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WWE: Failed Top 10 World Title Changes

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Whats up blog readers! Ever get that feeling where you don't believe a World Title change should have occurred during a match or if a wrestler shouldn't have booked to win it? Well today, I want to count down the list of top 10 World Title wins that should not have changed hands in the first place. Lets get started!

#10: Big Show wins the WWE Title at Survivor Series 1999
Since Stone Cold was written off TV for a while, leaving an open spot in the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, The Big Show beat Triple H and The Rock to win his first WWE Title and lets be honest, he was not ready yet. Although he was former WCW Champion, Big Show was green as grass during the beginning of his WWE career. It also didn't help that he had a boring WWE Title reign either.

#9: Batista wins the WWE Title at Extreme Rules 2009
Batista beats Randy Orton in a steel cage match to become WWE Champion and in the next night, Randy Orton injures Batista with Batista vacating the WWE Title. The WWE Title would eventually go around Randy Orton's waist yet again, making Batista's WWE Title win at Extreme Rules totally pointless.

#8: Randy Orton wins the World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam 2004
Everyone who has read the 're-booking history: Chris Benoit World Heavyweight Title reign' blog will know how I feel about Orton ending Benoit's reign. Randy Orton was not ready to become a World Heavyweight Champion in 2004. To make his World Heavyweight Title win even more pointless, he would then lose the belt to Triple H at Unforgiving which was a PPV right after Summerslam.

#7: Hulk Hogan wins the WWE Title at Backlash 2002
After defeating Chris Jericho to become the WWE Undisputed Champion, it would seem as if Triple H would get a good, lengthy reign as a face but no, he loses to Hulk Hogan. I'm a fan of Hulk Hogan but him beating Triple H for the WWE Title was unnecessary. He was at the point of his career where he needed to put over the younger wrestlers. His reign didn't even last long either as he would lose to The Undertaker at the next PPV. Though it was kinda cool to see Hogan as WWE Champion one more time but still, it was a pointless WWE Title win.

#6: Jack Swagger wins the World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown 2010
Jack Swagger wins the World Heavyweight Title by cashing in on Chris Jericho. Although Jack Swagger is a great wrestler, he was nowhere near main event material. I felt that Shelton Benjamin should have became the Money in the Bank winner, not Swagger. Swagger would have a boring reign, demoting him to mid-card status ever since.

#5: The Great Khali wins the World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown 2007
I don't even need to explain as to why The Great Khail shouldn't have gotten the World Heavyweight Title so I'm going to leave it at that.

#4: Kane wins the WWE Title at King of the Ring 1998
Kane beats Stone Cold in a First Blood match at the KOTR 98 PPV and would then lose it the next night to Stone Cold on Raw. Talk about a pointless World Title switch!

#3: Vince wins the WWE Title on Smackdown 1999
Vince (With help from Stone Cold of course) captures the WWE Title for the first time ever against Triple H. I thought this was a pointless World Title switch and just plain ridiculous. The Chairman of the WWE beating a wrestler for the WWE Title? Really?!

#2: Dolf Ziggler "wins" the World Heavyweight Title on Smackdown 2011
Notice the quotes around the word, win. Its because Dolf Ziggler didn't really"win" the belt since Vickie stripped Edge from the World Heavyweight Title, giving Dolf Ziggler the belt. The worst part about it is, Dolf Ziggler would then lose the belt on the same night as Teddy Long would give Edge back the World Heavyweight Title and would fire both Vickie and Ziggler. Doesn't that sound like something Vince Russo would write?

#1: Hulk Hogan wins the WWE Title at Wrestlemaina IX 1993
Since Hulk Hogan thought he was too big of a star not be in the main event, he wanted to be the one that defeated Yokozuna instead of Bret Hart. Its also been said that Hogan told the WWE that if he didn't become the WWE Champion, he wouldn't appear at Wrestlemaina. Vince, who really needed Hulk Hogan for Wrestlemaina IX, had no choice but to give Hogan the belt. Hogan would then drop the WWE Title to Yokozuna 2 months later and would leave the WWE, going to WCW in 1994. To me this was one of the most pointless World Titles wins ever and the most selfish thing Hulk Hogan has ever done. Hogan's time as the top face of the company was over and it was Bret Hart's turn to become the face of the company but Hogan's ego thought he should steal the spotlight to put it on himself. This pointless World Title change really deserves to be #1. Thanks for reading guys! Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Not a bad list bro, I especially agree on #s 2, 4, 6, and 8...weird they are all even numbers haha. I would have included Reys win of the WWE Championship two weeks after MITB. They could have easily made it a triple threat match between miz, rey, and cena, instead of having Miz vs Rey and Rey vs Cena.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I have to add the Ultimate Warrior win over Hulk at WM. What a disaster that was.

    Bob Backlund beating Bret Hart just to lose it the next night to Diesel. Why the buffer?
    Updated 02-28-2012 at 09:23 PM by Playboy Stevie V
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Solid list, but the Undisputed title was like that the whole year. Jericho, Hogan, HHH, Undertaker, Rock, Lesnar all held the belt in about a half year of time.
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Honestly The Kane Title win was for a reason, They kinda booked them self in a corner with the whole burn my self if I dont win angle. But The title change for 24 hours was only met to set Up Austina nd Taker at SummerSlam 1998 so I kinda liked that title change it led to alot of interesting

    I think All Big Show and Khalis Title changes should of never happened, Only time Show had a decent Title regin or deserved it was in WCW.
  5. thunderprince09's Avatar
    if you had and 11th pick it would have to have to be Christian's first world title reign
  6. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    # 1 Was dead on the money!!!!! Hogan did'nt need that one & Bret had to wait a whole year for redemption. Good solid read but you should have included the Rock's win over the Undertaker & Kurt Angle only to lose to Brock Lesnar.
  7. EZ Tide's Avatar
    funny how alot of names on this list didn't hold the title again for years after, (ortons 1st, jericho's undisputed title) swagger andmiz look to be heading down the same road, and well the great khali - enough said
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