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Cena/Rock Promos: Catchphrases, Jealousy, and Twitter

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Since I've not been at home this week I've not been able to catch the full episode of Raw. I did, however, catch the highlights on, and I wanted to give my views on the popular topic of the week; The Rock and John Cena's promos.

John Cena's promo

I said this in my blog from last week, but I'll say it again for the sake of a fair argument. He cut a great promo, and it worked in kicking off a feud which should really have had more put into it before now.

After a week or so to think about it, and read some other blogs on here, I've had some more thoughts on it. It's pretty clear that Cena has used the fact that many fans feel betrayed by Rocky for leaving WWE all those years ago to pursue a movie career as a way to try and win them over. Of course, Cena's feigned anger was a huge help in making it a decent promo, but it was mainly the fact that many younger fans feel like they missed out on seeing one of the best and the older fans' supposed betrayal by Dwayne.

It's a great way to go, and it works. The problem is that us older fans aren't buying it. We aren't as easily influenced as the children, and we all know that given the chance at least 50% of us would take a new career direction if we had accomplished all we could in our current job. That's basically what Rocky did. He did all he planned to do in WWE and moved on to something new. If you really look at it Cena is simply playing the resentment card against The Rock. There might even be some jealousy on his part too in that he knows he doesn't have the option to mount a genuine movie career outside of WWE, but that's just speculation on my part.

All in all, it's a standard scripted promo from Cena, but for once it's intriguing.

The Rock's promo

As you can already tell, I'm not a huge Cena fan. But his promo was smarter and more imaginative than The Rock's.

It was entertaining on every level that you would expect from The Rock, but for me it wasn't as evocative as it needed to be. It was the same thing we've seen the past few times from Rocky. He talked about what his side of the fan base knows - we are bored of John Cena and have been for some time. What it lacked was any real response to Cena's promo. He is being built as the heel here, much like Hogan was for WrestleMania X-8. The problem is that the fans love The Rock more than they ever loved Cena (Hogan had the nWo and the fact that he was a mega-heel in WCW to run with). The idea behind Rock's promo seems to be that they want to turn Rocky into the same heel-type character he was in his 'Hollywood' persona (the wrist notes thing was quite clever), but Cena doesn't have a share of the audience large enough to make it happen at this point.

Basically, I expected better from The Rock in terms of a personal issue with Cena, but he seems to have dropped that just a touch since last year. It needs to hit home on a more personal level for The Rock to really hit a nerve in this build up, but what does he have to work with? Not much at all.

For me Cena cut the better promo overall, but it was due to a major flaw in the buildup over the past year. Cena has been touting about how he doesn't care if the fans love him or hate him for so long it would not be believable if he suddenly became bothered. There's no button to push on Cena, whilst The Rock has a tonne of criticism on him for a) leaving the company to pursue a movie career, and b) effectively acting as the bully in this storyline. You can't really assign The Rock as a bully against Cena since he is more over with the fans - face it WWE, he's missed, not hated.

Hopefully this will develop into something more worthwhile, because right now it looks like another SuperCena storyline, just on a more elevated level because it involves The Rock. And WrestleMania. And the idea of two eras colliding. The ingredients are there - I just hope WWE uses them effectively.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment. And as ever follow me on Twitter (@ComingToCinemas) and check out my uploaded content for WWE'12 on the PSN (ajspringer1990).

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  1. Chaston80's Avatar
    For me it just seems like The Rock is trying to keep things light in his promo compared to Cena. Cena's promo's overall just seem like a jealous kid who cant believe another person is more popular than he is. And it must really get under Cena's skin to know that no matter what he does, The Rock is just more over. While The Rock is just doing what he always does to any superstar he is in a feud with. I dont think The Rock feels like he has to get personal with Cena. And apparently all the stuff on the last Raw was planned anyway to help Cena look more credible.
  2. illmat's Avatar
    Chaston80, I completely agree with you and I have mentioned in forum posts that the whole thing is a work and got flamed for it. People are forgetting that the WWE is a scripted show. Plus, when has The Rock never shown emotion in his promo's like he did Monday? Because he was told not to do too much and take one on the chin.
  3. ShaunieB's Avatar
    Really good blog.
    I do agree that Cena's promo last week was better then The Rock's this week but that because Cena was really intense and seemed to be speaking from the heart whereas The Rock was just entertaining. I do find it strange that they're trying to build Cena up but The Rock did his Hollywood persona back when he face Stone Cold at WM 19 and even then he wasn't that badly booed and that was Rock as a full heel against Stone Cold.
  4. KSTornado's Avatar
    I think the true problem is you cannot make The Rock a heel or be the bad guy in any spot anymore as he is just too big of a star and pretty much has icon status. Him as a heel would be just as big as him as a good guy. Once you get to the status that The Rock you will never be able to play the bad guy part again unless you do something seriously bad or so distateful that it makes the audience hate you. I like both guys but Cena will never turn heel and Rock will never get over as being the bad guy with the fans. Just will not happen. I thin what happens is Rocky wins at mania but by cheating or doing something so pathetic that it sets up mania 29 for a good guy Cena vs bad guy Rock.
  5. Theicon's Avatar
    What i find funny is that all the promos are pretty well driven from the backstage writers so why do so many of you blind cena sheep say cenas promo was better than the rock when we all know if it was real The Rock would own cena every time
  6. illmat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theicon
    What i find funny is that all the promos are pretty well driven from the backstage writers so why do so many of you blind cena sheep say cenas promo was better than the rock when we all know if it was real The Rock would own cena every time

    I completely agree. As most have found it, everything is planned. They couldn't have The Rock come out and do this:

  7. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    This blog was great. People wanna bring up the fact cuz Cena hit a nerve and made Rock stumble that Cena owned him. Bullshit the rock used HIS acting skillz to make another man better. Lol Cena just mad that Rock was on the WWE 12 cover
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