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The Shadow Effect: Greatest Wrestlemania Matches

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Hello readers and watchers of wrestling. My name again is Zachary Morales and I will be your humble host for this blog post. I want to thank everyone who read my first blog and if you haven't yet, I would suggest reading it. But if you don't, thats ok. Anyway, before we get on to why I'm here I want to talk about Raw last Monday. I thought it was a great show and the highlights for me were the beginning and the end of the show. CM Punk and Jericho had a fantastic exchange and this feud looks to be one of the best of the year. The end of the show was equally as great if not better. Rock came out and did his thing, but as everyone has talked about, he wasn't himself. He seemed more like Dwayne than Rock, which I think was part of the plan. He even had written notes on his arm. Then Cena came out and ripped Rock a new one. For me, I think everything that happend was supposed to happen. What I mean by that is, I think WWE figured they needed to make Cena stronger going into Wrestlemania. Almost as equal as the Rock. I think it worked and this feud has new life breathed into it. I can't wait for Wrestlemania.

Since I'm on the subject of Wrestlemania, I wanted to do something I haven't done before. I wanted to countdown the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. The 28th Wrestlemania is coming up, so I decideded to countdown the 28 greatest matches. This blog post will look at 28-25, then for the next week we will look at the next matches. Enjoy!

Number 28 : Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant- Wrestlemania 3
This match is on the list not for the in ring action, but more for the spectacle that is wrestling. Seeing Hogan slam Andre in this match was a huge moment for wrestling. Just an awesome moment in wrestling and Wrestlemania history!

Number 27: Hulk Hogan and MR. T vs. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff- Wrestlemania 1
This match like the one above isn't on the list because of in ring action, its in for more of the significance of the match. This is when Hulkamania ran wild and believe me i still mark out for whenever Hogan hulks up. Mr. T was a great addition to the match and acutally held his own. Roddy was Roddy, which meant he was awesome. People give Hogan the credit for making the first Wrestlemania a success. But honestly if there was no Piper, Hogan would not have been as big that night. Piper was that good as a heel.
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Number 26: Undertaker vs. Batista- Wrestlemania 23
When you talk about great big man matches, you have to talk about the awesome contest between Undertaker and Batista. This match made me actually begin to like Batista and get into more of his matches. This wasn't even their best match that year. But since you have to start somewhere, this was an awesome match to begin their series. This was the start of really awesome matches for Taker at Wrestlemania too.
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Number 25: Shawn Micheals vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin- Wrestlemania 14
The match that finally made Austin the man. This match, what made it better for me was the fact that Shawn wasn't even at 100% and they had a great match. I felt sad though at the fact that I thought Shawn might be done after this. But he came back 4 years later and gave us 8 years of awesome matches. Maybe some of them will end up on this list. It also involved Mike Tyson which made it more awesome.

Thank you to everyone that read this blog. Wev'e got 24 matches to go. Hopefully you'll be around for that. Goodnight and watch wrestling!

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