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Re-booking history: Mordecai

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Whats up guys! Its another edition of re-booking history! Today, I will be re-booking the character of WWE's former talent, Kevin Fertig aka Mordecai. Lets get to the booking!


I loved the idea of Mordercai's character. When I first saw his vignette, I thought "Man, he looks a great character for The Undertaker to feud with!" at the time. I thought it was unique and really could have been something if he didn't get himself in trouble with the WWE, resulting in him getting sent back to OVW. Anyways, since WWE had no choice but to drop this angle, I'm not going to nit-pick what WWE did wrong with this angle. However, I'm going to post my ideas on how I would've handled the Mordercai angle.

Mordecai gets added into The Undertaker vs Kane feud:
In 2004, The Undertaker came back as the Deadman persona along with Paul Bearer managing him to finally face off against Kane at Wrestlemaina 20, finally getting his revenge on Kane. After defeating Kane, I would have had The Undertaker put Kane inside a casket while the druids carry the casket to "hell" so to speak. Kane is now nowhere to be found after their match. Now this is where I would've added Mordecai into this storyline. I would have had Kane seeking higher power in Mordecai, asking Mordecai to make him less of a monster of sin and more of a Zealot monster who fights against the sins of the world, with one of those sins being The Undertaker. Mordecai now takes Kane under his wing and gives him more strength.

Mordecai makes his presence felt through vignettes:
So The Undertaker is dominating on Smackdown and now earns himself a WWE Title shot against JBL at Summerslam 04. But every week, vignettes keep appearing for The Undertaker, which shows words saying "The Undertaker will pay for his sins" but nobody knows who it is. The idea is to trick them into thinking its Kane but its really the man pulling Kane's strings which is Mordecai.

The Undertaker vs JBL at Summerslam 04/Mordecai's debut:
So now its Undertaker vs JBL for the WWE Title. After The Undertaker and JBL start beating the living hell out of each other, suddenly, Mordecai along with Kane who has a new look dressed in all white appears on the stage area which leaves The Undertaker in awe. JBL then clotheslines The Undertaker, pinning him, and retaining his WWE Title.

The Kane/Mordecai formation is in full effect:
Now that Kane and Mordecai, I would have had them tell the fans that they are on a mission to rid the WWE of its sins, starting with The Undertaker. If The Undertaker becomes a human again and make up for his sins, Kane and Mordecai won't dismantle him but if The Undertaker keeps adding on to his sins, then they will have take out The Undertaker for good. I would have had The Undertaker come out, demanding a match with Mordecai but Mordecai tells Taker that the only way he'll get a match with him is if he gets through Kane at No Mercy. Taker accepts the challenge. Kane adds that he'll face Taker in a casket match and send him to a sinful place where they call hell.

Kane vs The Undertaker in a casket match at No Mercy 04:
I would have made Kane dominant during the whole match, beating Undertaker down and busting him wide open. Then, I would have had Kane chokeslam Undertaker into a casket. A bunch of men in white, hooded coats then drags Taker's casket with Kane and Mordecai with an evil grin on their faces. Paul Bearer who was still managing Undertaker, tries to get The Undertaker from out the casket but gets chokeslammed by Kane.

Mordecai and Kane recruits Paul Bearer/ The Undertaker returns:
With Taker being gone, Paul Bearer chooses to join forces with Mordecai and Kane as he loses faith in The Undertaker coming back again. All three form the Ministry of Lightness with their agenda is trying to condemn the audience for their sins as well as the WWE Superstars for their sins. After months and months of dominating, The Undertaker returns and demands a match with Kane at The Royal Rumble to face Mordecai once and for all.

The Undertaker vs Kane at The Royal Rumble 05:
The Undertaker and Kane destroy each other but The Undertaker comes out the winner of the match. After the match is over, The Undertaker tells Mordecai that he will be facing him at Wrestlemaina 21 in a Hell in a Cell match and if Mordecai wins, he'll join the Ministry of Lightness but if he wins, the Ministry of Lightness is over.

The Undertaker vs Mordecai in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemaina 21:
The Undertaker and Mordecai beats the tar out of each other, with both men a bloody mess. The Undertaker gives Mordecai a Tomb-stone and the match is over. The Undertaker finally ends Mordecai's group and becomes stronger than ever.

That's how I would have booked the Mordecai angle. Sorry for this being long. lol Anyways, thanks for reading and like me know what you think!

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  1. lukepopescu73's Avatar
    Im glad you posted this, Just shows you how great Mordecai could of been. I remember watching his vignettes back in 04 and thinking wow what a great gimmick, and how much potential that gimmick/character could of had.
  2. matt1tude's Avatar
    i always thought this character had potential and a feud with The Undertaker seemed to be on the cards somewhere down the line from his debut. Mordecai had the look of the the complete opposite to Taker, Light Vs. Dark and i think it would've worked well if written correctly. Such a shame the character was abandoned really.
  3. AndyWonder's Avatar
    a feud with these 2 would have been great but i wonder if an Inferno match woulda been a better choice than hell in a cell.
  4. Slivon's Avatar
    i think if this would have continued it could have ended the streak because like every one says(not that i agree) light beats dark.
  5. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Inferno match would've been awesome with these 2 fosho
  6. blink's Avatar
    Is lightness a word? Lol. I thought everything about mordecai was cool except that big thing he carried to the ramp
  7. Sony's Avatar
    [QUOTE=blink;bt55605]Is lightness a word? Lol. I thought everything about mordecai was cool except that big thing he carried to the ramp[/QUOTE]

    Well what was he suppose to do with it, he was born with it and can`t just......oh, you mean something totally different! My bad,
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