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Thoughts on CM Punk

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Hey blog readers. One again, I will be giving my thoughts on certain wrestlers in their respective companies. Now the wrestler that I will be talking about is CM Punk since hes been the talk of the forums as of late.

CM Punk

What's not to like about CM Punk? Hes one of WWE's top main eventers and is no doubt, one of the best wrestlers in the world. Hes our WWE Champion, the Voice of the Voiceless, and looks to defend his WWE Championship against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemaina 28. CM Punk has took the world by storm when he dropped a pipebomb on the WWE and had IMO, the greatest match of all time with John Cena at Money in the Bank. Now I hear CM Punk getting some flock about his character 'toning down' because of the lack of pipebombs and not being the same CM Punk that we saw back in the Summer-time. Here are my thoughts on this.

CM Punk's pipebombs were entertaining and gave him an edge to his character but come on people, his pipebombs aren't what made his character exciting to watch. CM Punk can now cut awesome promos without having to shoot and use insider-remarks like terms the IWC would only understand. Hes trying to expand his character a little more to the casual fans and its working. Hes put on great performances week in and week out, something hes always been about doing. Hes still witty and amusing to listen to so I really don't see how his character has been watered down in any sort of way.

I also hear people saying CM Punk will never become a draw like John Cena. I used to think the same until I heard he was out-selling Cena in merchandise. Although that technically doesn't mean much considering John Cena still being the biggest draw in the WWE today (Hes worth $106 Million to WWE), it still shows that CM Punk is somewhat of a draw to the WWE. If WWE can promote CM Punk a little more by giving him more media exposure, than it will boost his fan demographic a little more. WWE can also promote him as a role model to kids with his straight-edge ways but I know that isn't like him since he doesn't consider himself a role model. He can still be WWE's biggest draw depending on how WWE promotes his character.

Although CM Punk is anti-authority, I don't get the comparison between him and Austin. People compare these guys all the time, saying hes the next Stone Cold or saying his shoot on the WWE was his "Austin: 316" moment. I just don't get it. CM Punk is himself. He doesn't have to be like Stone Cold. CM Punk's character is a sarcastic rebel who speaks his mind and lives a straight-edge lifestyle. Stone Cold was a beer-drinking rebel who curses and would always do his talking with his actions. My point is, CM Punk is CM Punk and Stone Cold is Stone Cold so building CM Punk as the next Stone Cold is flawed.

I've been a Punk fan since his IWA days. Once he came to the WWE, I knew he would be something special. I'm happy to see CM Punk finally getting his chance to become the face of the company. Hes amazed us with his promos and matches and now, he will put on a classic with Chris Jericho at Wrestlemaina 28.

Thanks for reading my blogs! Let me know your thoughts as usual!

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    thank you for this. cm punk is cm punk, if people dont stop obsessing about what he could of done instead of what he is doing they're just ruining it for themselves.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Next Big Thing
    thank you for this. cm punk is cm punk, if people dont stop obsessing about what he could of done instead of what he is doing they're just ruining it for themselves.
    Exactly.They expect him to lay down pipebombs all the time that they aren't grasping the reason why CM Punk is so entertaining; because he puts on great matches. I don't care about whether or not he toned down his character. As long as he puts on great matches, he will still be entertaining to watch.

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