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Top 5 Wrestler to Never Wrestle in WWE

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This is a list of the Top 5 Wrestler Who have never wrestled for the WWE/WWF/WWWF.

Prowrestling has been around before TV was inventend. They were several regions, territories, Promotors and Promotions back in the Old days of wrestling. Now in the present their is only 1 Big Promotion and thats the WWE (Sorry TNA fans). Like it or not its the place to work, Its the sole survivor of all the promotions, Out lasting and putting every wrestling orginations out of business. They are Very Few big names that have not worked for the WWWF/WWF/WWE. Anyone who was anyone in american wrestling has worked in the WWE. In this Blog we are gonna look at the Best who have not worked for the Mcmahons and here is the list rules.

1. Forigen talent can be used but if they are not big names in america than i cant really count them. They would have to make a name for them self on American soil, So guys like Kenta Kobashi and Misawa wouldnt be on the list.

2. No young wrestlers who just made a name for them self. Guys like Robert Roode, AJ Styles, Samoa who are still in their prime and recently made a name for them self in wrestling, No this is for the older genration who are retired, Dead or Well past their prime.

Jack Briscoe is considered one of the Best NWA champions of all times, He is very well respected and a WWE Hall of Famer, But Jack Briscoe never had a match in WWE or any incarnation of the WWE.

The Briscoe Brothers are a huge part of the WWE, The Mcmahons and Briscoes have a great relationship but Jack Briscoe has never had a Run in the Mcmahon empire. Other than maybe a comedy match of some sort, Their is no records of Jack every wrestling in a real match in the WWWF or WWF.

Jack was a Great technician, Him and Dory Funk Jr had some top notch matches for their time, It would of been great to see him in the WWWF, He would of never fit in the WWF enviroment (See Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, Dory and Terry Funk). Either way it be Great to See Jack Wrestle in MSG even as a mid card talent.... Jack Briscoe is easily on the list of Greatest Wrestlers to never Wrestle for the Mcmahons.

One of the Biggest stars in the history of japanese wrestling and one of the biggest innovators in Wrestling history "Jushin Liger" has Wrestled just about every where. He made a huge name for himself in WCW with his fantasic matches with fellow high Flyer Brian Pillman. It seems the only place Liger didnt wrestler or make a name for himself is in the WWF.

It would of been amazing to see Liger in the WWF around the 1989-1996 time frame. Just think of the matches he could of had with a Dynamite kid, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and the list goes on.... Liger most likely wouldnt of been a huge name caus eof his style and his size and his lack of american verbal skills but he would of fit in the WWF cartoonish style characters and maybe would of got a decent push. Could of seen some awesome mid card matches with him and a Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Dynamite Kid, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannety and who knows who else.

I know alot of people wouldnt agree with me but they are so many matches Liger could of been apart of that we would see now as classics, Sure he would of never been world champion but he have a good run match wise and have a decent mid card push.

3. The Great Muta.
In 1989 the Great Muta set the NWA on fire, with his unique style and character, His Classic matches with Sting and his Innovative and top notch ring work.... It would of been amazing to see Muta in the WWF in the Late the early 90's. Muta would of played a Great evil foreigner for the WWF. I can even see Muta Feuding with Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior. Stick him with a manager like MR Fuji have him blind Hogan with mist or The Warrior, Have them do a blind angle and tease them never being able to wrestle again and you have your big feud their .

I think Muta could of had some good matches with Hogan and some classics with Randy Savage. Muta in the early 90s would of did Great With Shawn, Bret, Owen, Randy Savage. I can see him turning face and having some great matches with MR Perfect, The Million Dollar man and Rick Rude. Muta would of done well in the WWF in the late 80's to the mid 90's I think. Thats why I put him on this list cause I actually think he have a good career in the WWF if given the chance, Maybe not a World champion or a Long term main eventer but he have a good career with his character and his Great in ring skills.

Lou Thesz is The GodFather of Prowrestling, The reason Prowrestling made it to TV and is the empire it is/was in Japan is cause of this man. Thesz made the NWA championship, Thesz broke new ground in wrestling and at one time Thesz was bigger than the sport of prowrestling. Most moves today was created by Thesz or varations of Thesz creations. How can one of the Biggest names in Wrestling history never Wrestle for the Biggest company in Wrestling history? Who knows but it be awesome to see Thesz in the WWWF in MSG facing the likes of Buddy Rogers (they faced each other in NWA). Thesz is a true Legend and its sad he never got to wrerstle for the Number 1 promotion in the world (Well at the time of Thesz career or prime Im not Sure the WWWF was the number 1 promotion but you get my point).

Thesz is truly one of the all time greats and without a doubt one of the best to never Wrestle for the Mcmahons.

Not much to say here but Sting in the WWF in the late 80's to mid 90s would be incredible, To think of the matches, Angles and Storylines that come out of his stay.

Sting had the look, The chrisma, The style and the work ethic. I'm not a huge Sting Fan but I respect the man and know he would of been awesome to see in the WWF. Even today I love to see Sting and Taker go at it or Sting and HHH when he is 15 years past his peak or prime... Sting in the late 80s and early 90s was Exciting to watch and really got the crowd in the match would of made him a shoe in to be a WWF main event star.

I did some research on this blog but some of my information could be wrong, its very hard to tell where people worked before especially in the early days of wrestling so please if im mistaken dont be affriad to correct me.... By the Way Stan Hansen and Bruiser Brody have worked for the WWWF. Brody was one of my pics and I seen he did work for WWWF a few times.

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  1. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Thats a great list.....very accurate!!!!
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I would've probably put Muta at #2, but then I am a bit of a(n obvious) Sting mark. =) Very good list.
  3. megahater0420's Avatar
    not bad list apart from the fact that jack brisco(correct spelling) did in fact wrestle a few times after he sold his share of gcw in 1984!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sony's Avatar
    5. Abdullah the Butcher
    4. The Great Muta
    3. New Jack
    2. Magnum T.A.
    !. Sting
  5. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Great blog! Nice list too. I totally agree with #1 being Sting. Here's my list.

    5. Abdullah the Butcher
    4. Nick Bockwinkle
    3. Nikita Koloff
    2. Kevin Von Erich
    1. Sting
    Updated 03-06-2012 at 03:32 PM by Playboy Stevie V
  6. silentq's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sony
    5. Abdullah the Butcher
    4. The Great Muta
    3. New Jack
    2. Magnum T.A.
    !. Sting
    You can't have Magnum T.A. He barely had a career before his injury. If Magnum wouldn't have had his accident he would have most likely wrestled in the WWE at some point in his career.
  7. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    @Playboy Stevie V
    WOW Nick Bockwinkle What a Freaking Good choice, I wish I thought of it. I'm not sure if Nick Bockwinkle wrestled for the WWWF or WWF but if he hasnt I regret not putting him in over Jack Brisco.

    Abdullah the Butcher The Butcher im not a huge fan of, He be on my top ten with Nikita Koloff but I rather see The other guys wrestle for the Mcmahons... But It would of been great in the 80's to see The Russian Nightmare vs The American hero Hulk Hogan, People would of ate that up in the 80s even if the matches would suck.
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