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NoP: Restructuring TNA's Creative

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So Russo is out and TNA's creative is semi-shaken up. I think this would be a great time to try something different in the structure of the creative department. I am not talking about creative direction but who does what and stuff like that.

If I had any say, this is what I would do (Feel free to send this to Dixie ):

First, we need to assume a few things:

1) iMPACT runs 100 minutes of on-air programming (2 hours minus 20 minutes of commercials)

2) Xplosion is broadcasted on a Sunday morning 3 weeks out of the month and before PPVs when there is one that weekend. It is shown everywhere and runs 50 minutes without commercials

3) In total, TNA has approximately 150 minutes (2 hrs and 30 mins) of TV time per week

Assuming these three things, I would first have one writer in charge of a given division and have all of them collaborate on the world title division. So we would have four writers and each would be in-charge of either the KOs, X-Div, Tag, TV. All four, plus the head writer, would be responsible for the main event scene. Not only would having only one writer keep story lines from being a cluster-fuck, it can open a communication between the wrestlers and writer of their division so there could be creative input from the wrestlers. To keep the writers motivated and make sure they do their best job, a $1000 rewarded after each PPV to the “writer of the month.” These writers are also responsible for other feuds, promos, and such in their division.

With this in place, a set amount of TV time per week is guaranteed to each division. This will make the show better rounded while exposing as much wrestlers as possible. Lower card feuds can be elaborated further on Xplosion and recapped on iMPACT (Cross-promotion of shows). The breakdown can be something like this

KOs – 20 mins on iM, 10 on Xp (Xp just a match)

X-Div – 20 mins on iM, 12.5 on Xp

TV – 10 mins on iM, 15 on XP (must be defended every 15 days)
Tag – 20 mins on iM, 12.5 on XP

KO Tag – Scrapped in a storyline (Kim wants to be only female champ, destroys belts. Never shown anyway)
World – 30 iM

To choose what wrestlers go in which division, a hierarchy can be established. The World title/main even picture comes first. Let’s say they want Crimson in a high end-feud, that’s where he goes. If they have nothing for him in that picture, the next one to be able to claim him is the Tag division. If he qualified for the X-Div, that writer would have the next opportunity to have a storyline for him. Finally if nothing in those three divisions comes up for Crimson, he can feud for the TV title. Obviously the KOs do not apply.

Like I said, just a thought I have had for a while. I think it would make TNA TV very interesting, more enjoyable to watch, and tie everything together.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Thoughts..I guess this kinda structure should be followed by WWE also not jus TNA....

    But, there can be practical problems with this..but still they can be dealt on over all a gud blog...different from normal blogs...

    Keep It UP!!!

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