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Destroy the Tag Division - A Possible Rescue

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first Blog so please feel free to leave feedback and comments.

I would like to re visit a topic I feel has been repeatedly covered by different people saying the exact same thing. This topic is the WWE Tag Team Division.

Now I would firstly like to thank everyone who has ever posted a blog on this topic. I think that you all have pointed out some excellent ways to rejuvenate the tag team picture in the WWE.

However, I do have some issues with the preceding blogs on Tag Teams and WWE.

Firstly I feel that many of you are just repeating what the others have already said. Valid points but repetitive as an Anti John Cena Thread.
Yes we need new teams, yes more time needs to be spent on the division, and yes both of those inputs would give the big penny belts more prestige. But how can we do this, how can we put those ideas into action?

Secondly, and this is my own biased opinion; I feel that Rejuvenation of the Tag Team Scene is no longer an option. This has been tried and it has failed, Air Boom was a measure of rejuvenation, and in my opinion I didn't feel that it made any difference to the Tag Team Division. I feel that now is the time for a complete overhaul, a time to dismantle the division and put it back together again.

In this blog I will suggest a post Wrestlemania storyline that will do just that, this storyline will break the tag team division and re build it into a bigger stronger aspect of the WWE. But first I'd like to put in some ground work to set the picture.


Tag Team Title Match
Primo and Epico vs. Kofi and R-Truth
Winners @ 8:40 - Primo and Epico

Winner Takes All - GM Match
Team Holla Holla vs. Team Clown Shoes
Winners @ 13:25 - Team Clown Shoes

*Johnny Ace is now the GM of Both Raw and Smackdown*

Streak Match - Hell in a Cell
Undertaker vs. HHH
Winner @ 35:20 - The Undertaker
*Undertaker wins, walks out, HHH is gurney’d away*

WWE Title Match
CM Punk vs. Jericho
Winner @ 20:20 - CM Punk

World Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
Winner @ 10:30 - Sheamus

Next Night on Raw

Ace comes out and says its good to be on Raw as the new full time GM of Raw and Smackdown. He has big plans for both shows. And he will be working closely with a recovering HHH, who will be back after Extreme Rules. One of his areas he is focused upon is the Tag Team division. Long goes on about how he loves Tag Team Wrestling, and always has...[Generic Latino Music]...out come Primo and Epico. The Colons start going on about how great they are and how great Johnny is. They preach that they worked hard last night to defeat the last team around that posed a threat to their titles, and that they now have no competition left in the WWE. Ace of course agrees and gives them the night off...Thanks Boss.

Over the Weeks Leading Up to Extreme Rules

Over the next weeks Primo and Epico become Johnny Ace's hired goods along with Otunga. Causing distractions and assists to one another, and stars like Christian, Henry, Del Rio etc. appearing on both shows but they have not been defending their belts.

EXTREME RULES - 4 Weeks since Wrestle Mania

Another week with no Tag Title Match. But is it business as usual for the Bad Guys with distractions and beat downs galore assuring victories for members of Team Clown Shoes - Courtesy of the current WWE Tag Team Champions, but as Otunga keeps informing us, its all above board and legal and these matches are under extreme rules and therefore are no DQ. And in the Main Event - CM Punk Vs. Jericho it looks as if Johnny Funk is going to get his wish by getting rid of Punk as the champion. However its time to play the game....HHH saves the day clearing the ring of Johnny's men and assisting Punk in sucessful title retention. HHH say tomorrow night he and Johnny Ace will be having words.

The Next Night on Raw

Usual Johnny kissing ass to save his job, he apologises for his actions and makes all members of his goon squad apologise swell. However this isn't good enough for HHH, and he brings up the fact that it has now been over a week since Primo and Epico have defended their belts...and so he is vacating the tag titles. Otunga disputes this saying its not fair and he will take civil action against HHH...but Trips shows him in the contract where the title defense clause lies and Otunga is silenced with a pedigree....(and fired?)

Which brings us to his next piece of business, he is from this temporarily retiring the big penny belts, until a time he feels the tag team division is strong enough to stand on its own two feet. He is tired of boring matches, he said that when he became COO he would fix the tag division and he failed. And for that he is truly sorry, and apologises to the WWE universe. However he said he is going to put a special individual in charge of fixing the tag picture so he can make good on his promise and that man is Holla Teddy Long....

