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Having a favorite wrestler...

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In life routing for one entity often personifies your direction of attitude and actions, whether it’s supporting your favourite football club or having a favourite boxer. Whenever your boxer fights or team plays you might order the PPV or actually go pay and watch the match. Having a favourite, adds to the love of the entertainment or sport you watch simply because you want to watch you’re favourite in action.

Now on to wrestling, I first started taking full notice of WWE around 2003 (I was 9 years old) when I saw wrestler called Shawn Michaels and he instantly became my favourite wrestler after I saw his heroics in the team Austin v team Bischoff match. I had no idea about his history, the grand slam championships and the legendary status he was already given. I watched all his matches and to my bad luck since becoming my favourite I can’t think of any other wrestler who’s got so many title shots but never actually won. Very frustrating that WWE used him to get good matches out of the opponent and kind of using him as a dummy, the amount of times he put over so many of the wrestlers of today’s generation and this is why it makes my favourite wrestler the greatest wrestler of all time. He retiring was a relief for me; I watch with shame when a wrestler carries on over his time and totally ruins their career by making a fool of them self’s. (Sorry Ric flair)

Anyways on to the present times, since HBK retiring I can’t find myself to route for someone constantly and call them my current favourite wrestler, Is it because WWE is lacklustre right now or maybe my expectation of a wrestle is too high and a bit unfair, I’ll go with second reason.
John Morrison seemed like the natural air to the throne so he kind of became my favourite wrestler, but for some reason people thought his promos were stale which I thought it wasn’t that bad and felt he needed time to grow but of course WWE let him go so I was back to square one and as of today there isn’t one clear wrestler I support above most. In the talent pool I would consider for the future is Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Shamus, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. There’s room for them to all become legends in their own right with given time and correct guidance (it’s all own you HHH).
But this is all in my opinion and I’m not criticising the WWE its just I personally don’t currently have a wrestler that stands out from the rest. A lot of people will love John Cena, CM punk and Randy Orton (who I think is completely underrated by the IWC but that’s another blog for another day). Luckily WWE is a sports entertainment business I never plan on stop watching so I can wait and until WWE offer a wrestler near the realm of Shawn Michaels (if that is possible).

A little thought

Is it me or has this site recently had a surge of constant blogs nonstop and forgive me of sounding like a hypocrite but people seriously need to stop posting blogs with literally the exact same point issued in a blog posted the day before. I know that’s the point of blogs, offering same point form a different perspective but I see 5 new blogs a day and it’s kind of unfair for the other blogs to not having enough time to get enough time for people to read.

But thanks everyone for reading my blog, and if it’s not too much trouble I would like everyone reading this to state their favourite wrestler of all time and current favourite wrestler on the comments below. So…in a bit everyone.

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  1. supermetsk31's Avatar
    My favorite wrestler from day 1 of watching WWF was/is Kane. I was 10 in March of '98.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I think the reason you cannot find a new wrestler to route for is because you chose one of the most entertaining of all time to route for in the first place.

    My favourite is Jericho. I was watching for a couple of years before he showed up in WWE and he immediately caught my attention. Charisma and talent are all a superstar needs, and he exudes both.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Supermetsk31: Kane was my fav before I discovered HBK and also Kane removing his mask totally ruined him.

    Comingtocinema : I guess your right =). No1 will ever compare to HBK
  4. bearkg88's Avatar
    Not a bad blog akbar. I became a fan of wrestling about a year before you, and I to was a die hard HBK mark. I would say right now my favorite wrestler is Punk. Even before his amazing shoot promo last summer, I was a big fan of his. He started catching my eye right after he retired.

    As for your comment about blogs. I can see your point. But then again, would you rather have 3 blogs that are up for ten days, and you don't have any new views or opinions to read, or have ten blogs that are up for 4 days, where each time you log in you can read another blog and get another view point ya know?
  5. akbar's Avatar
    Bearkg88: yh maybe not that far but my whining was mainly aimed at the repetitiveness of blogs with the same exact points... , but I'm just being a lil diva =)
  6. Callum's Avatar
    My favourite wrestlers of all time are: The Hardys, Kane and HBK. (I'm a loyal fan of the hardys as they're the reason I got into wrestling)
  7. bkdlots's Avatar
    Ric Flair, Brusier Brody, Ivan Putski were my favorites. Enjoy yours while you can.

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