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The Wrestling Monopoly

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This weekend i'll be heading to ROHs 10th Anniversary show in NYC and I couldn't be more excited. The card is looking great, as usual and there has been a pretty good amount of build up to this event. So i'm excited for that. What i'm not excited about is what happens after this event. There is so much unsettled with this company that i'm actually quite concerned that this may be my last time watching them live.

Here's the thing. I said that they have a good card for this anniversary show, and they do. But over the last year, they've lost so much talent that the card seemingly won't change, won't have too much variety beyond this point. Example: In the last 5 NYC shows (Including this Sundays show), Eddie Edwards was in the main event for 4 of them, 3 of them including Edwards taking on Davey Richards. Not a terrible thing, but when the roster is as depleted as there's is, you see the trend take over. What is this, WWE?

Speaking of devils, it gets worse. With the roster being depleted as mentioned, rumors of WWE being highly interested in both Adam Cole and The Briscoes does not bode well for ROH. ROH has denied them the chance to go over there now, but what happens when their contracts are up?

WWE is monopolizing the sport. They've taken a lot of talent from all over the world and put them on their shows, in hopes that the indy fans will jump ship with their indy stars. Guys like Tyler Black, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and more recently, Chris Hero are all under WWE contract in the developmental stage. What happens when they get to the main stage? It's very hit or miss (which is understandable). They could have the CM Punk path, or they could go down the Evan Bourne path. But the idea is that these guys were mega stars in the indie scene and certainly not given a fair shake. What do they need to learn in FCW that they haven't learned in the many years wrestling already? How to make their wrestling style bland like the rest of the main roster?

It's those reasons that make me wish that indie wrestling promotions would come together to create one giant, mega, indy promotion. Why have ROH, Chikara, PWG, DGUSA, Evolve and so many more when you can have them all?! Am I asking for much? Hell yeah. But why does this not seem possible? Why can't it happen? It's a means to an end for all of them really. It would garner more attention than anything they've done in their existence, they could have a tremendous roster filled with the best talent in the world. Now, the roster would be too huge to handle, and maybe that is the biggest fault of my idea. But if DGUSA and Evolve can merge, why can't ROH and Chikara merge or ROH and PWG put their roster together? And i'm talking about on a permanent basis.

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  1. TNAorWWEorROH's Avatar
    I really like ROH, TNA and some indy promotions much better than WWE, I do wish a company would rise up and put WWE to the test because WWE does not give a crap about their fans
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    Another good blog bro, well said. I agree tho, the ROH roster is thin right now, while VERY talented, very thin. I felt like I saw ROderick, Eddie and Davey against one another all year long. 2011 had likely the same roster all year from Champions vs Challengers right to Final Battle, same dudes pretty well aside from alexander/coleman and the young bucks (all great additions). But ya unfortunately the talent keeps getting poached, Hero i was hoping for HUGE things from. Its too bad. I dont see alot of the others being up in Canada, tho ill be seeing Chikara and Dargon Gate USA and ROH live in Toronto this year. They do all use a lot of the same guys anyways. Im all for your idea, Even perhaps if two of them merged. They would still need the ROH name cuz they have the cred, they just need better TV and a bigger talent pool. (the TV is hard to watch)
  3. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Vince made sure that no one would or could challenge WWE in the 80's & defeated the biggest threat to his monoply in 01(WCW). I do believe that theres a anti-trust law on the books about what WWE has does but Vince pays to well & people have been know to get themselves fired from one company just to get a tryout in WWE. As long as guys are getting paid its pretty much a victimless crime(well the fans suffer). Think about how nice it must be to deposit a WWE check, better than a goverment check.

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