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Top 5 Best Faces/ Heels Currently in WWE

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Hi everyone. This blog is about Heels/faces currently in WWE who I think are quit good overall, and that doesn't mean they have to have a lot of momentum right now, but could of had recently.


#5 The Miz

I will admit it I am a bit of a Miz Mark. I think in the future the best move WWE can do is turn him face, and make him the face of the company. I really do think there is great things for The miz. He is great at mic, he is over average in the ring. But I will admit this The Miz would of never got a big of a push if it wasn't for his mic skills, but there is no doubt that he has one of the best mic skills on the WWE roster today. The Miz right now has went down hill in his career. I wouldn't say he has been buried, but not used as much. I think I am one of the only people that can see WWE is just waiting for the right time to put the belt around his waist again. Look at the evidence people. People say since Survivor series he has been buried let's see. He was in a Title match at TLC. He was number one in the RR, and lasted the longest time. In the EC he made it to the Top 3, so I don't think that's burring to me.

#4 Mark Henry

Mark Henry is one of the most fast improved superstars I have seen that actually connected with the audience. His Title Reign was very entertaining to watch, and he actually put on decent matches. The only reason it was cut short, was because of his injury. He recently said in Twitter that he is 100 percent, so I guess he should be fine for now. Mark Henry should of been doing his destructive ways early in his career, and if he did introduce his hall of pain in the Attitude era. I bet he would be one of the Top guys in the company by now. I hope WWE carry on using him he really showed us how a monster heel should be in the WWE, and not most of the cowardly heels on the roster. They should let heels win clean matches now, and again that is how they get over. I was shocked when Henry beat Orton. Then he did it again inside Hell In A Cell. It would be more realistic for a him to win because of his size. WWE made the right call in that match. I hope he does get back the World Heavy Weight Championship, and have a longer reign.

#3 Kane

A lot of people say WWE never listen to the people. I remember one of the things people wanted was to give Kane back the mask. WWE decided to give a try, and it did help Kane a whole lot. One of the reasons they did it is so John Cena can have a opponent to put him over, so he can look good against The Rock. This still did push Kane in his career, so at least after he is done battling John, he can do other things, but now he probably going to feud with Randy on Smackdown, and get buried again. If Kane still has a bit of momentum left I would like him to try, and get jobber's to embrace the hate. Then he can have his own little army, and this will get him more credibility. Kane can then go, and chase for a World Championship. Kane will start annoying people with how everyone has to embrace the hate, and he won't stop until everyone in the WWE will join him. Sooner or latler someone can come along, and defeat him, and that person should be over for doing that. Now I think about they can do many angles with Kane. I would also like to see someone try, and rip of his mask to see what happens.

#2 Daniel Bryan

Well what can I say. Last year he was the US Champion at Wrestlemania wrestling against Sheamus, and that match got pulled of the card, and now. He is the World Heavy Weight Champion going to wrestle against Sheamus once again at the Grandest stage of them all. This guy came along way. I can tell you most people said he wasn't going to even cash in his Money In The Bank. That is how bad people didn't believe in him. I don't really care much if he wins or loses at Mania all I want to see is when he finally loses his Championship, if WWE are going to carry on using him or slowly bury him. I really want Daniel to succeed in his Wrestling Career, in the words of Bryan yes yes yes I do. WWE need good wrestlers more than ever.

#1 Chris Jericho

Seriously who else where you expecting to be number 1. It would be obviously Jericho coming out on top. He is the best in the World at what he does, lol. Jericho is one of the best veterans of today. This feud with Punk at the moment has been getting better, as the weeks have been going. Everyone knows CM Punk is going to win unless Jericho surprises all of us by winning the WWE Championship, and actually stays in the WWE for much longer. WWE desperately needs Jericho right now. He is basically their best heel, that can actually draw a lot of heat. He can draw a lot of heat by not even saying a word that is how good he is. If Jericho does leave after Mania. I hope he does return to have one last World Title run in WWE.


