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The Divas Division: People Got It All Wrong...

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Wrestlemania XVIII

Ever since that rumor article went around that said WWE officials are against having a Divas match at Wrestlemania, it dawned on me when they mentioned that the officials think we're interested in other matches above a Divas match.

If this really is from WWE's creative meetings, this really gives me a pretty clear idea on why the Divas Division is what it is right now, and thus I cannot blame Vince or the WWE for the most part, no matter what 99% of wrestling fans say otherwise.

WWE hardly ever connects with fans via the Internet. WWE most of the time understands the fans in attendance and through the estimated Nielson ratings for RAW and Smackdown. This is the best way to know for them what the WWE Universe wants and doesn't want in their product. It's been years since a Divas match has drawn good ratings on WWE TV, or has received an exciting vibe from the crowd. WWE doesn't think that enough people care about the Divas for them to get more creative effort.

How It All Changed

Fans got bored of the Divas around 2009-2010, and this is how Divas matches got shorter to begin with. What people need to understand is that WWE is a big company with a show that 4 million people watch every week. They are also effected by the rough economy. They want any chance they get to make more money and expand their demographic.

In order for the Divas to get longer matches and more creative effort, they need to draw strong numbers compared to the other segments, even if their matches are 2 minutes long. WWE needs to be sure that most fans that watch the product will not skip the match, because it begs the question: Why book a 6-7 minute long match if that's how long you'll be without X00000 amount of viewers? What if the Divas just so happen to draw for a number of weeks? Vince wouldn't just ignore that, would he? We know he'd never blow a chance to make more cash in his pocket.

They make their matches short so they can bring those lost fans back into the show as soon as possible. That's actually a big difference to them. Did you know almost every Divas match this year was followed by a John Cena match or promo?

"Dirty Old McMahon"

Every dirt sheet site and forum you go to, the only guy that people are blaming is Vince McMahon. Vince this, Vince that, Vince Vince Vince. "He's sexist, he's disrespectful, blah blah blah.". I can understand what a dick he's capable of being, but seriously?! Don't you think Vince has better things to do than to "disrespect women"? I don't know, maybe go to meetings, or make phone calls, or go to places, or help book shows? I'm certain he understands that there are many fans that care about the Divas. The Divas not to mention find ways to help the WWE, such as land magazine covers and talk show appearances. They also cost a ton of money to manage, so I just don't get why Vince would just "disrespect" a group of his own employees because he wants to. I'm not trying to be rude but I'd love to know where people get these accusations. Do they talk to Vince? Do they read his mind often? Do they just have a very special gift of unlimited wisdom and knowledge? It makes no sense to me, sorry.

This is how people envision the situation of the booking changes:

Vince: Mr. Gerwitz.
Brian: What is it Mr. McMahon.
Vince: There's something about our booking that's completely wrong.
Brian: What?
Vince: I just came to the conclusion that I just hate women. I don't know why or what the cause is but, I just hate women. We need to book Divas matches far less and give them much less spotlight.
Brian: But why?
Vince: Because I'm a jackass! That's why! Now go and relocate them! Send them all to the pig pens so I can skin them later! From this day forward, the Divas Division will be a dead end for women's wrestling and will never become big and prominent ever again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

And this is how I envision the situation:

Vince: Okay everyone. With the economy on the decline, we need to be more serious with the material we book each week. We need as much money as we can get so we need as many people as watching Raw and Smackdown as possible. What can we do to increase ratings?
Brian: Well, I'm glad you mention this, Mr. McMahon. Going through the segment by segment analysis for Raw and Smackdown each week, the lowest drawing segments are always Divas matches. Infact, we tend to lose around a half million viewers every time we book one.
Vince: ...You're kidding.
Brian: No. I'm not.
Vince: How do we fix this? We've been booking them pretty good for now, only for ratings to drop?
Brian: Well we can't let them go.
Vince: No. We need the Divas. There's still many people who care about them and we need them booked every week...Make their matches shorter. That way we can be able to draw fans back in quicker. We need to make more money.

You see, the best guess is that it's not personal, it's just strictly business.

Current Divas Storylines

The one storyline that people are unanimously enjoying the most is Eve's heel turn. She draws much heat and has cut pretty good promos. But you have to wonder, how was this possible? What has happened for Eve to be developed like this? Because Eve was in a storyline with big name men like John Cena and Zack Ryder, men that draw and what fans care about. To them, this was the only way people will begin to notice what they're trying to alter with Eve. They didn't have her wrestle often during this storyline, because if she did then ratings would drop. That's why you got Kelly and the Bella Twins wrestle instead, and why you have Eve promos where she talks about Cena and Ryder. They didn't turn Evel heel through other Divas because they don't think anyone is interested in that.

Natalya. She needs no introduction, but to be frank with you, people are overreacting and are taking this far too seriously. She's on camera, then a wave files plays. Wow, disrespectful. She's getting character development, they obviously are trying to get her out of Beth Phoenix's shadow. Additionally, people are complaining how she keeps losing matches, when more importantly she's putting over women like Tamina Snuka, Aksana, and Eve, trying to make them relevant in the time their allowed. In TNA, there are two women who also haven't won in ages and somehow their loss streaks have gone unnoticed. People are worried how Nattie's last singles win on TV was in August while Angelina Love hadn't won any kind of match since August (source: Infact, her character has been rather neglected. Just last week she was back to normal from Winter's trance for no apparent reason. Even though she and Velvet Sky were mates when Winter snatched her, she's still heel and still opposes her. Um, alright. Rosita also hasn't won a match for quite some time now. Even earlier than August.

People have been upset about Beth not getting any time on RAW nor Smackdown. Infact this is what caused a "qualified" (and I use that term loosely) writer at Bleacher Report to write a column about how the Divas should hold a group protest against Vince. Did it ever cross his mind that WWE doesn't want to lose focus on Eve right now? Eve's the best storyline going for the Divas. Even though Beth is currently the Divas Champion, they aren't sure what they can cook up for her come Wrestlemania. They're trying to bring Kharma back as quickly as she can but we're unsure if she'll be ready (they could at least just have this match). We know Trish is hinting at a comeback, but we don't know if that's really the case. Natalya is another possible candidate, but it doesn't seem like that's the direction they're going in.

Why Divas Matches Are Still Longer on PPVs, NXT, and Superstars

This section seems out of place, but I will now explain why Divas matches are still prolonged apart from RAW and Smackdown. NXT and Superstars are WWE's two shows that are bonus. You'll never see any important promos or big storylines progress on NXT and Superstars. WWE has plenty of time before RAW airs live or Smackdown is taped so the Divas are given more flexibility and are allowed to still have long matches without worrying about time and money constraints. As for Pay Per Views, of course Divas matches are still longer because just like NXT and Superstars in the United States, money and ratings aren't analyzed on a segment by segment basis. Whether people are watching the Divas match on TV or not, it doesn't matter because people are still paying for the full price of the PPV regardless.


This will be my only posting here, as you can tell by my username. I'm sorry that I'm only going to post this one blog but I want to be heard and get my word out there. I've gone to many websites around the Internet trying to share my insight on this predicament. Unfortunately, I've been repeatedly ignored and insulted, even though I have pretty elaborate thoughts regarding WWE and the Divas right here. People need to understand what their tastes are capable of, because a lot of how the Divas have been shaped over the years is our doing. You can believe as much of this as you want or not; I don't care because that won't affect WWE. But it's very important to consider the ratings, because that's pretty much the only way the Divas will be an important part of RAW and Smackdown again. But since the fans are subjective on the matter and rather believe it's Vince's fault, it's never going to happen.

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