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Greatest rivalries all-time in WWE history 95-present.....

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Why start 95? It was too cartoonish along with the fact Hogan among others beat everyone they faced. Key word: WWE in the title. This isn't NWA, WCW, or other organizations. Just WWEs....I'm seperating Women and tag division from this. Decided not to # these because it will be criticized for how high or how low it should be. Everyone has an opinion, but these are the greatest rivalries in WWE history.

Austin vs Vince-What better rivalry out there? Everyone enjoyed watching Vince and Austin go at it. Their match on Raw stopped the 84 week rating streak by WCW for good reason. These two were the main reason why we continued to tune in to WWF week after week and couldn't wait til Monday to see what will happen next.

HBK vs Bret Hart-
Need I say more? Promos and history speaks for itself doesn't it?

Owen Hart vs Bret Hart-I loved their fued during 95. Only time Owen really got the chance to be in the main event. Their match at Mania is always an afterthought because of the Ladder match Razor and HBK had. It is a shame because it was a great match and probably one of the best in Wrestlemania history.

Undertaker vs Mankind-96 fued probably of the year. Buried alive, brawls, and so on. A lot of great memories and moments between the 2 that happened. Hell in a Cell match still talked about to this very day. Paul turned on Taker to become Uncle Paul of Mankind. Really a bunch of historic memories and matches between the two.

The Rock vs HHH-Loved it!! One of the most under-rated rivalries in my opinion. Rock and his catchphrases insulting DX, Show, and the McMahons. Asolutely one of the best of the best. Had a ton of great matches together. Certainly one of the best all-time.

Cena vs Edge-the rivalry stands out to me more so than any rivalry John has had. Same goes for Edge as a singles competitor. They faced probably more so than any of these guys. LOL! Every Raw reunion it felt like they faced along with all those ppv matches and Raw matches. One of the best rivalries of this recent time.

Kane vs Undertaker-Rivalry was great from 97-98. I believe Unforgiven 98 was the first ppv I watched which featured the Inferno match between these 2. Kane/Paul/Undertaker was always great. Ever since, never really had any great fueds besides that time. Summerslam match stunk along with WM20. Certainly one of the best rivalries ever.

Mick Foley vs HHH/Rock/Orton-The reason I did a slash was because he really put those guys over. Really deserves a lot of credit for launching each of their careers. Foley/HHH 2000 was great with the Street Fight, Hell in a Cell, and that DX stuff. I enjoyed Orton fued as well launching Orton to main event status. Probably isn't up to par with the two others, but I think it was probably Orton's best fued. Only arguable one is Undertaker's. Rock/Foley was great because one was cool while the other was sort of a geek. One dressed nice while the other would dress in cheap clothes. One had the boss in his corner and the other was the ultimate under dog. I Quit match and empy arena match that got better rating during the Super Bowl than Raws do now and that was Sunday night Heat at the time.

HHH vs HBK-series of matches they!! Wish HBK would have had his last match vs HHH at a Wrestlemania instead of having the rematch with the Undertaker. Summerslam match, 3 stages of Hell, 03 Raw in Texas, Last man standing, hell in a cell, and I could go on. One of the greatest rivalries in WWE history.

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold-voted rivalry of the year for a reason. The rivalry that really launched Austin into main event status. Austin cheating in the Rumble, match at Mania, Survivor Series, and all of the great matches they had on the way including Canadian Stampede. Certainly!!

I chose about 10 that really stood out in my eyes. Owen/Bret will probably get bashed because they didn't hate each other, but I did enjoy the fued they had that is very under-rated. Several honorable mentions can be added.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by darkrage
    what about edge/christian vs hardys, vs dudleys their feud gave us some of the greatest tag matches of all time also how about hbk vs undertaker
    I left tag teams and women's division off the list.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dierdorf
    The Rock vs Stone cold!!
    I think the rivalry is a bit over-rated. I enjoyed it, but it is really over-rated. McMahon vs Austin blew it away.
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