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Miz in Cleveland, Straight Edge Alcoholic, and Cleveland Rocks

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Hey there, just another Raw blog entry for your eyes to see and judge. Enjoy.

Disappointed - This is the one word which describes my feelings on tonight's Raw. I figured that since last week we saw nothing new in the Rock v Cena rivalry that tonight we might get something interesting. All we really got was a few laughs and welcome return to a side of John Cena we haven't seen in some years. Jericho took his rivalry with CM Punk up a notch from sober to tipsy, and The Miz got buried in his home town - a move which actually tipped tonight's show from average to disappointing. We also got the HBK/Taker promo we were promised and all that really came of it was some unresolved issues and a hint at a DX reunion.

I'll start with what I feel the most strongly about - The Miz getting buried. Since Survivor Series there had been a steady decline in Miz's status as a main eventer, and after his incident with R-Truth and failing to catch him on a dive this decline took a slightly sharper fall. As a fan of The Miz I was generally disappointed that he was being pushed down, but I at least saw a chance at a decent WrestleMania match on the horizon. Tonight was the final straw. When you get completely buried in your home town (even for the sake of a WWE Championship match at WrestleMania) you can pretty much guarantee that someone in the back has lost faith in you. Sadly for Miz that happened tonight. It's not like it wasn't foreseen - last week he jobbed to Big Show when anybody else could have filled that spot, and the same could have been said for tonight. I know there are theories on why this has happened to last year's main event victor (being blamed for Survivor Series' low buyrate and the aforementioned incident with R-Truth), but could they not have thrown him a bone in his home town? He was clearly not going to win, but that match got all of five minutes in the name of pushing Punk. A) Punk can look good in an evenly contested match, and B) What harm would it have done to make Miz look good before he lost? Anyway, I feel for the guy at this point and hope they see that he still has a huge following before they drop the ball completely with him. I'd hate to see him as the next Kofi Kingston.

In terms of The Rock and John Cena, I'd make Cena the winner in terms of surprises - it was pretty cool to see the John Cena which the fans used to cheer even if it was for one night only, and he brought the full gimmick back which made me happy (I understand if you want to judge me lol). However, tonight wasn't really about one-upmanship as much as it was about giving The Rock a chance for his third concert segment. I'm glad they did it - it was funny, entertaining, and surprisingly soothing (weird, I know). I just hope they finally make this into a genuine feud as early as next week, otherwise it doesn't deserve to main event the show of shows. If there is some personal animosity between the two (as has been reported on this site) then use it!

The Jericho/Punk segment was something which I was hoping for last week in all honesty. Anybody who read my entry last week knows I would rather these two use their skill on the mic in the build up to their match more often than get into the ring with each other, and tonight was a good example of what they can do given the freedom. I loved how Jericho gave the fans a chance to remember that Punk isn't the saint he's been painted as in recent months, and in a believable catalyst too. It adds to the realism they're trying to give this feud, and makes Punk more intriguing heading into 'Mania (I've noticed that since Jericho started this feud Punk has had very little to say on the subject and has seemed almost stale as a result). He has a flaw and Jericho is more than qualified to exploit it. Other than having some resemblance to the Jericho/Edge angle they worked a couple of years ago it feels fresh.

In other news...
  • Teddy Long/Johnny Ace 12-Man Tag Team match at 'Mania - I'm just glad they're doing something with this that could produce a half decent match, rather than just sticking the two GMs in the ring with each other.
  • Triple H's DX gesture - It's no secret I don't want HBK to be a part of this storyline as I feel it takes away from the 'end of an era' thing they have going (he wasn't there for the entire Attitude Era, therefore he isn't really relevant to the purpose of the feud, just my view), but Triple H coming out and suggesting a potential screw job is a step toward saving this match from being a disappointment.

That's all from me tonight. I would have more to say on tonight's show had more interesting things had happened in all honesty, but like I said my response to tonight was that it was a disappointment. This close to WrestleMania every Raw and SmackDown should have a purpose, and tonight felt like it was just filler between the two advertised events for the evening - none of which were matches. It worries me that they wasted a whole episode of Raw so we could hear The Rock have a sing-a-long with the Cleveland crowd, even if it was entertaining.

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  1. Jabroni1904's Avatar
    What do you mean he missed the entire attitude era. He was there for a couple of years and had great feuds with Bret Hart and Austin.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    It depends how you look at it. Some say the attitude era started when Austin won KotR, but others claim it really started when he beat HBK at 'Mania XIV. I'm part of the latter group since it came full circle at that point. So, for me, HBK missed the Attitude era.

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