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Yes Sir, We Promised You A Great Event

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Brian Kendrick Gone From TNA?:I had a feeling that this was going to happen because he hasn't been on TV and they are bringing these new X Division guys to work with Austin Ares. I don't think the fans ever got behind Kendrick. He had a gimmick that was so hard for the fans to buy into. I am sure the TNA office looks at him and wonder why he wasn't getting over as they thought. I think from the time he won the X Division title and after he lost it, I think they realize that they weren't going to use him a lot. Let's face it, nobody was talking about him for a while.

I bet there will be reports that he asked to be release because he knew they weren't going to use him or TNA felt after seeing him lose the title he was just not the guy for the company and probably will say he was too small for that company. I don't think he will be missed and can't say he will show up in WWE. I guess the only place he can go is ROH.

What if TNA Signed The Rock!?: I think it would be the biggest thing that TNA could ever do. The only time guys like Angle, RVD and Jeff Hardy only made outside media headlines is when they got arrested. The Rock would put a lot a buzz on that company, but if they could somehow get the Rock, they would still have the same management/writers that they have now. they would blow it and they would have him recreate 90's storylines.

It would be exciting when he could come in and battle Sting in a few PPV matches and Angle and RVD and those other guys (don't watch it, no clue what is happening on that cute little program), but at the end of the day, the same people who are running it. I could only watch a few weeks of it if it ever did happen...I can't take watching Hogan ripping off all the Rock's lines...they should try to keep Hogan away from all the good ideas they have!

Do Triple H's Critics Get To Him?:Here is what I don't get about Triple H's critics:

1) How could you say that his success comes from his relationship with Stephanie? It's not as if he was a talent less wrestler who got shoved down our throats like Cena when he first started getting his big pushed. He really is what he claims to be and other top superstars like Taker, and Hogan who have been in the business for decades will talk about how there is no one better to work with in the ring than Triple H. So it's not like his booking was unjust.

2) Why do people complain about him beating Punk and say he squashed Punk's momentum? If he didn't beat Punk, then it would hurt the HHH vs Taker feud for Mania. If HHH beat Taker til he couldn't walk away from the ring then him losing to CM Punk in his very next match would make it seem as if Punk would be able to beat the streak as well. Taker and HHH are the last of their kind, which is both part of the story and also true. Also Punk was at the beginning of his push. Why would he right away be able to suddenly take out the best wrestler on the roster and veteran, Triple H, just because he did a worked shoot? People complain about lack of credibility, but then get all pissed off whenever a seasoned veteran who doesn't need a victory beats a rising star. I'm tired of hearing "....doesn't need this/that". That logic has turned the U.S. and IC titles in accessories for developing future main eventers instead of a legit championship. That logic forces people who aren't ready yet into the main even/title scene. And since when does one loss bury someone's momentum? Punk lost momentum because he just got stale. He started off doing things new and differently, but then just kind of became repetitive.

3) How can you say HHH doesn't put people over and books himself to the top, when the guy is tied for most Wrestlemania losses? He had all this power and influence in the back and if the guy was as bad as you guys make him seem, would he have really let Chris Benoit win his first WHC in WWE over him and his best friend at the biggest event in wrestling? Or those times he lost to Cena at WM? What about when he turned jobber Orton into main event status Orton? What about when he let Batista go over him? Was he not one of the four contestants to be the first ever undisputed champion? What did he do there, bury the others? No, the underdog got it. Sheamus ring a bell? And then people say well he only gives a rub to his friends. So what if he is friends with some of these superstars. He is still putting people over. Who do Cena or Orton put over? nobody. What about Punk? Maybe his long time friend DB but nobody else. Hell Triple H was multiple time world champion before Cena even debuted, yet Cena passed him up in title reigns. Is that part of HHH's back stage politics? Letting young guys pass his record and possibly pass his freind Flair's record soon?

