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WWE NXT: Past, Present, and Future

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Hey guys, StratZ- here again for another EWN blog. Today I'll be talking about NXT. Nobody really cares about NXT, but I kinda do. So hope you guys like the blog.

NXT in the Past

The main purpose of NXT was to bring FCW superstars onto the WWE brand to see if they could handle the pressure of being a true WWE Superstar. Of course they have enough talent or they wouldn't have been on it in the 1st place.

It started off great with season 1. That was the best season by far! The 2nd season was pretty good too with Kaval, Husky Harris, Mcgillicutty and Riley, even though Kaval is no longer with WWE.

I believe it was season 3 where they had the Diva Season. That's when everything went downhill! NXT Redemption turned out horrible! You had these guys who had talent, but did the stupid challenges and it just wasn't the same like season 1 and 2. NXT was supposed to be different and to be a place where young talented wrestlers could go to showoff there skills and to learn!

NXT Present Day
NXT is like FCW, but in front of a bigger WWE Fan base. Lets face it, the NXT today is no where close to what it used to be when it 1st started. But I'm actually digging NXT again because there using it for the WWE superstars, not the rookies. For example, Tyson Kidd. We all know the kid can wrestle tremendously well, but his downfall is his mic skills. But since he's been on NXT and cutting promos on the show, he's been getting better, and now they're giving him a push on NXT then eventually to smackdown/raw. Its a show to show cast our young talented superstars. WWE knows that they have future young talented wrestlers on the roster, but there's not enough time to give everyone air time. Plus it helps these young talents get experience and to learn.

Another good example the Tag Team Division! They're getting Reks and Hawkins a lot of time on NXT and they're getting much better! On the mic and in the ring! I wished that they would give the Uso's more time on NXT because they aren't being used on Smackdown/Raw so why not give them time and experience on NXT? Kidd and Barreta are supposed to be a team in the future and lets face it, they're gonna be an amazing tag team!

They're also giving Alex Riley time on NXT which doesn't hurt him. It gives him something to do since he's not on Smackdown/Raw and he's only going to get better at it. Watson, Batemen, Curtis, and Young are learning a lot from being there. O'Neil though.... Oh man he needs work. I suggest sending him back to FCW. Seriously.

Overall, NXT is heading on the right track right now. I suggest changing the next to just NXT or something. There is no redemption anymore. Glad they changed the intro and made it 5x better! Only thing i dislike at the moment is O'Neil. Hopefully the crowd will get more into NXT and interact with the superstars. I'm very exicited for Tyson Kidd. Bright future for him., fact!

Thanks for reading my blog guys!


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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good blog with valid points. Although, I'd completely scrap NXT and replace it with, say, Heat for example.
  2. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    I dont mind NXT, I thought the first season was way too short.
    Im interested to see how Regals role will now effect the show, as he has spent a fair amount of time at FCW and knows alot of the guys their.
    Will he introduce new guys once in a while? I hope so!

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