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STATE OF THE 'E: Best In The World

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Welcome to another edition of SOT’E in blog form! As always, often imitated and NEVER duplicated. Trust me on that! I’m going to get RIGHT into my thoughts on this and why I’m making this blog.

Be prepared because I may say things you don’t like but, as per usual I don’t have much planned out but you know my thoughts ramble. The blog topic this time around you may ask? Well, I’ll bold it just so you know:


Yes. You’ve all been discussing it but I feel that you’ve been discussing it well, wrong. Simply put… what defines “Best In The World”?? Is it a matter of personal opinion? Is it accolades? Is it based on charisma, ability, quality… entertainment? Actually, “Best In The World” is all of that and then some. I am here not to technically defend CM Punk in his claims but, to shed some light.

I’ve been a CM Punk “mark” since WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY before it was “cool” to be one. Punk has had the ability to put the crowd in his hands since Chicago, since IWA, since ROH, Chikara, and everywhere in between all the way to THE ‘E. Punk was literally buried there. He was brash, he was captivating, he was everything he needed to be. And finally THE ‘E has blessed him with the opportunity to carry the company.

When you have a gimmick like he does, you need to back it up. And in all honesty, he can. Punk may not have been around during the “Attitude Era” but that era does NOT define greatness. That era defines something completely different. When you see Punk, you see someone who has paid their dues. Punk, unlike a lot of today’s current “stars” actually traveled a roads less beaten now a days. He’s basically taken the “territory” path.

If you remember my blog about territories and indies, you’ll know what I’m talking about. He and only a select few can lay claim to something as out there as “Best In The World”. And do you know why? Because he’s the WWE CHAMPION. Yes. I said it, in my opinion “Best In The World” means being the WWE Champion. When you hold that gold, regardless of it’s horrible appearance currently… you hold it. The main prize in Professional Wrestling. Ask anyone who got into wrestling and ask anyone why they wanted to be in wrestling. I have NEVER heard anyone say they wanted to be WCW Champion, NJPW Champion, PWG Champion, or ROH Champion.

No. They want to be the Champion of the very best wrestling company around. And regardless of the scripting, the acting, and everything in between, they are a wrestling company first and foremost. In recent years, yeah… they shied away from their lineage due to the media’s field day with them but, you can see them slowly integrating it back into their every day routine. And who’s that thanks to? Well… CM Punk. He got tired of all the negativity towards his passion and he changed the world in one night. When he sat down at the top of the ramp that fateful Monday night, we all expected a normal promo cutting into everyone for “Money In The Bank”.

Instead we get his feelings. Yes, there was some script in there but you KNOW mostly everything he said was from inside. There’s no denying how that corporation is run, yes we’re on the outside looking in but many wrestlers have left there saying exactly what Punk said that Monday night.

He’s a 5 time Champion in WWE alone. Excluding the Intercontinental and Tag-Team Championships of course. When it’s all boiled down, you can say CM Punk is definitely on top of the whole world right now. Yes, there are more who can lay claim to that throne from the past but… to say Rey Mysterio is a better wrestler than CM Punk is ridiculous and you know it. Yeah, he’s the most popular luchador in America of all time but, lets face it… if Eddie Guerrero hadn’t died, he would have never even sniffed a Championship and you all know it.

Who else can lay claim to “Best In The World”?? Well… there’s a lot to it really. How many people can you truly see captivating THE ‘E’s audience in the next few years? I believe I’m going to go out on a limb here and let you know how I’m rolling…


Signed To WWE:
Chris Hero (Cassius Ohno)
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)
Claudio Castagnoli (Antonio Cesaro)
Cody Rhodes
Wade Barrett
Dolph Ziggler
Daniel Bryan
Richie Steamboat

There in no particular order by the way, just my opinion on who will be the leaders of the company soon. Those guys all being signed to THE ‘E will make for some great competition and or the re-birth of how wrestling on TV should be. They will definitely usher in a new standard that THE ‘E has let slip beneath them.

Who do I think from around the world who can lay claim to this? Well, I’m not going to pretend to know every single wrestler out there but again, this is my opinion.

Not Signed To WWE:
Kevin Steen
El Generico
BxB Hulk
Super Dragon
Davey Richards
Kenny Omega
Akira Tozawa
Shingo Takagi
Chuck Taylor

There’s actually a few more that I won’t list but, currently in TNA we have a few as well that if given proper time could have the title as well: AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aeries, Crimson… okay, that one was a joke for a friend. But yes, you can say that CM Punk is the “Best In The World” right now due to him being on top of it all. But as clearly seen, there are definitely challengers to his throne. If any of these individuals decided to join THE ‘E and they were able to be free, he would need to look out.

But in all honesty within the current roster of THE ‘E, he only needs to worry about Chris Jericho… no one else is actually ready yet. And when you beat the super-mega face of the company like Punk did… there’s obviously something there that VKM has seen or else he wouldn’t have booked him to win and to keep winning.

I’m not defending Punk by any means, yes I’m a fan but in all reality you need to take a look at who he’s going against and who is there… these guys really wouldn’t be able to handle Punk if he actually unleashed all of his arsenal to be truthful. And in all honesty, that’s why Sin Cara failed in THE ‘E. There was no one there for him to work with, no one could understand his style and how to work it. These guys had never gone against a Luchador before and now they’re having the same problem with Punk but, he took it and reversed the curse. And In all honesty, if someone from the current roster beats Punk for the Championship, it will leave them in an awkward position.

So much has been built up on that claim and everything in between that the ONLY guy who can realistically beat Punk is Jericho. With the gimmick he has, it’s very powerful. They definitely need to tread lightly with who he loses to. Especially if it’s to someone like Ziggler that he’s beaten on numerous occasions. It wouldn’t make sense but then again, what truly makes sense anymore?

As usual… leave questions, comments, death threats, well wishes, and all around cursing and name calling below. Have a great one and See Ya’ Soon Space Cowboy…

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Perfect blog man, I completely agree with everything you brought up.
  2. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    Haven't seen a State of The E in a while. Maybe I missed it, maybe they weren't there. Regardless, I always loved reading your blogs and this one is no exception. Well written, great points, and I happen to agree with you on all points. In have been a Punk fan since IWA and his feud with Raven. I remember thinking, "This guy is gonna be great one day if he gets the chance." I am glad to see his potential has been realized. That said. Keep up the good work Rob. I look forward to the next blog.
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Often imitated
    NEVER duplicated

    Another great read man, can't wait for WrestleMania

    (This type of comment is spam, apparently)
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    You know the WWE Title is the biggest title in the company representing just the WWE and the WHC represents the whole world sio shouldn't be the WHC the most important???, unfortunately logic doesn't apply in wrestling LOL
  5. zz9pluralz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead200
    You know the WWE Title is the biggest title in the company representing just the WWE and the WHC represents the whole world sio shouldn't be the WHC the most important???, unfortunately logic doesn't apply in wrestling LOL
    In the Past, the WWE Championship can be traced back to something like the WWWF World Heavyweight Champion, but by the late 1980s, they'd streamlined the name, as they did with the WWWF World Tag Team Championships (Which became the WWF Tag team championship, then the world tag team championship, now don't exist). So they both are world championships, it's just the WWE likes to hide that fact because it makes them sound too much like a wrestling company.
  6. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    Really great blog, I completely agree, well done!

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