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What to do with Kane...

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This blog will focus on what wwe is going to do with Kane next.

What he’s done since returning….
On the December 12 episode of Monday Night Raw wearing a metallic mask and interrupted the main event between Mark Henry and John Cena. Despite the fact that it was Henry who took Kane out of action for months, Kane instead chose to chokeslam Cena before removing the metallic mask to reveal a new red mask. On the December 19 episode of Monday Night Raw, Kane again confronted Henry and Cena. Henry was left untouched again while Kane again attacked Cena, On the December 26 episode of Monday Night Raw, Kane explained that he targeted Cena because he wanted Cena to "embrace the hate" from Cena's detractors rather than try to "Rise Above Hate," Cena's t-shirt slogan. During the next few weeks, Kane would not only attack Cena, but also Cena's friend Zack Ryder, in an attempt to anger Cena. Kane's vicious attacks on Ryder would result in Ryder suffering a variety of storyline injuries, causing him to lose the United States Championship. Kane and John Cena would fight to a draw at the Royal Rumble event when both men were counted out. At Elimination Chamber Cena defeated Kane in an ambulance match to end the feud. A week later on the February 27th on Raw, he appeared and attack Primo, Epico, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth. He then appeared on Friday Night Smackdown, attacking Randy Orton before welcoming him back.

So that was just to catch everybody up to speed. From there I see Creative having 3 options for his next feud.

3. Kane pursuits the Tag team titles
Saw this idea somewhere else and after Kane attacked the tag teams this is definitely a possibility.

Why it’s a good idea…
It’s something new and different. It would also help to get the tag team division on television each week and Kane would also be a credible opponent for a tag team each week.
Why it may happen…

They probably wouldn’t of had Kane beat up all the tag teams for no reason and it would be new and interesting for everyone to watch.
Chances of it happening…

2. Kane forms an allegiance with Eve vs Ryder
This is what I want to happen and they could team them easily but I’ll show how later. I think the Wwe will probably go with no1 but I’d like too see a combination of either 2 and 3 or 1 and 2.

Why it’s a good idea…

Eve was involved in the Kane/Cena/Ryder feud and the raw after Elimination Chamber Eve revealed that she was simply using Ryder to get noticed. Kane could say that he’s been working with Eve all along and now they are going to end Ryder’s Career once and for all. If you bring Kelly Kelly into the mix then this could make for an interesting feud.
Why it may happen…
So you’ll notice at 0.38 Eve walks into the ambulance at her own free will and you’ve likely seen the Wwe Is Fake Proof Videos which came after this. Now I’d add this into the angle and I’d have Eve and Kane say that if you watched this you would have seen Eve walking into the ambulance all by herself and it’s a shame John Cena didn’t see this as it might of made him embrace the hate. If this were to happen then the match would likely take place at WrestleMania and I’d like to see Kane and Eve win the feud for change.
Chances of it happening…
Vs Zack Ryder 7/10
Allegiance with Eve 8.3/10

1. Feud vs Orton
After Smackdown this looks to be the most likely feud and if it happens it’ll probably lead up to a WrestleMania match.

Why it’s a good idea…

I can’t remember if these two have feuds before so it’ll be interesting and both can wrestle so we’ll get some decent match ups. There would also be some good promos.
Why it may happen…
After losing to John Cena who better to target then the other face of the company? Also Orton hasn’t got a WrestleMania opponent yet and Kane would be a good choice and there’s still plenty of time to have a good build up.
Chances of it Happening…

At the moment I don’t think Creative know what they want to do with Kane which would explain why he attacked the Tag Team division and Randy Orton. I don’t see Kane as the type of person to align himself with a GM. Over the next few weeks I see Laurinaitis trying to convince Kane to help him and then at WrestleMania we’ll either have Kane involved In a tag team match Team Long vs Team Laurinaitis or maybe just a singles match - Smackdown's Randy Orton w/ Teddy Long(at Ringside) vs Raw's Kane w/ John Laurinaitis(at Ringside) similar to the Battle of the Billionaires match. Regardless of his opponent I’d like to see Kane win and not put someone over.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments!

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Updated 03-03-2012 at 01:19 PM by Callum

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. daverende5's Avatar
    About the Randy Orton part: I think that Kane ment with welcome back Randy, that he wants to bring the bad guy/the voices back. Nowadays Orton is more a babyface, but that Kane wants him to hate more again or something like that.
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    Well i wanted him to go after the WHC since he returned with the mask, but since it is bryan vs sheamus at wm... kane probably won`t be in the WHC picture for a while. If any of your options I`d probably want him to go after the tag team titles with some creditable superstar and bring back the feel of tag teams of the attitude era. Since he has a big history with the tag team titles(especially with the brothers of destruction). Again i would prefer if he had a decent WHC reign but we all know that would be happening because bryan is busy at wm and they always make kane job out to anyone. I would probably be content if they teamed kane up with a good superstar and dominate tag team division cutting dark heel promos reviving it. A feud with orton is not really appealing to me :/ I mean most guys who face orton lose(like cena) and the last thing kane needs is to get buried more. I just hope no matter what happens that kane is not buried and they actually give him a decent run... preferably with a title reign eventually.
  3. Callum's Avatar
    @bartish2 I want Kane to go on a lengthy world title run too maybe vs Sheamus after Wrestlemania. I don't think there is someone else besides Big Show who can team with Kane and we've him and Big Show too many times before
  4. darkrage's Avatar
    kane vs orton would be good but the wwe needs to continue the storyline with kane and zack ryder having zack over come what kane has done to him and win at wm would do his career alot of good
  5. Final_Silence's Avatar
    bartish2 - Kane and Taker only won the Tag titles twice, once for two weeks once for a month.
  6. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Just a thought on the Orton/Kane feud. If you watch back the match which Kane lost to have to unmask you'll see it was an RKO which ultimately cost him the match.

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