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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - My Dream Tag Teams

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[B]Dolph Ziggler and The Miz -[/B] They are both cocky, arrogant and egomaniacs but they can back up there words most of the time and they are two of the most perfect heels in WWE and would make an awesome tag team (NO PUN INTENDED). TEAM NAME: Perfectly Awesome or Awesome Perfection.

[B]Christian and Daniel Bryan -[/B] I think these two would make a pretty good tag team. Bryan needs to have a little bit of Tag Team success in his WWE career and who better than to team up with Captain Charisma? Even though I think Christian's Tag Team days are coming to an end. TEAM NAME: LeClassic.

[B]Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne -[/B] The 450 Splash and the Shooting Star Press? I think these two epic superstars could make a great tag team. I think these two could give their careers a boost even though Bourne held the tag titles for 4-5 months and Gabriel has already held it 3 times. I don't think Bourne will be in WWE for much longer because of his wellness test fails but if he does I'd like to see these two team up. TEAM NAME: The High Flying Maniacs (HFM).

[B]Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins -[/B] They both have that rocker look. Both are former tag team champions and have a unique fighting style. Even though both don't win many matches, if they team up, I think their team could go to great lengths. TEAM NAME: The Two Man Rock Band (TMRB).

[B]CM Punk and Daniel Bryan - [/B]We got 2 guys who know each other so well. They both have martial art backgrounds and have there own unique lifestyle. For Punk, he doesn't smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs and Bryan, he's a vegan and has been using that lately in his storylines. I think these two could win the tag titles more than once. TEAM NAME: The Lifestyle Specialists

[B]Thanks for reading. Leave your own opinions below.[/B]

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    I think that each of these tag-teams would click together quite well, good work
  2. ozfan's Avatar
    Haha. Thanks
  3. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    I would especially like to see Bourne and Gabriel as a tag team, Good work!!

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