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Wrestlemania Season: Reality Era?

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*Note: Credit to DUBS for the label "Reality Era".

Three of the four already announced matches are taking a noticable turn towards the same direction: Realism. I don't mean "no kayfabe", but more in the sense of "shoot" statements thrown into regular promos. Let's go example by example.

Chris Jericho vs CM Punk (C) for the WWE Championship
After watching Raw last night, in particular the opening segment, this idea was launched. And it was launched by CM Punk's belittling of Chris Jericho on the microphone. While Jericho's promo was great, Punk took it to an upper echelon that really made me think there was animosity between these two wrestlers. Let's look at his most vicious quote:

"You were never really the man like how I'm the man, were you?" ~ CM Punk

That quote right there, plus the rest after it, drives home this idea very clearly: CM Punk was talking about Chris Irvine. His writing, his game shows, his band--all poking at the fact that Chris Jericho has NEVER, EVER been the top dog in the company. Outside of when he was the Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho has never held the WWE Title. Don't you think that eats at Jericho a little bit? Sure, he's won countless other titles and has been the World Champion something like 5 times--but never held the WWE Title? Maybe I'm over analyzing this, but Jericho's facing when he says that quote is absolutely priceless. Jericho made it look like CM Punk just shot his dog--and it was great.

Then CM Punk starts taking shots at Chris Brown, the Miz, and Jericho's jacket and was hilarious.

HHH vs Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell
This one is great because of all the reasons HHH and Undertaker laid out. Going back to Raw Febtober 20th, the Undertaker really digs into HHH's skin. Saying he's afraid he can't do what his friend Shawn Michaels couldn't do. And then HHH snaps and starts yelling at the Undertaker before accepting his challenge, but not before making some weird suit-tie metamorphosis analogy.

Before this even happened, you had HHH bragging he ended the Dead Man--that the Undertaker couldn't even leave the ring by himself. That Taker had won the battle, but HHH had won the war. HHH humanized the Undertaker, he beat him to a bloody pulp but couldn't seal the deal. Then the Undertaker comes back, demands a match, and HHH blows him off. "Bad for Business". Then Taker starts playing dirty.

This rivalry isn't just about these two men or the "era" that HHH (and Jericho?) keep alluding too. This isn't just about the Streak. HHH is a man who was once at the top of his game, has aged, and has decided to take a desk job. Undertaker is a man who's aged even more so and really only has his legacy left--he can't leave without a shadow of a doubt that no one truly beat him at Wrestlemania. This match is the result of their two desires--Undertaker gets another chance to prove he's unbeatable at Wrestlemania and HHH gets to prove that not only is he still the man he use to be, that he can be greater then he ever was.

Rock vs Cena
Laying aside my personal feelings, this match represents the best of this idea. Cena's risen to fame while the Rock was gone. The Rock's biggest fans are Cena's biggest haters. This is a clash of eras, a clash of egos, and a clash of lifestyles.

Say what you will, in the end the Rock left for greener pastures because he felt he had nothing left to do in the WWE. Cena lives and bleeds the WWE and the fans. From a Cena fan point of view, this about the returning hero against the man who has held up the company for the last 7 or 8 years.

From a Rock fan point of view, this is the returning Hero set to put out the biggest flaw in the company. This is about the "Great One" returning to prove he is still the best the business has ever seen.

While the Rock-Cena example is much shorter because I don't want to let my personal bias seep into it, I feel this blog expresses my thoughts perfect--the three major storylines going into Wrestlemania are all very real, with a few shoot statements in them (from the looks of it) and I can't be more excited.

So yeah, World Title chase? Step it up D:

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Great blog junior.
  2. RampantLion2010's Avatar
    Agreed. Excellent blog!
  3. Oserik's Avatar
    Spot on with the blog. The way these matches are being sold as personal grudge matches has me more excited for Wrestlemania than I have been in awhile.
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Well, the do keep saying it's the end of an era and the end of the world as you know it. They just keep not specifying what era/world is ending. Looks like the "PG Era" might finally be coming to a close indeed.
  5. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    Wouldn't Undisputed WWE Champion imply holder of the WWE Championship? There were two world title belts, they became one world title belt. He held that one world title belt. He was the WWE Champion.

    He may not have been "THAT" guy, but back then there were more than one of "THAT guy." Austin, HHH, Undertaker Jericho, the Rock, Angle were all equally in the upper echelon, and main evented PPVs consistently through most of the Attitude Era. Now WWE relies on only one or two guys (Punk and Cena, and Orton I guess) while the rest are spinning their tires and wandering aimlessly from one stupid angle to the next on a seemingly weekly basis.

    The Dying breed part of Jericho's speech was classic. Unfortunately he was at the losing end of that promo, and it shows that his current gimmick is thin and won't last any longer than he will in his current run. It's like I said, I think he's only here to draw and put Punk over. After that he's gonna be gone for good.
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I would say WWE has more than three "guys", but the next-gen isn't fully hatched yet. Ziggler, Sheamus, Barret, Bryan, Truth, and even Swagger are "that next guy," to somebody.
  7. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    Yeah, they have all the potential, but some one for some reason won't put them in that position.

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