4) One of the most absurd was that HHH shouldn't have been champ after 2001. Why not? The guy was in tremendous physical condition. He had the in ring skills. He was a believable dominant champ. Triple H was never unbelievable as champ ever. he didn't become champ until he had been wrestling for several years, had feuded with other top guys and former champs, and completely changed his whole look and gimmick. Nowadays you just throw the belt on a guy because he had a brief case he won in a mid card ladder match, or because they need the belt to push themselves. Triple H has worked with everyone and can make a decent match with anyone. You could put him in the ring with Alicia Fox and Big Show at the same time and make the match look decent.

5) Just to ask to date the daughter of your boss, especially when your boss is VKM of all people has to take a lot of balls. And Vince even made them break it off at one point but he proved himself and they worked out. Do you think Vince is so stupid that he can't tell when someone is using him or taking advantage?

To be honest I think a lot of it is people trying to be cool and fit in by criticizing him. People feel they are clever for talking shit about him because it makes them feel like they have some kind of "inside" knowledge. Also, there are a lot of people who are just simply haters. There are certain people that, when they see someone succeed, have to talk shit and say they only got there because of *insert bs excuse*. Triple H is the perfect example of what a wrestler should be. He creates those moments, works great in the ring, understands the business, and knows how to adapt.

Rey Mysterio Reportedly in Hot Water With WWE:I know Rey has been super loyal to the WWE and has done a ton for wrestling as a whole. He is the most popular crusierweight there will most likely ever be. That said, I can see why management is pissed at him. From a buisness standpoint, Mysterio is really not that great of an investment anymore. They are paying the big bucks, but he only wrestles for a few months out of the year because he always get injured. I know that right now Mysterio still sells a lot of merch and is huge with the hispanic demographic, but eventually they will get to the point where it is not profitable to have the guy around. His positives are starting to get out weighted by the negatives. They will start to lose money and they will eventually cut him if he does not retire. Im not saying that it is the right thing to do to a guy who has helped the company so much over the yars, but it is a buisness and the bottom line is all that matters.

Jack Swagger: Do you ACTUALLY want to watch him?In the past I've liked Jack Swagger. When he was on ECW and had the cocky smile with an amateur-wrestling style I really liked the guy. I liked him when he won the MITB ladder match and defeated Jericho for the world title. However, as soon as he raised the title he didn't do his trademark arrogant smile, he did this generic angry-man face. He's had the same persona ever since. I understand that it was a way for fans to take him more seriously, but my god his character just became so boring... I understand that it's a wrestling program, but watching his dreary promos consistently just made me want to switch channels.

I understand that he's a good wrestler, has a good look, but I just don't enjoy watching him. I want him to do well because he works hard, but I really just don't enjoy watching him on my television set. We always talk about how we want wrestlers to have more tv time, do more exciting things to get us to watch the show, but sometimes you don't have to want EVERY wrestler to be on your show. At the end of the day, you can't force yourself to enjoy every wrestler, just because the IWC enjoys this mentality that every decent wrestler HAS to be pushed. I mean, the guy is the US Champ but WWE doesn't even do anything with him half the time. He has the 2nd most important title on RAW, but he didn't even participate in the Chamber or have a feud. He took on Justin Gabriel, who I like, but you'd expect that the US Champ is meant to have alot of focus, and the way WWE broadcasts him really is a reflection of WWE's faith in Swagger to actually interest or intrigue an audience.

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  1. daverende5's Avatar
    Hmmm, about Punk not putting guys over: He's not that long a main-eventer. Cena and Orton are that for years, but Punk wasn't. It is not logical to let him put guys over himself, since last summer he is a top guy in terms of low/mid/main card rate. He doesn't put them over, but atleast he makes them look good. Triple H also began putting guys over later in his career, not in his prime. (I had the feeling to mark here :P)

    Further some good points, but the main point of the blog wasn't clear to me. Maybe next time a few sentences of introduction like: hey guys, here's my opinion about blablabla.

    And Rock signing to TNA -> Now chance in hell, only if they win about a few billion dollars.
  2. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Who wants to read an intro because personally I don't but thanks for da compliment

    P.S this article will be a weeklie

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