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Response to John Cena's Top 5 Title Wins

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Hey everyone, I'm here with another opinion of mine. For the first time, I'm going to be doing a response post to BEARKG88 on John Cena's TOP 5 Title Wins.

[B]5. WWE Championship
WrestleMania 21 vs. JBL[/B]
Cena's first World Title was won at WrestleMania 21 against JBL. Cena had won a tournament to receive the shot and after JBL cost Cena the United States Championship, Cena got payback by taking the belt off him. These two had a really good match. JBL's title reign had lasted 280 days and Cena put an end to the 10 month reign. Cena would have a title reign that lasted the exact same amount of days until losing it to Edge at New Year's Revolution.

[B]4. World Heavyweight Championship
WrestleMania 25 vs. Big Show vs. Edge
[/B]One of the greatest World Championship matches in my opinion. Edge, an 8 time champion, Big Show, a 5 time champion and Cena, a 4 time champion colliding with each other for 15 minutes. At first I thought Edge was going to win it, then Big Show hit the KO Punch on Cena but even with Chavo Guerrero's interference, Cena won the match. He hoisted both Big Show and Edge up for a Double Attitude Adjustment, with a combined weight of 735 pounds, Cena dropped Edge, hit Big Show with the AA, then hit the AA on Edge on top of Big Show for the pin, the win and the World Heavyweight Championship. Even though he only held it for 3 weeks, it was still an impressive showing.

[B]3. World Tag Team Championship w/ Shawn Michaels
RAW January 29, 2007 vs. Rated RKO (Edge and Randy Orton)[/B]
Okay. Cena and HBK were probably the most unlikely of tag team...Oh wait! Cena and Miz, Rock and Mankind, Kane and Hurricane. Okay but there in the Top 5. Triple H had just been injured and Michaels wanted to have a shot at Cena's WWE Championship. Instead, Mr. McMahon teamed them up against Rated RKO for the World Tag Team Championship. They won the belts and HBK hesitated to give Cena the Super Kick but was cut off by The Undertaker.

[B]2. United States Championship
WrestleMania XX vs. Big Show
[/B]Back then, going against The Big Show meant Cena was a bit of an underdog. Big Show had held it for 5 months going into the event. And this was Cena's first WrestleMania ever which made it more nerve racking. However, Big Show had never won a match at WrestleMania and with the title on the line, it made it hard to build momentum. But then again, who needs momentum when your 7-foot and 500 pounds? Cena hit Show with a massive F-U but Big Show kicked out at 2 and a half. Cena was stunned but ended up clobbering Big Show in the face with brass knuckles and hit another F-U for the big win and his first ever championship in WWE.

[B]1. WWE Championship
Bragging Rights 2009 vs. Randy Orton
[/B]This match was all or nothing for Cena. Orton was the champion heading into the match and if Cena lost, he would have to leave Raw for good. The ending came close at 6 wins to 5 for Cena. Orton and Cena had numerous battles in the past. Some just business, others personal but none the less, they were always good. Orton nearly won with help from his Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) but thanks to Kofi Kingston who chased them away, Cena was able to get his head back into the game and beat Orton for his 7th World Championship. Orton and Cena were 5 all and Cena had Orton locked into the STF. Orton tapped out with 4 seconds left on the clock and gave Cena the victory and what I thought was Cena's most impressive title win.

Thanks everyone. Leave your own opinions below.

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Cena winning a title is never impressive. He's an egotistical hypocrite that bashes the rock for things he does himself. If that parasite had good acting genes and his movies were not straight-to-video, Stephen Spielberg would b his boss and not Vince. Pure jealousy frm a typical wigga who's nothing more than an assclown that cries backstage when things dnt go his way. If Cena wants to b impressive he would feed into the boos that all those idiots bring and make an F-U shirt for fuck the universe.
  2. ozfan's Avatar
    Mm Hmm... someone with The People's Champ in his name hating on Cena. Surprise, surprise. And never impressive??? Unforgiven 2006. WrestleMania 26. WrestleMania 20. Extreme Rules 2011. And its not Cena's decision if his movies are direct to DVD or not. And what about The Marine??? That was in the cinema. Dont talk smack if you cant back up your words. Do your research and then come back and talk smack.

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