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CM Punk and Steve Austin The Epic feud of The Anti Heroes?hell yes or HELL NO!!!

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Whats up, people. I am doing blogs less, and less now a days starting from now it's my official return I am am going to lighten up this place again. Anyway the topic I have decided is about Austin, and Punk.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic superstars in all of WWE/WWF. Austin has have classic matches, and feuds with the likes of HHH,Undertaker, Kurt Angle,Rock,HBK,Vince and etc. He also has won many Championships in his career. Austin has probably done the most memorable things in WWE. There will not be someone as exciting to watch as him. I don't think I have done enough to cover him, so if your someone who has never experienced watching Austin or doesn't no who the heck he is go research him ASAP.

CM Punk is the damn cult of personality. Everyone knows the story of his shoot promo in July. CM Punk spoke his mind, he said things that damn needed to be said, he made that promo seem as real as he can basically he was speaking from the heart. Most people say after that promo that's when CM Punk became great, but what a lot of people seem to forget is before that shoot promo he did, his career was quit good. This man was a former World Tag,ECW,IC Champion. Punk also won the World Heavy Weight Championship three times battling the likes of Jeff Hardy and Undertaker. He is the only man to win the Money in the Bank twice in a row, and he has also been doing successful straight edge gimmick in his career.

There is no doubt that both Austin, and Punk have both had delightful careers. They both don't care about the rules, and do what they wan't to do. That is why the crowd love them so much. Austin is the anti-hero from the attitude er in WWF, and Punk is the anti-hero of the pg era in WWE. The WWE Universe want to see things kick off between these guys, so it can lead to a match at the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania.

The question is am I aboard with this, and the answer is I am not really sure???. Many people say in order for this feud to work CM Punk would have to turn heel, so then he can curse on Steve about his drinking problem, and blah blah blah. If WWE make Punk heel it is going to mess up his career, he is a basically a face right now. I think he still needs to do more memorable things as a face, so eventually he can be super over with the crowd. I know lot will disagree with me, and say he is already super over with the crowd, but trust me sadly he's not. If this feud was going to happen, it would become stale quickly, and CM Punk will just go on about how Steve drinks to much, and a few stunners all of over the place. The match just might be the only good part. I am not saying this feud shouldn't happen, but just make sure it's not booked in a years time maybe two months before Mania then it will stay fresh.

If I was the one who could book Austin, and Punks feud for a Wrestlemania match, if there was going to be one this is what I would do. First of all I just want to say I will keep Punk as a face, OK here we go. Around a Raw two months from Wrestlemania Austin makes his appearance return at the start of the show, he tells the audience that the GM ask him to be ref for the Raw main event for CM Punk vs ........ match. At the end of the main event Punk wins, and he celebrate with Austin, then Austin hands him a beer to drink with him. Punk doesn't wan't to take the drink, so Austin Stunners him. Next Raw, Punks talks about the stunner then calls out Austin for next Raw. Next Raw, Austin, and Punk see face to face. Punk talks about how he respects Austin as a wrestler, but not as a person, and he says it's not just because he drinks. Punk explains to him that he thinks Steve likes to hog the spotlight, and that he should never come back to WWE, because his career is over, so he should let other superstars have a try. Austin says he does what he wants, and he is not stopping anyone from not achieving, and if Punk has a problem they should settle it once, and for all. They decide to fight at Wrestlemania they also have a few brawls along the way, but it gets stopped by lots of refs. The Wrestlemania match is to find out who is the baddest Hero of them all. Punk ends up winning shakes Austin hand, and done.

Wrestlemania 28 is as big as it is, because of the main event between Rock and Cena. WWE superstars say that Rock shouldn't be in it, but they all don't know what they are talking about because Rock earned the right. If Punk vs Austin happens next Mania isn't it that the exact same thing, just with different people. Anyway what I wanted to say is if Punk, and Austin fight. I would't do it for next mania, because it's going to be the reason why most people will watch yet again. WWE can't keep letting starts of the past hog the limelight so many times even if they did earn it. That's not what Wrestlemania is about. I am not saying they shouldn't get past stars to battle today stars just make sure it's spaced out. If Punk vs Austin is happening I guess it has to be next year, because Austin is getting up in age, and he needs to be fresh to be able to fight Punk, so next year is the best time to do it,so we can see a decent match.

Thank you for reading. This is the first time I've done a blog in a while, so what do you guys think. I am very interested to know. Leave a comment.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Much before CMPunk's shoot promo..when he was a heel..n doing his SES..I expected a feud b/n those two..n that wud be real hillarious...

    Much before Punk's shoot SES itself...u can hear ppl clearly booed Rey and also gave a lot of CMPunk chants..n even the total SES against Bigshow feud also..u can see audibly ppl chanted for punk...

    Punk was n is super over with ppl...n much before his shoot promo..I wanted his feud with SCSA (atleast if it is only few promos)....
  2. masakaritko's Avatar
    most people say that punk's shoot promo last july was his "Austin 3:16" moment. So even though he was over and had a successful career before that, that was the moment that really cemented his legacy, and he didn't need to be champion at the time to do it. It was the same when Austin won KOTR and did his Austin 3:16 promo, he had a good career before that minus the world titles like punk already had, but that moment cemented his legacy. Punk was over before his promo, but not nearly as much as he was after the promo.

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