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The WWE Draft - Why Does It Exist?

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To answer my own question, I don't know.

Now before anyone says I'm against it, let me tell you, I'm not. I have always been a fan of the draft and the brand extension in general, but to say I'm not frustrated would be a lie.

Ever since Triple H announced the 'SuperShow' concept, I've been hoping that it was just a brief thing and all would be right in the the land of the WWE soon. But apparently not. SmackDown still exists for no apparent reason. Vince McMahon needs to put is fortune into hiring writers and new superstars, not paying to have a pointless show on air, amongst other expenditures, such as WWE Studios or the (possibly) upcoming WWE Network. There are two possibilities for what could happen:

1) They scrap SmackDown.
While a lot of WWE fans (including me) have always been a fan of the blue brand, if things don't change, it has to go. There is no question about it's apparent neglect by the board, therefore there is no reasoning to keep it on air.

2) They scrap the SuperShow.
This would personally my favorite option, because it puts things back to normal, the way I liked it. This concept is backed up by the fact that NXT is acting more and more like it's own show; this could become a 'C-Brand', much like the way ECW was. Mind you, I couldn't imagine WWE getting much out of this. If they were to do this, the 2012 WWE Draft would be the perfect time to bring it into action.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the upcoming draft - will there be change, possibly even 'Change for NXT' (cue Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks t-shirts)? Or will we be forced to watch another year of weekly blue pointlessness? That is, those who continue to watch WWE at all.

ALL COMMENTS WELCOME, especially on this blog, I would really like to see what you have to say.

P.S., I know this blog is short, but I've made my point and would like you to make yours as well.

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  1. k_roll00's Avatar
    The draft is even more useless now that Johnny is the GM of both shows. The gotta go back to the way it was during the first draft when Bischoff and Heyman were picking superstars. This draft, and the one the year after (when Cena was drafted to Raw) were to only ones that made sense logically. Separate both brands again, bring back another pair of tag titles as well as tag teams (cruiserweights should mainly compete for these titles), and I would scrap the womens championship as well as alot of the divas (waste of space). Since there are alot of single wrestlers, I would bring back some more singles titles (Hardcore Title, Television Title) and make Superstars an actual brand. Draft superstars there so there aren't too many single stars on each roster and the latter championships can be defended weekly there. (It could be awesome!) While we're at it, bring back the cruiserweight title and have that defended on superstars every week as well! Could be awesome! Keeper the same concept that superstars has now, but just make it a legitimate brand with some legitimate stars. Defend those 3 titles every week with the occassional promo. Epic!
  2. scribblerking's Avatar
    I have to agree the brand extension was a good idea and they have diluted it lately with the "supershow" concept which shows their lack of forethought and star power muscle. I think they should revive the whole concept and truly make them seperate again--they can have special PPV matches against one another and even have some special TV shows were superstars "invade" the other show but it would have to be done right and be portrayed as a true rivalry...

    Hell Smakdown being a taped show has always been their testing ground for up and comers a minor league one step up from FCW anyway...
  3. Rilla's Avatar
    I think it's there because well... the titles. What RAW Superstar has a SD specific belt and vice-versa?
  4. Paul's Avatar
    Hey, This is the issue with the draft its one show and no major things happen. I think Punk, The miz, R-truth and ryder should go to smackdown. Rhodes, Orton, Wade Barrett, and bryan on raw
  5. Paul's Avatar
    and it should be over a month period
  6. k_roll00's Avatar
    Cena, Miz, Ziggler, Santino, Brodus Clay to Smackdown

    Orton, Big Show, Rhodes, Bryan, MacIntyre to Raw
  7. Neconilis's Avatar
    In all honesty I hope this year is the end of the draft. Much like you I also want things put back to normal, the way I liked them, but for me that was a decade ago now when there was no brand extension. I have never liked the brand extension, I do not think it has ever been utilized or promoted properly, and I feel it is time that the WWE becomes whole once more with one unified champion.
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