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Overrated WrestleMania Matches

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Lets talk about Overrated matches before I go on with my blog... Some people like to comment without reading and defend something that is not being attacked or arguing about something that is irrelevant to the subject that is being written about.


So getting back to the Subject, People have been throwing around the title "Best Wrestlemania Match" "One of the Greatest Wrestlemania matches of All Times" or in some cases "Best match of All times"... So here is the matches that people put higher than they actually belong.

This is a Classic match, A Great match, For sure one of the Top Wrestlemania matches of all time but When People are going around calling this the Best match in Wrestlemania History or The Greatest match of all times that is taking it way too far.

Michaels and Undertaker had a Great match at Wrestlemania 25 and showed what the current crop of talent in WWE and in wrestling in general is lacking, How to put emotion in a match and make everything mean something but It is by no means the Best Match in the almost 3 decades of prestigious event.

My Problems with the Match.
Well One problem with the match was The Diving over the top rope botch. The Dive and the landing looked brutal and im not complaining about that, Cause if something looks like it hurted it adds to the realism of the match. Its the length of time it took for the match to recover is the problem.... Regardless of whos fault it was , Takers, Sim snuka or just a freak accident, It effected the flow of the match. It had a effect on the Match and if any other men were in the in the match it probably would of not recover but Taker and Shawn are Two of the greatest of all times and they salvaged the match but it still had its effect on the match.

The biggest problem I had with the match was the last 15 min of the match (don't quote me I'm not being exact). It was Taker and shawn hitting their finishers on each other one after another, Like Taker hits a tombstone and Shawn kicks out of the pin but Shawn gets up and his a Super kick. It seems like for the last 10 or 15 mins of the match they were only hitting or attempting finishers and even the reversals to their finishers turned in to the other mans finishers. After awhile it just kinda became repetitive.

Heres how it went.

Undertaker: Tombstone HBK.
HBK: Kicks Out.
Undertaker: Trys to choke Slam HBK.
HBK: Escapes Choke Slam and hits Super kick.
HBK: failed pin attempt, and another Super Kick attempt.
Undertaker: Catches leg and Choke slam.

This would go on and on with the Last ride, The Choke Slam the Tombstone, It was just Rest finisher, Rest Finisher, Taker attempts finsisher and Shawn escapes hits his, Rest, Shawn Attempts his finisher and fails and Taker hits his finisher and then they rest and repeat this over and over.

Its a Great match, very exciting and emotional but I cant not Call it the best Match in Wrestlemania History or the Greatest match of all times. I understand The Love this match gets. Its Legend vs Legend, Its the best Mania match that has happened in a long time, Its a classic but to me they are way to many Great Wrestlemania matches and matches in general to put this at the number 1 spot.

Shawn is a Amazing performer, easily one of the best if not the Best Ever, No one has had as many Classic WM matches as him but again, This match even though is still a Excellent match is still very overrated.

Shawn and Kurt had many Excellent matches and WM21 was their best without a doubt. The Match was fast paced, Exciting and hard hitting but People are honestly calling this one of the Greatest matches of all times and The best Match in Wrestlemania history.

Honestly this match is a Great match but its not even Shawn Michaels best Wrestlemania match, Actually its not even in the top 3, Top 5 maybe. this match isnt even Kurt Angles best match (its his best Wrestlemania match, but not his best match). This match lived up to my expectations and didnt disappoint 1 bit, I loved this match but its not the Greatest Shawn Michaels match, The Greatest Wrestlemnian match and definitely not the Greatest match in wrestling history.

My Problem with the Match.
The Problem I have with this match and most Angle matches is his lack of selling and busting out of moves and completely disregarding wrestling psychology and his annoying rest holds that seem to be put on at the worst moments killing the flow of the match and not to mention being put on too frequently and too long in most cases.

1 of my favorite matches of all times is Benoit and Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2003 and I think that match suffered cause Angle doing the same thing in that match as he did in his Michaels match at WM21. I just Thnk Benoit had a better understanding of Kurts style and was able to let let it effect the match as much, Not to mention the Awesome reversals in the RR 03 match but now im getting ahead of my self.

This match was a superb match that deserves to be talked about as one of the Great Wrestlemania Matches but it doesnt belong as the top or even the top 5, I'm sorry, I know its not a popular thing to criticize these 2 matches (HBK vs Taker WM 25, HBK vs Angle WM 21) in front of the IWC but its only the truth. These matches are overrated and it seems fans go to extremes when talking about them.