Teddy comes out and says 'Let me holla at yah playa' to HHH 'he can't fix this picture overnight - it'll take time - give me a 2 months and you'll have a bigger better tag title picture than ever before, cos I'm going to go and recruit new teams form new teams and deliver good on the tag division, Believe Dat!

Trips agrees to 2 months, but wants to see Teddy each week working on building the Tag Picture Up.

That Month

We see Johnny Setting up matches to keep Primo and Epico in the mind of Teddy who turns up with Asana to interview, monitor and watch tag team matches on all shows (Raw, Smackdown, NXT and Superstars).

There are some funny vignettes with ex tag teams like the APA, Goldust and Booker T, etc - Which result in teddy's assistant repeatedly making the double entendre of being tag teamed.....DAMN!....Tell Me She Didn't Just Say That. Maybe even some vignettes with Teddy at FCW with Dusty

However after weeks of searching, Teddy Announces with HHH that in June there will be the return of King of the Ring but this year it will be a special Tag Team Edition, and will feature the following 8 teams.

1. Primo and Epico (Heel)
2. Usos (Face)
3. Chris Ohno and Antonio Cesaro (Face)
4. Miz and Daniel Bryan (Heel)
5. Kofi and R Truth (Air Boom V.2) (Face)
6. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young (Heel)
7. William Regal and Drew McIntyre (Face)
8. Kamacho and Hunico (Heel)

Time can be spent bigging the teams up.
Also I really feel that for a short period with the tag picture empty more time could be spent establishing US and IC storylines. Something that doesn't seem to get allot of time at the moment.

Tournament Brackets

Primo and Epico vs. Kofi and R Truth
Winners - Primo and Epico

Uso's vs. Titus and Young
Winners Uso's

Regal and McIntyre vs. Miz and D Bryan
Winners: Regal and McIntyre
(Miz and D-Bry are both too egomaniacal to work together and end up walking out on one another)Ohno and Cesaro vs. Kamacho and Hunico
Winners: Ohno and Cesaro

Semi Finals

Primo and Epico vs. Usos
Winners: Primo and Epico

Regal and McIntyre vs. Ohno and Cesaro
Winners: Ohno and Cesaro

King of Ring: Tag Team Title Match

Primo and Epico vs. Ohno and Cesaro
Winners: Ohno and Cesaro

*Promo at the End - The are the kings of the Tag Team - They are the Kings of Wrestling.

this storyline seems do able to me, and I feel it could help form 8 decent running tag teams, as well as giving a period of time the WWE can focus on the Mid Card area whilst Teddy is on his hunt for Tag Teams.

Also it might be worth noting that the July PPV is scheduled to be TLC and could lead to a TLC match between the KOW and the Colons as well as maybe Kofi and Truth.

Anyway Thank you all for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it.
Please Leave Feedback.

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  1. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    FANTASY Storyline!Never gonna happen!
  2. blink's Avatar
    Now how did I know that as soon as I saw the KoW in a king of the ring tournament that they would win? Lol
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Holy shit, you fully thought this whole thing through out LOL, detail and everything as well...
  4. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    That actually sounds awesome
  5. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Sounds promising, but my opinion on why the Tag Team Division is so irrelevant is because the WWE has too many single titles and too many single stars.

    If the WWE would unify a lot of their titles it would give some of the stars who were not really ready to be a singles champion a chance to be in a tag team.

    Main augment I always hear to NOT unify the titles, is that if their are too many stars not to have as many championships that they do now in the WWE. Not true. If they placed a lot of their mid carders in tag teams it would resurrect the Tag Team Division. Not everybody was meant to be a singles star.

    I'd love to see them resurrect the old school type Jim Crockett tag team cup tournament in the WWE. Call it the McMahon tag team cup tournament or something.

    Too Many Singles Championship = Too many mediocre single stars and championships

    Too many mediocre single stars and championships = Not enough Teams, thus it hurts the Tag Team Division.

    The proof is in the current state to WWE Tag Team Division.
  6. searle's Avatar
    fair play to u mate, uve fully thought it through and i think its a really good idea but i cant see it happening, they just dont seem to care about the division i mean like playboy says theres alot of mediocre single stars but if u put some of them together ud av some great teams but it seems like they just dont care about tag team division, shame really.

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