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WWE main-eventers: Great matches in developmental

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Hey blog readers! I decided to do something totally different. I'm going to pick one great match that the main eventers had in their WWE developmental days. I'm only going to use 5 current WWE main eventers which will be CM Punk, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and Sheamus! Lets get started!

John Cena- OVW

This is a great match between Flash Flanagan and John Cena. I was really impressed with how Cena was selling and how quick he was working during the match. Normally he works a slower pace style but in this match, hes working a lot quicker. Of course, he would improve greatly over the years in the WWE but he proves in this match, that he had potential of being a WWE main eventer. He worked really well with Flash Flanagan who was fun to watch as well.
CM Punk- OVW
I liked this match very much. I think this was CM Punk's best match in OVW. Danny Inferno was a great worker as well which made things even better. Punk was a cocky heel here and he was awesome at it. He also showed toughness, getting a stiff kick by Danny Inferno which busted him wide open.

Daniel Bryan- FCW

Here's part 2
This match was awesome from start to finish. This match is a reason why people wanted to see Bryan Danielson and Lowki in the WWE. These guys know how to work in a match and they worked very well with each other. Daniel Bryan showed why he is such an internet darling; because his in-ring skills are top-notch. Great match and my favorite FCW from Daniel Bryan's.

Randy Orton- OVW
Great match by Randy Orton and John Cena. These guys pretty much work good togeth, even in their developmental days. Randy Orton showed potential in this match and would soon go on to do great things in the WWE. Great match here in Randy Orton's time in OVW.

Sheamus- FCW
This was a great match between Justin Gabriel and Sheamus with Sheamus looking dominant as usual. Both guys showed major potential. Sheamus was always fun to watch in his FCW days and this match was an example of it. Sheamus is now a top WWE main eventer who is facing Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania 28! Nice match right here.

Thanks for reading by blog! Give me some feedback!

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Wow Very orginal and interesting blog, I cant say if these matches are their Best in FCW or OVW cause I havent seen many of their matches but I did hear amazing things about Dainel Bryan and Kavals match.

    Im shocked no one has commented on this blog, I guess every is too busy commention on the 1,000 Make Dolph Ziggler Champion blog or the 500 Push Curt Hawkins and Drew Mac blog, Im so glad Zack Ryder got a push so I dont have to see 3 pages of Push Zack Ryder blogs every update.

    Very refreshing blog and im gonna check out some of these matches later, I'm really liking your blogs you got some good taste in matches.

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