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Hey guys, it's me Zach again. I have written a blog in awhile. But I want to thank everyone for reading the two blogs that I have posted. I've been really busy with school and life in general. Hetic life, but it hasn't kept me from watching wrestling. Especially Ring of Honor. I have been watching WWE and I want to commend them for giving us CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan on PPV. It was a fantastic match and my pick for match of the year so far. (Yes it beat out Undertaker/Triple H for me).

The real reason I'm doing this blog today though is because of Ring Of Honor. I have been watching ROH for almost four years and I've loved everything. Yes there has been some bad things (The whole glitches with PPVs, but I digress). I commend ROH for putting on a compelling product that doesn't insult my intellegence every week. Especially with what they did with their last PPV, Border Wars.

Border Wars, was a great PPV, capped off by the world title match between ROH Champion, Davey Richards and challenger Kevin Steen (who I and many people belive is the best thing in wrestling right now). The match was great and I highly enjoyed it. What made it more enjoyable, was the fact that ROH finally put the belt on Steen. While it was a little late, (I've been saying Steen should have been champion two years ago but again I digress) it was better late than never. After a couple years of this story, of Kevin Steen running rampart over ROH, he finally captures the title. Great story telling and quite frankly one of the best stories wrestling has told in the last ten years.

I hope ROH keeps the belt on Steen for at least two years. Two years is a long time I know, but how great would it be for Steen to keep running rampart over ROH for the next couple years and then have an up and coming babyface, beat him for the belt. Another great story told. Whatever ROH does though I will be watching. ROH you have my attention, keep it.

Thanks for reading guys. If this blog is well-recieved, I will keep doing blogs on ROH. Maybe a weekly TV show review. Leave me feedback guys.

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