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Fav 5: Gimmicks

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5. Edge – Rated R Superstar/The Ultimate Opportunist

Edge a great cocky yet cowardly heel as well as a funny and charismatic face and he got loads of heat when he was a heel. Particularly in his feud with Matt Hardy (although at that point lots of people hated edge for what he did anyway).

What made Edge's gimmick great was Edge himself. The gimmick worked in my opinion because Edge was so good on the mic and In the ring and he's one of the greats.

4. Mick Foley – Dude Love/Cactus Jack/Mankind/Mick Foley

Cactus Jack - Cactus Jack is pretty much the gimmick that made Foley as popular as he was in wrestling. He also cut great promos as Cactus Jack

Mankind - Living in Boiler rooms, having rats for friends, enjoyed pain, schizophrenic, and wore a mask. As mankind he had a great feud with the Rock as well as teaming with him as the Rock n Sock connection . He also had memorable matches vs Undertaker and won his first world championship.

Dude love - In comparison Dude love wasn't that good but it was based on Home videos Foley had made.

My favourite would have to be mankind but I enjoyed all of them. I don't think many other people could play 4 characters and make them all work so well do you have to applaud Foley for that.


3. Kane - Big Red Monster

As I've mentioned before i'm a bit of a Kane mark but I honestly think that he has one of the greatest gimmicks of all time. I'm of course talking about the Masked Kane (before and now) and not the Kane who jobbed and had to team with Santino Marella at Wrestlemania (I like to pretend that neither happened). He was a dominant monster and was feared throughout wwe.

His gimmick was great because similarly to the Undertaker it's so unique and a doubt there'll ever be another gimmick like it. Glen Jacobs was perfect for the role of Kane: he was good on the ring desire being a big man, he could cut a great promo and if that wasn't enough he had a great evil laugh.

2. Shawn Michaels - The Heartbreak Kid

He was a cocky villain for the majority of his career but after he returned he was of a face more often (and a humorous one at that).
Shawn was perfect for his role: great on the mic great in the ring. He was someone who could get people to love him and then hate him the same night.

1. The Undertaker – Deadman

His gimmick commands respect and he’s probably the most iconic superstar ever. When you hear the iconic Dong before Undertaker starts his slow walk down to the ring. He’s mysterious and just as soon as appears he vanishes again.

I don’t think any gimmick will ever come as close to being as iconic as the deadman again. I’ve always been a fan of this gimmick along with Kane’s because they were so unique. The Undertaker’s gimmick was done so well and I don’t think it will ever be replicated.

* So I forgot to put Stone Cold Steve Austin in but he would probably be between 3 and 4 for me. He was an anti hero character (similarly to how punk was over the summer). He was great at it and had a brilliant feud with Vince McMahon. He was good on the mic and in the ring as well which helped to make the gimmick so good.

Honourable mentions
Cm Punk

Thanks for reading!

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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    0.o i agree 100% xD all awesome gimmicks. it sucks that they cannot make gimmicks like that today. Hence why most of my top fav 5 are on this list you made. It`s going to suck when they are all gone
  2. Final_Silence's Avatar
    I really couldn't label HBK and Edge gimmicks so I would have to eliminate them in my list. And then go... 1. Undertaker. 2. Kane. 3. Mankind. 4. Big Boss Man. 5. Goldust. Some honorable mentions would be, Godfather, Al Snow, Gangrel, Val Venus. And I'd have to disagree with Cactus Jack making him as famous as he was, yes it certainly got him to the WWE but Mankind made him famous in the WWE. especially with his debut with Goldust and Taker. Great promos.
  3. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Forgot to put up Mark Dimension
  4. Sony's Avatar
    1. Razor Ramone
    2. Million Dollar Man
    3. Rick `the model`Martel
    4. Mr perfect
    5. Taker
    Updated 03-03-2012 at 09:35 PM by Sony
  5. darkrage's Avatar
    5: Boogeyman
    4: mankind
    2:kevin sullivan ( he controled a large stable of gimmick wrestlers)
    1: taker
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    1. Taker
    2. Mick/Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack
    3. Mr. Perfect
    4. Razor ramon
    5. Kane

    Honorable Mentions:

    Legend Killer
    Captain Charisma / Instant Classic
  7. akbar's Avatar
    Razor Ramon had the best gimmick , IMO...
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