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Ruining The Rock vs John Cena Wrestlemania

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Last week on Raw John Cena came out during The Rocks promo to cut him down and throw some shots back at him. The part most talked about was the fact Cena pointed out that Rocky had some promo notes written on his wrist. Fast forward a couple of days and news spreads that the entire 'notes' shot was a work and the reason behind it is that the WWE is wanting The Rock & Cena to go into Wrestlemania 28 with the crowd split 50/50.

Now I'm not a fan of John Cena. I'm not going to rabble on like the typical Cena hater and trash his 'five moves of doom' etc etc because there is reasoning behind my dislike. Its simple and everybody knows it. Since 2005 John Cena has been shoved down our throats constantly. The WWE only eased off doing this around 2009 where Cena began to actually lose a match or two. The last match I can remember Cena losing clearly in fact was to HBK in London in 2007 I believe? I don't blame Cena personally for this however as I know that there is a machine behind his push. But hes the guy they are pushing and he has to deal with the hate. It does however annoy me when they call him 'the most controversial WWE Champion in history.' There is nothing controversial about getting your ass boo'd out of arenas all week.

John Cena said it himself during his feud with CM Punk last year. No matter how hard he tries he will never, ever win over the millions and millions of Rock fans around the world. So it puzzles me why they did what they did on Monday Night Raw last week. Kids and Moms love Cena. Males over the age of 14 tend not too. Those that dont like Cena were more than likely kids when The Rock was doing his thing back in the day. I guess what I'm trying to get across here is that I just find this pointless on the WWE's behalf. Remember Money In The Bank 2011 where Cena faced Punk for the WWE Title in Punks home state of Illinois. Everybody in that arena boo'd John Cena. There were 14,815 people in attendance that night. The Sun Life Stadium will hold over 70,000 people from The Rocks hometown of Miami. John Cena, regardless of how hard the WWE want this 50/50 thing to work is going to get boo'd out of that stadium like theres no tomorrow.

When The Rock debuted in 1996 and then within three months became WWE Intercontinental Champion the fans turned on him just like they did with Cena. So what did the WWE do? They turned him heel, threw him in the N.O.D and he went on to become one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time. When Cena broke out in 2005, by the time 2006 came around the WWE crowd hated him with a passion yet the WWE didn't do anything about it. Thats why the majority of fans dislike Cena.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Raw tomorrow night. Its in Cena's hometown of Boston. The Rock will be there and he has apparently been filming segments for Raw (I assume he will be going around Boston asking people what they think of Cena). Cena is never going to come out of this thing on top, as much as the WWE wants him to. And if he wins in Miami, I hope the WWE can afford an army to escort the guy out of that stadium.

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  1. illmat's Avatar
    I just want The Rock to go full heel, have it like Wrestlemania 19 or have it like The Rock vs. Goldberg when The Rock got cheered instead of booed like the WWE thought he would.
  2. Final_Silence's Avatar
    The big difference in your comparison of when the Rock came up to when Cena came up, the WWF pushed a bunch of guys. That is the biggest problem right now to me, not enough talent. Even when Rock was hugely over, he could afford a swerve and turn heel, there was a bunch of faces to carry the show. Same for Austin, HHH, Taker. One brand would solve all the troubles in my opinion. Separate brands only happened because there was too much talent with the acquisition of WCW. Well since all that talent is gone, take a step back so you can move forward. Honestly, I would love to see an "Austin and Vince screw over Rock" type thing happen at Mania to make Cena heel. And let Punk carry it. Nobody gets chants like he does on today's roster. Let him have some freedom like his shoot and he will carry your show.
  3. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    @cdawg85...That's the problem. If they turn Cena heel, everyone will start to cheer him. It's counter-productive. So, why would they chance losing the money they make off the parents of kids who are dying for Cena's new shirt?
    I definitely agree... It just sucks, in my opinion, that WWE seems to care more about the "family" demographic not taking to a Cena heel turn (because it would hurt Little Jimmy's feelings.) I understand their logic, but I personally would like them to do something dynamic with Cena's character. The posterboy superhero gimmick can only last so long...
  4. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StratZ-
    False. They never planned on Cena mentioning the wrist notes. He surprised everyone and did it without permission.
    LOOL aww bless if you actually believe that...
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by scribbler_jones
    I definitely agree... It just sucks, in my opinion, that WWE seems to care more about the "family" demographic not taking to a Cena heel turn (because it would hurt Little Jimmy's feelings.) I understand their logic, but I personally would like them to do something dynamic with Cena's character. The posterboy superhero gimmick can only last so long...
    Honestly, its not even the fact that they don't want to upset the younger demographic. They are more concerned with a possible Cena heel turn effecting his drawing power if anything.
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    How is this ruining the fued? Cuz Rock isn't winning in the promos? You are a blind Cena hater. I don't hate Cena, but me being a fan of his has strongly changed over the years for winning like he has. However, I'm rooting for Cena to win the match. Not because I like him more than The Rock or because Cena's my fav. It is because you have the choice of rooting for a guy who will be there week in and week out live or a guy who comes to about 8-12 shows a year. Rock is going to be the fan favorite without question. It will be in Rock's town. It will be similar to Rock/Hogan. Hogan was rooted for over the Rock as Rock was booed big time in Toronto after that spinebuster to Hogan. To claim some folks are actually going to riot over the match is ridiculous. It shows your blind hate for Cena to believe that garbage. This isn't ECW fans we are talking about. We are talking about WWE fans who have been criticized by wrestlers for sitting on their hands during their matches. Kurt Angle was one of them to say that. I don't think anyone will sit on their hands, but Rock is the obvious fan favorite. Do you actually believe The Rock was going to come in for like 8 shows out of the year and come in and beat the top guy in the company. I don't think WWE could afford that to happen. They have to do what is best for the business. What is best for the business? A wrestler from the 90s defeating your top guy who is only here to promote his movies. Leave again til about next years Mania. I don't think that is the best idea for business. Have the guy who is going to be there week after week win.
  7. Callumomac's Avatar
    You are a blind Cena hater.
    Incorrect. As I say in the blog I am not your normal anti-Cena fan. I just tell it how it is. And Cena and his gimmick have become stale. Its been stale for years. Thats why he had to rap when he responded to The Rock this time last year because with his current gimmick all he could do was come out and spew the same emotional crap he has done for the last two years.

    To be honest I don't know who is going to win. I highly doubt the majority of the WWE staff do. Theres different sides to the coin whichever way you look at it.

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