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Thoughts on WWE's mid-card division

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Hey blog readers. Its my 5th blog and I want to switch it up a bit. I wanna talk a little bit about the current state of the mid-card division. Now I hear a lot of people complain about the mid-card division not being what it used to be. They say that the mid-card belts aren't prestigious as it once were. To me, I just don't get these complaints. Now I understand why some have a reason to complain about the WWE's mid-card division and I have some grips with it as well but I'm going to go deep down into why I disagree with some of the complaints.

People say the mid-card isn't as strong as it used to be. In today's mid-card division, we have strong upper mid-carders like Zack Ryder, Dolf Ziggler, Santino, Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Ted Dibiase, R-Truth, Big Zeke, Justin Gabriel, Hunico, and Kofi Kingston. These guys are talented enough to make a successful mid-card division with. Back in the early 90's, we had Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, Razor Roman, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Marty Jannetty, and Rick Martel. Even in the Attitude Era, you had guys like Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, William Regal, Test, Hardcore Holly, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Matt Hardy, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Edge, Christian, and Rikishi. My point is, the mid-card division today is strong as it was back then. People only compare the mid-card division to the old days for nostalgia which is ridiculous. We have a strong mid-card today full of young WWE Superstars who put on great matches. Its time to stop dwelling on the past and move forward.

Now some people say the mid-card belts aren't as prestigious as it used to be because of the Intercontinental titles and the Unties States titles not being defended enough and not enough feuds being built around these titles. I don't understand this complaint either. While I do agree that the mid-card titles aren't defended on Raw or Smackdown which is a little bit of a problem, it has been defend on the majority of WWE PPVs which is a good thing. They are even giving the mid-carders feuds over the belt as well. Over the past years from 2009-2012, We have had great matches and feuds over the belt like Dolf Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio, John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio vs Dolf Ziggler, Zack Ryder vs Dolf Ziggler, Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase Jr, Cody Rhodes vs Booker T, and Kofi Kingston vs Dolf Ziggler. Those matches and feuds elevated the belt and made it much more prestigious. You don't need main eventers to going after the mid-card titles to make it more prestigious. Just give two guys a great feud over the belt and WWE has done just that.

Even though the current state of the mid-card division is fine as it is, I still have one problem with it. My problem is the lower mid-carders like Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta, and Curt Hawkins not being showcased enough when they can be great upper mid-carders. All three wrestlers are fun to watch and if given a chance as upper mid-card wrestlers, than they will be great future mid-card champions.

Thanks for reading my blog and give me your feedback.

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  1. daverende5's Avatar
    Hmm, Guys like Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta and Curt Hawkins aer low carders, since they're never on a bigger Show?
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by daverende5
    Hmm, Guys like Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta and Curt Hawkins aer low carders, since they're never on a bigger Show?
    Yeah, pretty much. They are used as jobbers most of the time when they do get booked on the main shows so I consider them low mid-carders in their current positions.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Of those feuds there are probably 2 or 3 memorable ones from the last 9 to 12 months. While I agree with the feuds you have there being good, the problem has really only been recently. I thought they were finally heading in another direction when Ryder and Ziggles had this epic build up. Then outta nowhere swagger wins it and isn't seen on tv for 500 years. And everyone refers back to the Cody/Booker feud but since then what has the IC belts storyline been? Finally there's this thin with Big Show but between Booker and Show there is a fairly big gap. Just like the WWE or WHC the IC and US should always have a storyline or feud going on

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