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The WWE Talent TNA Could Poach

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First post so go easy guys.

I like that we have competition in the world of Professional Wrestling. I think it's healthy for business as it forces the creative teams for each promotion to continue to think of storylines that will grab our attention. It's up to the performers themselves to hold it for as long as they can (a lost art, but that's for another blog)

There are a few guys in TNA that I like that can be used in a varying ways. Roode being one. Styles being another. Bubba, the X Division, the Knockouts.

However I think we need a bit more diversity and I think importing a few names from the WWE would be major additions to the TNA Roster.

Sheamus - This is a pretty big man at 6'4" and 267. He's got a unique look and a decent set of skills in the ring as well as being average to above average on the stick. The problem is that he would tower over most of the competition in TNA aside from Matt Morgan and Abyss. He could easily fued with the likes of Crimson, Bubba Ray, Morgan, Roode just to name a few.

Wade Barrett - Here's another guy that would do well in TNA. He, along with Magnus (odd name for a guy from England) can form a more legit British Invasion sort of angle. Both are solid on their own, both are solid in the ring and on the mic so using them in different ways makes the partnership a match made in heaven. Again, his size and in ring skills make him flexible in terms of who he can fued with.

Dolph Ziggler - This kid has charisma, talent and a look. Immediately upon entering TNA he can get hooked up with Flair (for a very short period). The rub would be short, but long lasting in that Dolph would "steal" Flair's gmmick. I know they have tried to re-create the Horsemen in the past with varied degrees of failure, but none of those attempts had anyone that had the skill set and look of this kid. Again, it's a short association where Ziggler sends Flair packing.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya - These ladies are wrestlers and are wasting their time in the WWE where they do not want women wrestlers. They want pretty faces and jokes. Both would be able to do what they do best in TNA which is showcase their in ring skills as wrestlers. Granted the competition in terms of overall size is limited in TNA, but the flip side is that the actual in ring talent would more than make up for the lack of size in relation to Beth and Natalya.

Would very much like to hear what you folks think.


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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I definitely agree with bringing the Divas of Doom to TNA. Imagine Natalya going toe to toe with Mickie James or Gail Kim...
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Imagine Nattie going with the women she's gone with in WWE already? I'll try to do that since it isn't like I could just find those matches on YouTube or something. Not like Beth ever has either.

    Bottom line on any of the male talent though, they'd be fools to leave the company since all three of those examples are thriving in the WWE. Yes they'd come into TNA and get a brief push, but they'd ultimately end up getting lost in the mix. Could they fit into the company? Of course they could, pretty much all of the other former WWE talent has and no less would be expected of these guys.
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    I really hate to say it, but TNA misuses talent as badly as, if not worse, than WWE. They have guys like the Pope, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Kurt Angle; and the show is still borderline unwatchable. The problem is not needing to get more diversity in the talent pool. The problem is them not knowing what to do with what they already have. Not to mention, I highly doubt that TNA could even come close to being able to afford any of the talents you listed.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Dude...Competition? You seriously call TNA Competition? You obviously didn't watch when there was WCW. THAT...was competition. TNA is minor leagues and they've accepted it. It's part of their issue.
  5. nosellshogan's Avatar
    First, I agree with you when you say competition is a healthy thing and wrestling is better off having 2 companies neck and neck in the ratings.I mean look how stale wwe has been since wcw has been gone. Im rooting for tna rise up and become legit competition one day for wwe. tna at times though can be quite tough to watch and digest but I feel have alot more upside than wwe has.Tna definetly has the better roster wwe has the better presentation currently.

    Now as for the blog.You have a good list and I could see all the guys and gals you mentioned in tna and it working with the exception of Sheamus. I dont know , I just cant see him fitting there while Barret on the other hand I could see so much potential in him with tna. Beth and Nattie its a no brainer how much better theyd be used in tna.

    Good blog.
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    While definitely having those names might cause some buzz for TNA, but it would be a HUGE step down for all of the people you listed, especially the guys. If TNA were on the level WCW was during the Wars, it would be another story, but any person in WWE right now even being used somewhat, would have a big step down going to TNA
  7. darkrage's Avatar
    these are the top wrestlers tna could really poach from the wwe evan bourne(he is on his 2nd strike), trent barreta, tyler reks, curt hawkins, jtg, yoshi tatsu, and tyson kidd. none of these wrestlers are doing anything in the wwe to move up the ladder. the only 2 that would help tna are tyson kidd and evan bourne. they would add even more talent to a stack x division.
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