SHORYUKEN!
1 of the last things I retweeted. The site does have it's funny moments, Christian Tweets funny stuff from time to time as well.

Final reason is it can keep us in contact with people, Celebs, Sports stars, etc. I like that aspect of it, although Facebook pretty much offers most of this as well.

The bad

Twitter wars are my biggest problem. I don't care what Chris Brown thinks of CM Punk and vice-versa. Chris Brown never really had an important opinion to begin with and beating women certainly proves how much his opinion is worth. It goes over for every sport or subject though. They're pointless.

Most people say something along the lines of "Oh it's on the internet. It's only internet drama." Well yeah. But the internet is such a big part of most peoples daily life now that these things do happen and should be taken more seriously than they're been taken for. Having said that though, fighting publicly is pretty bad and should be taken away into PMs and resolve differences. It's a shame a few peoples IQ tests come back negative if you follow me.

Another problem has to be the amount WWE cram it down our throats. I honestly don't care if "Kobra" or "WWWYKI" is trending worldwide. 90% of trends are Justin Bieber related and will trend before or after it which is very sad. Hell using Twitter as a weapon (Oh hey Dwayne.) just because you're a little butthurt about your opponent saying a few smelly words is pretty sad. But let's not go into that feud until Dwayne goes off to Hollywood again and Cena battles Ziggler or something like that.

Finally, not everyone is into Twitter. I get bored of it quite quickly, so I can only imagine if it isn't someones cup of tea.


I think whether you love, hate or are indifferent like myself, Twitter is here to stay. Twitter does have a good few advantages to it but at the risk of constantly annoying people. Hopefully WWE continue to use it but stop with the overkill.

Feel free to tell me what your opinion is on Twitter in the comments. I'm intrigued to see what the majority of people think about it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and continue to read on!

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  1. B-MCINTYRE's Avatar
    @VanHooliganX #WeWantMoreVanity

    Nice blog man.
  2. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I deem your blog.....

    Worthy, kudos Van.
  3. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I like it!

    Personally, I was never a Twitter fan. Call me a bitter curmudgeon, but MySpace was as far as I went. Just saying.
  4. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Nice read good sir!
  5. Destruction's Avatar
    Well done Mr X, you have done very well here


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