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Where Are Today's Stars? WM28 Reality Check

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Hey Wrestling Fan-Addicts, The Saviour here with another fresh, new perspective. At least, I think it's fresh and new, as I haven't read anything similar.

In lieu of tonight's Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk match, where I saw Daniel Bryan use the Abdominal Stretch, I've come up with a new name for my JR Style Blog. It will be called The Abdominal Stretch, and it'll be featured on either Wednesday or Thursday of each week, touching on what's going on in the wrestling world. But like I said, that will come on Wednesday or Thursday.

Tonight, I'm not even gonna talk about Raw. I'm not gonna talk about what happened, what's going to happen, what might happen. I'm going to talk about the reality of Wrestlemania 28 and why it strengthens my "Future is Bleak" blog even more.

I'll start by asking a simple question. What are the top 3 matches for this year's Wrestlemania? The Rock vs John Cena, HHH vs The Undertaker, and Chris Jericho vs CM Punk. The rest is pretty blah. We might get some decent matches like Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and hopefully a Money In The Bank ladder match showcasing the "fillers" of the WWE roster, but it's plain to see that these three matches are the top tier showcase matches for Wrestlemania.

Now what do the top matches for Wrestlemania have in common? Well isn't it obvious? None of them include Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, etc...all the people everyone seems to be in love with. Now I'm not here to rant about it. I'm here to make a very real statement about it. The reason the WWE has to call upon all its stars from 5 or 10 years ago, is because They Draw. The WWE wants to break the record for PPV buys at Wrestlemania. You can't do that without bringing back Jericho. You can't do that with just pinning The Rock vs John Cena. You have to go as far as giving us The Undertaker vs HHH, in a Hell in a Cell match, and probably involving HBK.

It's no secret, and what I'm saying is probably obvious in many people's minds. Of course, there are those who are in love with Daniel Bryan, in love with Dolph Ziggler, and are totally sold on today's WWE product. They are hopefuls. But the reality is, their favorites just aren't big time. They may be one day. They're going to have to be one day. Because there is an age limit and expiration date on guys like The Rock, and Jericho, and definitely HHH and The Undertaker. The WWE better hope today's stars in fact, become real stars, or else it'll be riding Cenation and CM Punk for another 10 years, and they'll be dragging a 55 year old Stone Cold back for appearances at Wrestlemania.

This is really isn't an opinion, my fellow wrestling fans. This Is Reality.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out, The Abdominal Stretch later this week. Be Safe.

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Truer words were never spoken. WWE dropped the ball with so many guys that now they only have 5 or 6 that can work a stage like wrestlemania. Rock VS (Hogan 2012 version) Cena should be decent, Punk VS Jericho only really has two other matches to overcome to be the best match in Mania history(Savage/Steamboat & Hart/Michaels) and if they're given the right amount of time will definitely do what they seem to be setting up, Triple H VS Undertaker even in Hell In A Cell is getting old while this will be the show stealing main event & last but not least Bryan VS Sheamus.....ehhhh.

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