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Kevin Nash vs The Miz

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I recently read a tweet by Kevin Nash saying how the WWE had made a mistake in making The Miz the Champion. I like Nash and think he has done a good job wherever he has been but I think on this occasion he is very wrong.

The WWE is trying to build new main event stars as old ones are injured, retiring or just boring. The only way to do this is to give the ball to new stars and see who runs with it. They have chosen the Miz to do so and I for one hope it works.

Now many say that the Miz is a reality star and this isnt right. Is this any different to former football stars wrestling and it certainly isnt a David Arquette situation. Many people like me in the UK dont know the Miz as anything other than the WWE guy, so the reality star point is muted. He has built a character that is compelling and draws you in. The fact that many people on here are moaning about how much they hate him and how Cole will be annoying with him is confirmation of a heel doing one hell of a job.

Throw in some much underated wrestling skills (come on how technical ever was austin or cena) and the best mic work out of l the new stand out stars and I think the WWE have just created a new star, something ALL wrestling needs because as much as some of us guys want to relive the past with the old guys, DX and attitude era, these guys are older, falling apart and need to help the new guys to shine. Wrestling has always been perceived as "UNCOOL" and switching on my TV and seeing Ric Flair and Hogan embarrasing themselves on TNA creeps me out and makes my GF laugh.

I hope the WWE makes The Miz into a long serving main eventer, the fact it was a "clean win" over Orton makes me think they will. I would like to see them give Swagger another chance, Swagger and The Miz in a feud would be great viewing.

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    I agree, I'm jus sayin
  2. Don Ricardo Corleone's Avatar
    In my opinon The Miz is Great. And Kevin Nash is nobody!
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    I wouldn't go as far as saying that Nash is nobody, Kevin Nash has been an advocate for new superstars for a LONG while. Nash has been saying for YEARS now that he wants to put over new guys, hell look what he did for the Guns. GRANTED, the Guns would have gotten to where they are now on their own, BUT Big Daddy Cool saw that the Guns could make money and brought some of the funniest/stupidest comedic skits to TNA Wrestling (anybody remember Alex Shelley stealing Bob Backland's book? LMAO)

    As for the Miz, I have only one thing to say about his title win.............
  4. 2xtreme's Avatar
    I hated The Miz originally but he slowly won me over after splitting with Morrison. I think once he lost the chick magnet gimmick he started to take off
  5. StonecoldRabbit's Avatar
    Firstly i'd just like to say to the guy that said "Kevin Nash is a nobody" heres a tip for ya, go read up on your wrestling history and you'll find he is far from a nobody.

    Secondly on the subject of the Miz...I to am from England and thus only know the Miz from the WWE and not any reality programme and so agree with you that it dont matter, I mean hell its alla form of Entertainment which lets not forget WWE is, and if a guy can go from being an "actor" in the WWE to a legimate sports persona in the UFC (Brock Lesnar) then why not come from a reality TV show to the WWE? I always see the WWE as the kind of US version of Eastenders/Corrie, Its fictional and over the top yet at times gripping and makes you want to tune into the next episode/show
    My opionion on the Miz is still out at the mo, i think they could do something good with him but fear they may not and he may just be a stop gap for HHH to return (although now Sheamus has won KOTR, they may look at HHH and Sheamus up again?)
    Just a point to note in your blog, you say the Miz won clean which i dont agree with....For two reasons
    1) A top heel should never truly win clean, there should always be some way they "cheated" or manipulated the situation
    2) I'd hardly call it a clean win when Orton was fighting off the nexus, However if you've read point one you'll see that's why it was brilliance that the Miz did win in that way.

    but all in all i agree with what you said about the new blood coming through :-)

    *NB dont you think Heels make better money in the bank winners?

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