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Why most of the IWC never seem to be happy

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I've been a wrestling fan for years now and while scrolling around on the internet reading multiple different news stories, comments, blogs and etc. on the wrestling business, I've come to the conclusion that wrestling fans, and people in general, like to bash what is currently the hottest, most popular thing going, which is a major reason why the IWC never seems to be happy. People like to act like they're hipsters. I'll give you the most relevant example that can be seen right NOW throughout many of the blogs and comments on this site alone. CM Punk. This is only the latest example, but throughout history, there are countless others. Now allow me to explain:

When CM Punk sat down on the stage wearing his Stone Cold T-Shirt this past summer, picked up that microphone and verbally sliced John Cena, The Rock, Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE to shreds, he took the wrestling world by storm and surprised all of us. He gave us something different that we had been waiting for at that time. At first, the VAST majority of wrestling fans became even bigger fans of Punk than they already were. It seemed that everyone was thrilled about where this promo could lead and gravitated toward CM Punk. Throughout the summer and a bit into the fall, the general consensus among wrestling fans was that they were enjoying CM Punk's attitude, his personality, his sarcasm and his wit. His match with John Cena at Money In The Bank was a 5-star match that got praise from wrestling writers and reviewers all over. But once the rivalry with John Cena ended, and maybe even a bit before it was over, people already started to jump on CM Punk for being overrated. Why? Because it's "cool" to hate on whatever is the current most popular thing around.

Let's travel a few years back when John Cena was drafted to Raw. At that time, he was the most popular thing going in wrestling and the whole crowd erupted every time they heard the intro to his theme begin to play. But his popularity made us call him "overrated". Nowadays, he's often booed out of arenas, something you never would have heard back in 2005 or so. It's the cool thing to do, like I said.

Again, that's a major part why the people in the IWC are never happy with the WWE or the wrestling business. It's human nature to at first gravitate toward the underdog (CM Punk) and hate the established dynasty (John Cena).. But then when that underdog becomes a major face and a popular name, it becomes the cool thing to do to nitpick and dig up reasons to dislike them. Another general example: ROH and the WWE. ROH is favored heavily by much of the IWC. People like to say that ROH is much better than the WWE. Because people by nature gravitate towards an underdog like ROH, trying to fight its way up the ladder.. and they tend to go against the top dog, which in this case is the WWE. However, if and when ROH becomes a major company in the wrestling business, I'm sure that many will turn "hipster" on it and say how it used to be so much better back when it was a developing indy company. They'll call it overrated and they'll insult it because it has become mainstream. Much like they did to Punk and much like they did to Cena once they hit their peaks in popularity. Now that CM Punk seems to have elapsed Cena in popularity (at least on the internet), people are jumping back on Cena's side a bit (as evidenced by some of the recent blogs posted on this site).

It's easy to say that the past was so much more enjoyable, because, hindsight being 20/20, it's easier to see how well things could have turned out. But it's also easy to hate on the here and now... and talk about how this past summer was so much better than what's going on in the present day. Just sit back and learn to make the best of what's going on now. That's my blog, guys. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I'm thinking the IWC is consistently unhappy because there's only one real game in town, and that's the WWE, which is clearly in cruise control because there's nothing to threaten them. There was some bitching and complaining in the IWC back when WCW was around, but not nearly as much..because you had two mainstream shows, both putting forth the best effort they could to beat each other out. There was real competition. Now, there's not. So whatever the WWE does, there's no real alternative...and you can't appease the masses because everyone has a different expectation.
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I completely agree. In fact, I was thinking of writing a blog on this very topic soon. I think it's too easy to point to lack of competition and say WWE is on cruise control. The fact is that people have selective memory about the past/attitude era and remember only the big time segments and major stars. Many people forget that much of WWE's content was just as bad back then (anyone else remember the Midian/Viscera tag team or the Mean Street Posse?). I believe WWE is exceptionally entertaining right now and happen to think they're doing the best job they've done in years.
  3. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    I'm liking WWE right now, too. There was some horrible stuff going on back in the days that people miss so much right now and to be honest, I wouldn't say I was more entertained then than I am now. It's the same thing, really. WWE is always gonna do some stupid stuff every now and again. Things will never be perfect.. but the way things are going right now seems pretty good. I'm enjoying most of what's going on in the WWE right now. I can't complain just because WWE isn't doing things EXACTLY the way I would have done.
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Another thing is Daniel Bryan. He got the MITB win and people thought they were ruining him, and then he got the belt and people have their knives out for when he loses the title. Great Blog!

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