I actually liked the other 2 matches on the list, This match I do not like, I think it is decent at best but It doesnt deserve no where near the credentials and praise it is receiving.

I Understand its two Icons in 1 ring, Its a match no one thought would happen, It has a insanely hot crowd and it has plenty on nostalgia, But The match its self and the build up of the match really isnt something above average.

My Problem with the Match.
Where do I begin?. Hogan was in no condition to wrestle, His age showed badly in the match, with his slow moving and very careful bumping you could tell Hogan was in no condition to wrestle.

Hogans moves were badly done and most of the moves he done that were not a part of his normal ending the match routine ( Boot, Clothesline, Leg Drop) consisted of him scratching The Rocks back, Choking The Rock or hitting him with a weight lifters belt.

This match was The Rock and the Canadian crowd carrying Hogan to a decent match but in No way, shape or Form was this match one of the best matches in WM History or even in the top 10, Not even top 20. Some People call this The Greatest match of all times and ?I even heard Bob Costas make mention of this match being one of the best of all times. It just boggles my mind how people could think that.

I know this blog is gonna get alot of backlash and its fair share of angry comments, But if Everyone agreed with me then these matches wouldn't be considered overrated now would they?

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Interesting blog Crippler. I always enjoy reading your stuff. I don't necessarily agree with you in regards to the HBK matches, but I can see the Hogan match, but overall I can see your point and respect your opinion. I'd like to see a top 5 or top 10 of what you would consider top wrestlemania matches sometime
  2. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Finally!!! Someone agrees with me at long last! I absolutely 100 million per cent agree in regards to the Rock/Hogan match, I have always thought it was soooooo over rated and the way people were creaming themselves when talking about it, it was as if they witnessed Savage/Steamboat all over again, it was an OK match nothing more, in fact IMO WMX8 was one of the worst Manias of all time, interesting blog crippler, good job!
  3. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar

    I'm a bit of a mark for Bret Hart matches but I do consider Bret hart vs Owen at WMX or Bret vs Steve Austin at WM13 the greastest match in WM history but its hard for me to put a top 10, so many different matches over so long of a period, some are dated and some get better with age such as the Bret and Owen match to me is better now than it was when i first seen it.

    I honestly might put Taker vs HBK at WM 25 and HBK vs Kurt Angle at WM21 in my top 10. I do like the matches but I just think some wrestling fans really take it to far when praising these matches.
  4. TNAorWWEorROH's Avatar
    I disagree about the Rock Vs. Hogan match. Hulk was moving pretty well actually for being in his 50s, the crowd was hot...

    If you pay any attention to hogan over the years, when does he ever do more moves than what you mentioned? Hogan always does very little moves so I don't understand what you are saying about him at mania because it was the same as always
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    @ TNAorWWEorROH

    I Think Hulk Hogan performed much better when he was younger and in his prime. I dont see how you cant see the slow movement and the poor execution of moves done by Hogan.

    Yes Hogan does move well for some one in their 50s plagued with injuries, Also my Aunt looks really good for a woman in her mid 60's but doesnt mean she belong on Maxiums magazine hot list........... Just because he moves well for a man in his 50s doesnt mean the match should be considered a classic
  6. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    I was literally re-watching HBK v Undertaker today, cuz of all the blogs mentioning it, and I thought the same - too much stalling, and near-falls that you knew weren't gonna be 3 counts.HBK & Angle was brilliant, but I never liked how long the ankle lock lasted at the finish, though I understand why.As for Rock/Hogan, well, a great crowd made an average match good.A WM match I find overrated is HBK & Hart's Iron Man contest. Say what you will, but I say *yawn*.
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I watched Wrestlemania 25 yesterday. I watched it maybe once or twice. Undertaker vs HBK was a great match, but it isn't the best match in Wrestlemania history or all-time. I had the same problem as you did with that match. HBK vs Kurt Angle is one of my favorite matches all-time in Wrestlemania history. That and WM 20 triple threat match. I understand why WM 18 Rock/Hogan match is over-rated because it was a huge moment. Two superstars from different eras....facing one another that no one believed we would say. I'm always ok with that. I still think it was the best match on the card of that Wrestlemania.
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