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John Cena's Most Impressive Victories

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Hey everyone. In my last blog, I shared my opinion on John Cena's most impressive title wins. This time Im going to share my opinion on his most impressive victories in normal matches or title DEFENCES.

[B]John Cena vs. Triple H - WrestleMania 22 [/B]
The very first time Cena and Triple H went one on one. Triple H was the 10 Time Champion and the more experienced out of the two and Cena was the underdog, even though he was the defending champion. Both men were powerhouses and have a unique fighting style. When I first saw the match, I thought Cena was gonna lose. When Triple H knocked Cena out for that brief period with the sledgehammer, I thought Cena was done. If it wasn't for the referee being hurt, Cena would of been pinned, even though Triple H probably would of been DQ'd. Cena hit the F-U but Triple H kicked out. If Triple H hit the Pedigree that night, Cena would of lost, hands down but he rolled through and locked in the STF-U for the second time. Triple H tapped out and at that moment, Cena became one of the top dogs to beat.

[B]John Cena vs. Undertaker - SmackDown, August 7, 2003[/B]
Okay, I did not expect Cena to win this match. It was a rematch from Vengeance and I thought it would have the same result. Cena going for a 10-punch and Undertaker reversing it into a Last Ride for a pinfall victory but the ending shocked me a little. A-Train aided Cena a little bit but Undertaker still kicked out. It made me wonder: Why would A-Train help Cena??? Undertaker got rid of A-Train. He then went for the Tombstone on Cena but Cena struggled out of it and hit Undertaker with the F-U for the 3 count. That match, in my opinion is what got Cena noticed.

[B]John Cena vs. Batista - Over The Limit [/B]
An I Quit match. A match that Cena had never lost and a match that Batista had never competed in. Batista thought he could be the first to make Cena utter those two words but he underestimated The Champ. Cena did NOT quit, nor show any signs of quitting. Cena gave Batista a spine crushing Attitude Adjustment on the hood of a car. And Cena hoisted Batista up again and threatened to throw him off the roof. In the first sign of trouble, Batista said "I Quit". Even though Cena had taken a lot of punishment and still won the match, he gave Batista the AA off the roof anyway, that sent him crashing through the stage. That move was responsible for Batista quitting WWE all together the next night on RAW.


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