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Sheamus versus Bryan, Orton, or Regal?

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I'm excited for Wrestlemania 28. It is not a perfect card, but look back at any Wrestlemania and find me one? It's not possible. What we have this year, though, are some matches definitely worth looking forward to. An epic encounter between The Rock and Cena. You can hate Cena and resent The Rock, but you have to admit that moment when they meet eye-to-eye in that ring will make you remember why you love wrestling.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho might not be having the best start to their feud, but these are two of the best workers WWE has ever had and this match is going to be a classic.

HHH and Undertaker in Hell in a Cell? This is the best possible match these two could have. Undertaker and HBK (the likely guest ref) put Hell in a Cell on the map, and both Undertaker and HHH have defined it time and time again throughout the years since. The gimmick will allow a worn-down Undertaker and a past-his-prime HHH to put on a showstopper. And if Undertaker retires 20-0, the moment will be amazing.

And onto the actual topic of this blog: Sheamus versus Bryan. I think Bryan is the most interesting heel WWE has going right now, and Sheamus is on the verge of being a huge monster face a la Batista a few years back. This can be a great feud and a great match. I am looking forward to this match as much as anyone else.

But I cannot help thinking that WWE is going to put Orton into it. First of all, they cited Bryan as the cause of the concussion. Secondly, Barrett is injured and likely out for Wrestlemania. Thirdly, Orton is one of the biggest draws WWE has and would be seen as a waste in the multi-man tag match for the GMship of RAW and Smackdown.

But Orton, Sheamus and Bryan seems lob-sided. Two faces, one cowardly heel. Orton would overshadow Sheamus, who they are trying to put over. So what to do?

If they're going to add Orton, I think they should add William Regal too.

Hear me out: First, Orton returns and wants into the title match at WM. Teddy Long says that would not be fair, but if he can pin either Sheamus or Daniel Bryan in a non-title three-way, you have a spot. During the match, William Regal returns and nails Orton and Sheamus, allowing Bryan to pick up the win, not allowing Orton into the WM match. Regal explains that Bryan is his protege, and he is here to support his reign as world champion since Regal never had the chance.

Orton and Sheamus each get matches against Regal for interfering. Regal cheats and pulls out a win over Orton. Then he does the same against Sheamus. Regal now says he wants into the match because of these two victories, a three way dance with Bryan and Sheamus.

Teddy Long cannot deny it--they are huge victories. He grants Regal into the match... but because he is worried Regal is just there to help Bryan, he puts Orton into the match as well.

I think this would make for a nice six or so weeks until the big show. There are several directions to go from there: Orton-Bryan, Bryan-Regal, Sheamus-Regal, Sheamus-Bryan, Barrett-Orton, Barrett-Regal, Barrett-Sheamus, etc.

Sheamus versus Bryan is great, but if you insist on adding Orton, throw Regal in there too!

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Updated 02-25-2012 at 09:13 AM by Frank

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    wow, I can't believe I would actually be excited for that to happen
  2. MR Boss's Avatar
    How about just let Orton be in the WCH at wrestlemania, but Sheamus still wins.

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