#5 Zack Ryder

Woo woo woo I don't know it. Where do I start oh I know I am not much of a fan of his. The truth is the only reason people was aboard with this guy, because he made youtube videos. That is way people fell in love with him, and that is why WWE pushed him, because people fell in Love with him. The reason I have a problem, because out of everyone who could of got that big push they picked him. There were more deserving people like Tyson Kid, Chris Masters(I know he was released)Tyler Reks,Alex Riley, and so on. But out of all the names I mention Zack Ryder, was the one who actually did something to try to get himself over with the audience not the WWE officials, but the audience. That is why I respect him, and since he has been given that chance he makes sure he improves in the ring every time. Woo woo woo I am giving him a chance.

#4 Randy Orton

Many people say Randy buried a lot of people. I say now a days he is helping Rising Talent. Mark Henry like I said before. Orton lose to Henry twice for the World Heavy Weight Championship. That says a lot if you're the poster boy of the company. The feud he had with Cody helped Cody more than him. I know many people are saying why didn't he have the IC Championship on the line, but come on people why would one of the top dog maineventers have a secondary Title while they are in a feud which will eventually lead to him being a contender for a World Championship. I also like to mention he also put over my fellow English man Wade Barrett over. Randy Orton doesn't have to do this he could be are World Heavy Weight Champion right now. Randy has not been World Champion for over 6 months. This guy does let other talent have a try.

#3 Sheamus

Their was a point in Sheamus career just like Daniel where people thought he wasn't going anywhere. I know we all remember Sheamus vs HHH at Wrestlemania. Sheamus lost that match, and we all thought that was it, but they had a rematch at Extreme Rules, and oh yeah sheamus almost ended his career(fake of course)Sheamus came a long way just like Bryan. When it was down to Sheamus and Jericho at the Rumble. I don't know why, but I had a feeling he was going to win, and it's not juts because I was rooting for him to win. Since Wrestlemania 25 no Royal Rumble winner has won at Wrestlemania. I have a feeling once again that Sheamus is going to win, if WWE don't want to give RR a bad name, but if they do carry on this RR losing streak whoever does win at Mania, because of RR will probably be over.

#2 John Cena

This wouldn't make sense for most wrestling fans that I put Cena #2 , and i'm not saying he is number 2 of the company, because he actually is the face of the company, but this is my list were talking about people so I say hell no, lol. Anyway many people find John boring, but last year, and currently this year he has shown us why he he is the face of the company by putting on great matches with CM Punk, and he had a great feud with the monster Kane, and having mic wars with The Rock, also most importantly staying out of the Title picture so other superstars can have a shot in the mainevent like Dolph Ziggler. I think John Cena is generally OK so far, but maybe it's just because The Rock is around we will see when The Rock goes, if Cena is going to change or stay the exact same.

#1 CM Punk
CM Punk is currently the WWE Champion. I think he is doing a better than average job at it, it's not very impressive, but good enough. I don't think he has gotten stale like most people think listen people he can't just say something that is mind blowing every time he speaks. Once in a while yeah, but not every single time. He still is the best in the mic in WWE not the World, but again good enough. This feud with Jericho is starting to pick up nicely, and they should have the best match of the night at Wrestlemania. CM Punk is the next best thing to John Cena at the moment, and it's a good thing it's not just Orton, and Cena hogging the Championships. I hope CM Punk has many great things for us to watch in the future. CM Punk is the cult of personality.

Honorable mentions

Dolph Ziggler,Cody Rhodes,Big Show, and heck even Santino Marella sometimes, wait notice I said sometimes!!

Thank you for reading let me know what you're thoughts are about the face/heels in WWE, and my blog.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Great write! I especially want to see what the future holds for Kane and The Miz.
  2. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Great list on the heel side.
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    if you watch tna can you make a tna one maybe a roh one? because you are right on spot sir
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I think at this point, Cody Rhodes should be up there ahead of Miz. And I would probably have Big Show up there in place of Zack Ryder right now.

    And Dolph doesn't draw anything. It's Vickie Guerrero who brings heat there.
  5. RockerDropper's Avatar
    Agree... I think Rhodes and Barrett should be up there. Orton needs to go back to being a heel. That's his niche.
  6. Final_Silence's Avatar
    I would have had DB off the list and Miz at 2 then add Rhodes. And take Kane off and add Ziggler, Kane hasn't really got a heel push yet considering most people don't like Cena. And for faces, I would remove Ryder and have a tie with Show and Marella.
  7. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Good read...questions tho'?

    Where do HHH, Taker, ROCK fit!?

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