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Midcard Championships Should Mean Something

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Ever wonder why ratings are down, ppv #s arn't good, and so on? I used to remember a time when everything on the show mattered. Not just the main event or guys like Stone Cold, Rock, HHH, and so on. I wanted to see the whole show of Raw. Not just the main event. Now days that is the only air time you get. That is all that WWE focuses on.

If WWE would focus on every aspect of the company and every championship, they wouldn't have to worry about Cena being off for a week of Raw after getting fired at Survivor Series. Everyone in the company carried a role. Rock could be off doing movies and the company did just fine for those several months. Same goes for Austin and his injuries. I know Rock was his replacement, but we had other parts on the show we were interested in as well. Like the tag division, intercontinental title, and the womens title. At some time periods the hardcore title and the european title.

Why did those titles mean something? How can WWE makes titles mean something again? They can actually let the tag teams have interview time, have them battle in steel cage matches, ladder matches, and so on. That is what made those titles means something back in the day. They didn't just have regular tag matches. They would actually tell us how much those titles meant to them in the interviews they had. Opponents would say how much it would mean to them if they won the title. That is what makes you want to tune in to see those matches. APA and the Outlaws beat the crap out of each other back stage before their match at the rumble. Look at all the table matches, ladder matches, steel cage matches, and TLC matches the Hardyz, Dudleyz, and E+C had during those days. People talk about that rivalry til this day. Don't have enough tag teams? Throw two guys together who you have nothing for at the time. That is how the Hart Foundation was created and look how that turned out. Just keep adding on every so often to keep the talent in the tag division fresh as well. Bring some developmental guys in for a tag match every now and again. Maybe we can actually have the tag titles on Wrestlemania!!

Same goes for the women's division and the US and IC championships. I know Rhodes gets some mic time, but in previous years guys like Kofi and Benjamin didn't get no time to talk. It doesn't have to be in the ring. It can be in a backstage segment. If they arn't good on the mic just give them a diva to talk for him or a manager. Some folks couldn't tell you who are the US and IC champions are at this time. At times I'd have to think really hard on who is the champions at this time. Never had to do that before when we had rivalries we were interested in. Make it intense at times as well to make you want to tune in week in and week out to see those wrestlers go at it. Than you wouldn't have to worry about one guy taking some time off.

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Whilst reading this I'm thinking back to 2000, and you couldn't be more spot on. I used to love the tag team division when it was the Hardyz, Dudleys, and E&C. When a Triangle Ladder Match can be easily the best match on a card which was 100% gimmick matches you know you're doing something right with that particular title.

    Nowadays I could care less who the Tag Team Champions are. The only titles I look at and think it might be important for a bigger storyline are the WWE, World Heavyweight and Intercontinental.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    There is also too many singles titles in the wwe currently. They now have two midcard titles and two main event titles.

    I always felt that having too many titles waters down the prestige of the championship. WWE focuses too much on too many single titles, thus the midcard titles get lazy storylines.

    And because there is too much focus on too many single titles, that hurts the tag team division, which is on the verge of becoming a relic. Not every superstar is meant to be a singles competitor. Just look at some of the tag teams of the past, Road Warriors, Rock n Roll Express, Demolition..etc. They had HOF careers as a tag team and Main Evented. Doing that in today's WWE is an unfortunate thing of the past.

    My opinion has always been to unify the WWE and WHC. Unify the US and IC championships. If you need a option for the smaller superstars, bring back the cruiserweight division.

    I feel that if they reduced the number of championships and put the lingering midcarders in tag teams and give them promo and interview times more often, it would help the current state of WWE's midcard and tag team division.

    Just my opinion.
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