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5 Finger Death Punch

BLOG WARS - Sell It - Best Tag Team EVER

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Here is your chance to Sell it! Forget eras, timelines etc....Who is the best tag team ever in your opinion?

Here is how it works!

List you best ever team and give up to 5 reasons why!
Everyone check it out...submit your favorite and then come back next Saturday, 3/3 and vote! We will then proclaim the ewrestlingnews greatest tag team of all time.


The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom

1) Ring Entrance - The guys came to the ring, sometimes slow and methodical, but usually running like hell, to kick the sh*t outta their opponent, before the ring announcer intro, to the sounds of OZZY/Black Sabbath - Iron Man and/or the ahhhhhhh, What a Rush from HAWK!

2) Appearance - They were a first of their kind...war paint, spikes, shoulder pads, black and red, muscular and menacing look.

3) Original (often imitated, never imitated) Teams and individuals followed the Warriors with make-up, intimidation and metal music. They laucnched some careers of big names and saved career of others trying a similar "gimmick". The Bladerunners were the spandex wearing make-up wearing muscle boys from California...Mandingo Warrior and Blade...later known as the Ultimate Warrior and Sting. Demolition was WWF's copy of the Road Warrriors. Smash once performed as Repo-man and Krusher Kruschev while Axe was once the NWA US Champion as the Masked Superstar.

4) Multiples (titles, organizations, opponents and feuds) The Road Warriors won traditional, 6-man, 8-man titles in the AWA, NWA, WCW & WWE against some of the best tage teams in the world, faces and heels, as faces and heels. As heels, they were still cheered because of their precense and awesomeness...whatta rush. They defeated and defended against the Horsemen, The Fabulous Freebirds, Demolition, Steiners, Varsity Club, Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon, Russians, Rock n Roll and Midnight Express, Dudleys, Nasty Boys, and more.

5) Paul Ellering - the 1st educated, intellectual, well spoken manager, that discovered, promoted and developed the team from the beginning. Precious Paul stayed outta the way, most of the time, not interferring to win matches like JJ Dillon, Sherri Martell, Jim Cornette, Mr Fuji, Bobby Heenan and Captain Lou.

Where there is my vote...submit your team and come back Saturday and vote.


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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I only did the timeline because I did best tag teams before and the number #1 contenders lists are not going to have the best topics just so I can save them for the main blog.
  2. RampantLion2010's Avatar
    The Dudley Boyz

    All the reasons you mentioned, but #5..... #5 would be, wait for it... Sign Guy Dudley! The end.
  3. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    So far...Dudley Boys/Dudleys/3-D (2 votes), LOD/Road Warriors (1 vote)!

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