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What's So Bad About Having Two Separate Brands?

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Hey guys, Renevious here. I'd like to talk about a topic that has been bugging me for a while now. Lots of people on here and all over the internet have been talking about how WWE needs to unify the titles. That way we wouldn't technically have 2 world champions, and there wouldn't be so many belts floating around, which takes away from the prestige of each title. Now I totally respect that viewpoint, and I'm not here to really argue against it. That's definitely one way to go. What I would like to do, however, is talk about what it would be like and the potential if we went in the opposite direction. That would be where we keep all titles and keep the superstars of each roster on their own respective shows. It's just something to think about.

Let's first start by talking about what would happen with the talent pool. Most fans don't quite realize this, but as long as superstars can appear on either show just the same, we'll never get a chance to see all these talented young guys that the IWC is just crazy about. If WWE can market guys like CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Sheamus to boost ticket sales on both RAW and Smackdown anytime, what do you think the likelihood would be of seeing matches between Trent Beretta and Tyler Reks anywhere besides Superstars? The answer is not too damn likely. I, for one, would be more than content if they dialed back the appearances of the mega superstars to give the lower guys a chance to show us what they've got. Not only would that give these lower card guys a chance to show off, but it would also make PPV matches all that much more meaningful. Who wants to pay $55 to watch a match that has happened 5 weeks in a row already on RAW and Smackdown?

Here's what I propose. Let's bring back the brand extension with the two separate rosters and STICK TO IT! I know WWE is hurting for ratings, and that's why they started the RAW Supershow to get all the top stars from both shows all the time. Now, if we need to have a whole new draft, fine. Let's do that, just as long as when it's done we'll have two solid rosters. Every single active superstar needs to be a part of this too. I don't care if they don't air all the results on TV. They never have in the past. It just needs to be made clear that everyone who wrestles for WWE belongs to either RAW or Smackdown and not both.

Once that is accomplished, we can have a specific set of titles for each show. For that, I suggest RAW to have the WWE and IC title and for Smackdown to have the WHC and US title. This would make it more like it was back in the WWF vs WCW days. Also, as much as I would like to see a set of tag champions for each show, we just don't have enough teams for that. Hell, we hardly have enough teams to even have tag champions. But, be that as it may, I think the tag titles should be defended on both shows. This would encourage superstars to be put in tag teams and stay there, just to be able to be on both shows. Plus, the Divas title can be defended on both shows because, honestly I could care less what they do. I just fast forward all that crap anyway.

All in all, I'm not saying this would be the end all answer of how to fix what's wrong with WWE, but it's just an option that I think is worth exploring. I think the superstars would appreciate it, because it would lighten their work schedule not having to appear on both shows all the time. The titles would mean more because each show would have its own title hierarchy. There would be no more duplicate belts of equal importance. We would all get a chance to see how deep the talent pool really is. The tag team scene would get more action. And lastly, we could still use Superstars as a platform for interpromotional matches for strictly non-title and exhibition purposes. That might even get people watching Superstars for once.

Whether you agree or totally disagree with this, I respect everyone's opinion, and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for reading. Make sure to check me out later this week in the WBC #3 blog war, and show your support by voting for me to be champion.

God Bless.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    WWE product was better when they were seperate if you ask me.
  2. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    I like the idea of having one roster of superstars that can appear on both shows... BUT, if they're gonna do that, they should have ONE world champion. If there's only one roster now, then there should only be one world championship.
  3. jonod's Avatar
    I think at the moment the way forward for the E is to combine the brands, I would have agreed with you in the past though. I think the reason the brand division has collapsed is because of the consistency of the draft. Having it on an annual basis might have worked in the first couple of years as the roster was so full of stars, however I think the willingness to have a draft every year has actually hurt the development of the 'next' generation of wrestlers. There was one point where, in my opinion Smackdown looked the stronger of the two shows (around 2008-09) it had Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, John Morrison, Edge, Batista, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho as top stars, however the following year almost all of these were moved to RAW and some were lost in the mix. I think if WWE had stuck to the brand divide all along instead of moving things around just as the audience aligned themselves with a brand - only serving to kill the momentum of the brands development (see Jack Swagger's title reign the following year) - the younger stars that are coming through now might feel more developed.

    For now though I think giving the current top and break out guys as much exposure as possible would help make them even bigger stars. Plus I'd love to see Jericho as Undisputed Champion one more time!
  4. MR Boss's Avatar
    Great blog Renevious. The best idea I liked you said was about the Tag Division. I always thought they should get rid of Raw super show. And I actually like watching Bragging Rights. Anyway keep up the good work, and good luck in WBC#3.
  5. AndyWonder's Avatar
    I loved it when the extension 1st started out when there wasonly one title in each class & only champions were allowed on both shows. That brought a great reward & more credibility to the belts and actually would have allowed more fresh challengers to contend. I wish it went back to that way. The wwe champion vs. world heavyweight champion matches that are always held rarely if ever end without a DQ or countout or some kind of interference. What's the point?
  6. Cross's Avatar
    I completely agree with you. I mean now that we can have superstars appear on either show it takes away the value of nights they would rarely do it. Like I would get pumped when a preview would show a speacial 3 hour event where both brands will appear on the same show. But thats gone now because of the supershow.
    It also takes away the point of WWE Draft. You can fight for either title anyways considering Justin Gabriel (smackdown superstar) got to face Jack Swagger (raw superstar) for the us title.

    Thank you and God bless you too

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