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My Experience being the WM XXVIII Winner!

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The following was sent in from David Courtney:

On November 2nd I went to the WWE website before I left for work. They had a contest on there called "did you know", like the vignettes they show on RAW that give little facts about how RAW is dominating TV. So I clicked on the link and followed the prompts. It asked me a few questions and said that the more questions you answered the more points you get, then it asked me to send it to a few friends and that gave you more points. I maxed out on the points needed and submitted my name. I never really thought of winning with the number of visits that site gets. The Grand Prize was a trip for 2 to Wrestlemania in Miami, Air Fare, Hotel, 2 tickets to fan axxess the day before the event, and 2 tickets to Wrestlemania (seats to be determined).

On Nov 11, I got an email from a lady at a website called It Had the following message on there:

You have been selected the potential Grand Prize winner of a Trip for Two (2) to Miami, Florida to Wrestlemania XXVIII in WWE's "Did you Know?" Sweepstakes.

In order to claim your prize, you must complete, sign and have notarized the attached Declaration and Release form and return it to us by Monday, December 19, 2011.

Please be sure to use block letters when completing the form.

The only reason it said potential was because I needed to send the notarized form back in to verify I was who I said I was.

I was pretty skeptical about it because the form asked for my SSN. I called the lady at Launchfire and she assured me it was legit. I still wasn't a believer that I had won this prize. I called WWE headquarters to check the authenticity of the prize. I spoke with someone there who said it was a scam cause no one would ask for my SSN. I felt pretty deflated over it. So I called the lady at Launchfire again and told her I had spoke with WWE Headquarters and they said it was a scam. She proceeded to tell me that WWE uses their business to handle the contests. She coordinated with a lady at WWE Headquarters to call me directly to talk with me about it. While I waited for that phone call, I took the form to a legal office to check it and they told me it was legit. So now I started to get excited again.
When I got back to my car I got the call from WWE Headquarters. The lady told me her name, gave me her office and cell number and told me to call anytime, but the convincing part was she sent me an email directly from her WWE email account and I have both of her contact numbers. I told her I've only been to 1 live show and its only cause they let military in for free, I told her the seats were almost at the top of the arena, she ensured me my seats would be "a lot better for this event".

SO the long and short of it is, I won the Who Do You Know Sweepstakes from WWE, Got a free trip to Miami for 2, air fare, hotel and 2 tickets to WM28 and the fan axxess. I'll be sure to send in reports live from the show, take a ton of pix for you guys. If you know what kind of seats grand prize winners get, let me know. I doubt they'll be front row. But I would like to see the show w/o looking at a screen.

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  1. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Congrats dude.
  2. Broc's Avatar

    Lol, very good story. Congrats to Mr. Courtney.
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Lucky man! Congrats! I always entered in the WWE sweepstakes and always never won. Haha.
  4. RomanFlare's Avatar
    *slow clap* You play the lottery yet? Jump on the hot streak!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Nice job. Here's to hoping that they put on a phenomenal show for you. Congratulations.
  6. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Kinda hoping this is still a scam.
  7. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Where's Icon calling this blog terrible? Doesn't have the balls!
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