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Could Triple H Do It?

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In my mind, Undertaker will win the Hell In A Cell match. But, there are a couple of points that suggest otherwise...

Does Calaway Really Care?
WWE cares about the streak more than anyone else, including the 'Phenom'. Sources are saying that he wants the streak to end so he doesn't retire with such a legacy, and Kurt Angle says similar things. Previously, the McMahons have laughed off the idea of Taker to lose at a WrestleMania, but with HHH higher up in the company now, it certainly could happen.

Undertaker Needs To Rest In Peace
Everything is pointing to this being 'The Deadman''s last match. Nobody likes to say it, but it has now gotten to the stage where Taker can only wrestle one main-event a year, and Calaway is financially set to retire. WWE are angling this match to be the end of an era, and a fitting end to his career would be for him to adress the audience after the match, and hand on his legacy to 'The Game'.

No More Attitude
Triple H and the Undertaker, the last outlaws. Calaway is tired after 20 years in the WWE, and Levesque is ready to move backstage and replace Vince McMahon. The 'Cerebral Assassin' could probably manage another year or two through. At WM XXIX, we could see Triple H lose a 'loser retires' match, and if that happens, WWE will have succeeded in what it has been trying to do since 2001: kill off the attitude era.

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  1. MR Boss's Avatar
    Dude, what is the point of doing blogs when you put that much effort in doing it. Did you want this in the forum section or something?Look at everyone else blogs, they don't make it as horrible, and pathetic as yours. Next time you do a blog make it longer or just don't do one at all if it's going to be this bad!
  2. rodrik's Avatar
    u have a point there, but as mr. boss said, maybe better as a topic thread, but what I don't agree with that he said is that it's a bad blog, short? granted, but that's the only negative point I can find, keep on the good work
  3. ECWStyle's Avatar
    thanks man! and tbh, i dont like the forum.

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