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Ruining The Rock vs John Cena Wrestlemania

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Last week on Raw John Cena came out during The Rocks promo to cut him down and throw some shots back at him. The part most talked about was the fact Cena pointed out that Rocky had some promo notes written on his wrist. Fast forward a couple of days and news spreads that the entire 'notes' shot was a work and the reason behind it is that the WWE is wanting The Rock & Cena to go into Wrestlemania 28 with the crowd split 50/50.

Now I'm not a fan of John Cena. I'm not going to rabble on like the typical Cena hater and trash his 'five moves of doom' etc etc because there is reasoning behind my dislike. Its simple and everybody knows it. Since 2005 John Cena has been shoved down our throats constantly. The WWE only eased off doing this around 2009 where Cena began to actually lose a match or two. The last match I can remember Cena losing clearly in fact was to HBK in London in 2007 I believe? I don't blame Cena personally for this however as I know that there is a machine behind his push. But hes the guy they are pushing and he has to deal with the hate. It does however annoy me when they call him 'the most controversial WWE Champion in history.' There is nothing controversial about getting your ass boo'd out of arenas all week.

John Cena said it himself during his feud with CM Punk last year. No matter how hard he tries he will never, ever win over the millions and millions of Rock fans around the world. So it puzzles me why they did what they did on Monday Night Raw last week. Kids and Moms love Cena. Males over the age of 14 tend not too. Those that dont like Cena were more than likely kids when The Rock was doing his thing back in the day. I guess what I'm trying to get across here is that I just find this pointless on the WWE's behalf. Remember Money In The Bank 2011 where Cena faced Punk for the WWE Title in Punks home state of Illinois. Everybody in that arena boo'd John Cena. There were 14,815 people in attendance that night. The Sun Life Stadium will hold over 70,000 people from The Rocks hometown of Miami. John Cena, regardless of how hard the WWE want this 50/50 thing to work is going to get boo'd out of that stadium like theres no tomorrow.

When The Rock debuted in 1996 and then within three months became WWE Intercontinental Champion the fans turned on him just like they did with Cena. So what did the WWE do? They turned him heel, threw him in the N.O.D and he went on to become one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time. When Cena broke out in 2005, by the time 2006 came around the WWE crowd hated him with a passion yet the WWE didn't do anything about it. Thats why the majority of fans dislike Cena.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Raw tomorrow night. Its in Cena's hometown of Boston. The Rock will be there and he has apparently been filming segments for Raw (I assume he will be going around Boston asking people what they think of Cena). Cena is never going to come out of this thing on top, as much as the WWE wants him to. And if he wins in Miami, I hope the WWE can afford an army to escort the guy out of that stadium.

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    I mean for them to even think that there will b a 50/50 split in Miami is beyond insane. Cena get boos in HIS hometown so y would he get equally cheered in The Rock hometown? Against The Rock nontheless! Lol smh
  2. cdawg85's Avatar
    I agree. Cena will get just as many boos tonight in Boston as he does in any other arena. The WWE needs to understand that the people will continue to boo Cena unless a MAJOR change to his character happens. He has played the babyface card for too long. I was hoping Cena would "embrace the hate" from Kane, making him more violent and unpredictable going in to Miami against The Rock. Even The People's Champ got his share of boo's and hatred. Why not Cena? Who knows, maybe the 18+ male fan base will come back to at least enjoying some Cena matches if WWE would take a chance of making him heel.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    @cdawg85...That's the problem. If they turn Cena heel, everyone will start to cheer him. It's counter-productive. So, why would they chance losing the money they make off the parents of kids who are dying for Cena's new shirt?
  4. cdawg85's Avatar
    @DK Wrestling Savior....very true. I guess it all comes down to who the WWE wants to impress the most or whoever they get the more $$ for the merchandise. I have enjoyed watching Cena in his career to the top. Never been part of the Cena clan. Always been the one to chant for The Rock no matter who he faces. Like the blog says and A.J People Champ says, there is no way, at least for WM28, will there be the slightest chance for 50/50 or even come close to 70/30. Miami will chant " Rocky...Rocky...Rocky" all night and Cena will hear the echos of the boo's all throughout the night.
  5. StratZ-'s Avatar
    False. They never planned on Cena mentioning the wrist notes. He surprised everyone and did it without permission.
  6. bartish2's Avatar
    lol it is already being ruined by the fact they are making a legend lower his game to job out to cena because he cannot step his game up... THAT is ruining the wwe for me. cena gets booed no matter what. He shouldn't be that guy who fights rock... where does he go from here? no where but continued to be booed. this match is a waste of time and does not deserve this match. people will just continue to be sick of super cena being shoven down their throats and boo him for eternity. It pisses me off that they are making the rock seem the underdog and making rock fans turn on him just to get a 50\50... that is SAD.... a) ruining a legends credibility for a guy like cena b) it will never be 50\50... he will be booed at wm28. There is no way people would split 50\50 regardless of the wwe ruining the rocks credibility. this match is pointless besides the fact it is a money maker. You could say this is the final straw if I continue watching or not.
  7. RockerDropper's Avatar
    Agree with Bartish2. WWE's creative team I bet does not even know where to go with this match. Something big has to happen in order for the whole wrestling world to talk about it. Rock is definitely not going to doesn't do him any favors and he'll always be over regardless. WWE needs to realize that it's Cena's gimmick, the same schtick, it's gone on for wayyy too long. Vince bases everything nowadays on merchandise sales and not what's necessary for the business. Sometimes I wish TNA was at least good enough to compete...but that's a whole other mess for another blog.
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