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Adam Copeland - Rated R career

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With the hall of fame coming up it got me thinking about edge's career and how amazing his career truly was.

After debuting in 1998 as a loner walking the city streets attacking random people, he started rather dismally but still looking impressive, after his summerslam debut where he teamed and won as sables mystery tag partner he began a feud with gangrel and his soon to be revealed "brother" christian they eventually formed the brood and had a mini feud with the ministry. E&C would later be betrayed by gangrel and form a partnership with the soon to be hardy boys.

At a house show before fully loaded in 1999 edge won his first of 31 wwe championships when he beat double J Jeff Jarrett for the intercontinental championship only to lose it the following night, i dont think any one could have guessed that short reign would be the start of many many more.

Later that year there was a match that launched not only his career but that of christian's and the both Matt and Jeff hardy in the first ever tag team ladder match at no mercy which really set the bar for how we would forever think about the perception of a ladder match.

Months later at wrestlemania, the two teams would be in another ladder match, this time the dynamic was a little different as the dudley boys had been added to the mix making it a triple threat tag team ladder match with the tag team championships on the line in another classic battle with edge and christian winning the titles.

The duo would go on to win the titles 7 times as a team making that a record for any team, but as for most teams in wwe it was time to split the two and we saw the first signs of this in the summer of 2001 when edge won the king of the ring tournament beating Kurt angle in the finals.

This was the start of a springboard for edges career, at summerslam that same year he beat Lanced storm for the IC title which lead to a feud with christian who played the jealous brother role which lead to christian winning the IC title only to lose it in an amazing ladder match at no mercy which started edges third reign as IC champion. On a personal note at this period of time i loved edges Rob zombie entrance music
A few weeks later edge would lose the IC title to Test ( R.I.P) to keep the feud going edge beat Kurt angle for the U.S title setting up a title unification match which edge won at survivor series and sealing edges 4th reign as IC champ.

Months later edge was one of the prominent stars of smackdown following the first wwe draft, becoming a top star on the brand feuding with Kurt angle, chris jericho, the late great Eddie Guerrero, winning the tag titles with hulk hogan and rey mysterio.

In February of 2003 edge was diagnosed with a broken neck which left him sidelined until April 19th 2004 where he returned to the raw brand in style with a huge ovation and spearing Eric bischoff, we beat Kane at backlash and went on to win the tag titles for a tenth time and feuded with Randy Orton which he went on to win his fifth IC title. Later that year was the kick start his career had been craving for when he was turned heel by not only blaming the fans for not being in the world title match at taboo Tuesday but he walked out on Chris Benoit during there world tag team title match which edge became a record breaking 11 time tag champion, he would later that night cost Shawn Michael's the world title.

This lead to a persuite to become the world champion, after feuding with Shawn Michael's he would go on to win the first ever MITB to guarantee him a future world title match and in January 2006 he cashed it on on John Cena in Albany at new years revolution shocking the world.
This would unfortunately only be a short reign but edge through out 2006 proved that he would not be denied and on July 3rd he beat Rob van dam and John cena to win his 2nd wwe championship. This lead to a grueling feud with John cena. He then formed Rated RKO with Randy Orton which started a feud with DX.

In may of 2007 edge won the MITB briefcase from Mr. Kennedy and would again shock the world when he cashed it in on the undertaker starting his 3rd world title reign. Due to injury he relinquished the title. Only to return at survivor series and win the title back at armageddon. At wrestlemania 24 he realised a dream as he walked in to wrestlemania as the wolrd champion and main eventing against the undertaker. Throughout 2008 he feuded with the deadman in some brutal matches.
Edge would again shock the world by returning at survivor series as the thrid man in a triple threat match and won the wwe title from triple h. He would go on to lose the title to Jeff hardy at armageddon only to win it back at the royal rumble. At no way out he would be eliminated in the first five minutes to lose the title, but as edges career goes he would make history again by being the first man to be in two elimination chamber matches in one night and left the new world champion and starting his 8th world title reign. At wrestlemania he lost the world title to John Cena in a triple threat match which included the big show. At backlash edge would win his ninth world title after he John Cena in my personal favorite last man standing match. Later that year edge and Jeff hardy put on an amazing world title ladder match and edge would win the unified tag titles with Chris Jericho. He was forced to relinquish the title through injury this time he tore his Achilles heel which left him sidelined for a year.

Or so we thought as edge returned not even 8 months later to win the 2010 royal rumble match and guarantee he was back in the main event of wrestlemania 26. He would go on to face Chris Jericho for the world title in a losing effort. Edge was later drafted bakc to raw which started another turn as a heel on for him to be traded back to smackdown later that year and beat Kane, rey mysterio and Alberto del rio in a TLC match for his 10th world title. He would lose the title in controversial style and saw doplh ziggler awarded the title only for edge to beat him to start his 11th reign.

Wrestlemania 27 , little did anyone know this would be his last match, but as he said in his retirement speech what a way to go out, huge match at wrestlemania with the world championship on the line.

A well deserved hall of fame career, i dont think anyone could dispute his accomplishments there up there with the best, a shame it ended before maybe it was ready too, but i think anyone would rather have him alive than not. Edge was always a personal favorite of mine because he could do it all, face/heel, wrestle, fight, perfected the ladder match, charismatic, amazing promos i could go on but his career spoke for itself, im so proud to have seen his whole career, one of the best of his time, truly deserves the stature of legend, thankyou Adam

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  1. Petey Nice's Avatar
    Thank You Edge
  2. Beast's Avatar
    EDGE SUCKS BALLS!!! Always has Always will!!!
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beast
    EDGE SUCKS BALLS!!! Always has Always will!!!
    right.... and cena is the best and just bieber is an amazing singer right(sarcastic)? your a stupid man. you suck
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I think this is a nice recap of one of my favorite wrestlers ever!
  5. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    WWE waited to long to put Edge in the main event. Think of some of the great matches he could have put on with Rock, Austin & Triple H if they would have just taken a better look at one hell of a performer. Good Job, I actually remember all of the things you posted..
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Even I'm very proud to see his entire career..

    Thankyou EDGE!!
    Thankyou EDGE!!
    Thankyou EDGE!!

    You are one of the finest of all time!!!!

    Thankyou EDGE!!
    Thankyou EDGE!!
    Thankyou EDGE!!

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