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Re-booking history: Triple H vs Chris Jericho

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What's up blog readers. This is my second time doing re-booking history. Before I get into things, I would like for you guys to tell me what past angle/feud I should book next just to make things interesting. Anyways, my next topic is Chris Jericho vs Triple H. Since Wrestlemaina season is here, I thought I re-book the matches from the past Wrestlemaina cards that I thought could have been better if booked properly. Lets get started!

Wrestlemaina X8: Triple H vs Chris Jericho for the Undisputed Championship

After returning from an injury that could have retired him from wrestling, Triple H would come back to the loudest pop I have ever heard in pro-wrestling. He would then go on to win the 2002 Royal Rumble, becoming the #1 Contender to Chris Jericho's Undisputed Title at Wrestlemaina X8. Although Triple H vs Jericho sounds great on paper, their storyline was pretty much a hit and miss. Here is my problems with this feud:

Jericho/Triple H didn't have heat to it:
After years of feuding before, this match had no heat to it. What I mean is, there wasn't enough of a reason to care about this match. WWE could have built this up as Triple H's chance to prove he can still beat the best in Chris Jericho but it simply didn't happen. The build-up wasn't strong enough nor was the feud. I would have had Jericho make fun of Triple H's quad injury and how it was a good thing Triple H got injured because while he was gone, Jericho was main eventing and became the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. It now gives Triple H more of a reason to destroy Jericho since Jericho is making a mockery out of Triple H's quad injury which could have retired him from wrestling. They also could have touched on the fact that he beat Triple H for the WWE Title before but Triple H had the win re-versed, keeping his WWE Title and ever since, Jericho wanted to get revenge on Triple H. One good thing they did was have Jericho attack Triple H's repaired quad with a sledge-hammer but it never got going as it should have. I still think Jericho should have worked on Triple H's leg a little more during their match too.

No strong promos leading up to the match:
An importance to building up a feud is awesome promos, which this feud didn't have. All we got from this feud were pointless backstage segments involving Triple H's dog pooping in Stephanie Mcmahon's office and Triple H's dog getting ran over by Jericho's limo. I would have had Jericho and Triple H have an intense promo between the two of them, where the focus would be around the WWE Undisputed Championship and whether or not Triple H can beat Jericho after being out for a year. Have Jericho dress down Triple H, calling him washed up with Triple H telling Jericho that he will prove that hes still that damn good.

Triple H's dog making this feud look like a joke:
What was the point in having Triple H's supposed dog get run over by Jericho's limo, playing a focal point in the build up of this match? It was unfunny and hurt this feud badly.

Too much Stephanie Mcmahon involvement:
It makes a little bit of sense having Stephanie Mcmahon involved since she was managing Jericho at the time and WWE had the wedding segment between Triple H and Stephanie where Triple H turned on her but come on, she shouldn't have been the main focal point in this feud as well. Triple H and Chris Jericho were having an intense rivalry that didn't need a third wheel like Stephanie. Having her involved in their Wrestlemaina X8 match was unnecessary. It should have only been between Triple H and Jericho destroying each other. This storyline turned into Triple H vs Stephanie rather than Triple H vs Jericho was a problem.

Chris Jericho not being booked as a threat:
Jericho wasn't booked as a threat. Whenever he attacked Triple H, he needed Stephanie to distract Triple H while he attacked him. WWE should have made Jericho destroy Triple H without any help before their match. I get that Triple H is bigger and stronger than Jericho but the way WWE booked Jericho made him look like an afterthought and Stephanie Mcmahon's lackey doing all of her dirty work to get revenge on Triple H.

This match shouldn't have been booked as the main event:
Jericho vs Triple H wasn't strong enough to headline Wrestlemaina X8. Maybe if this match would have went on before Rock vs Hogan, then the crowd wouldn't have been dead for this match.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Valid points.
    This should never have been the main event of WMX8. Rock and Hogan should have been last. One of the dumbest mania moves in history.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Hughes35
    Valid points.
    This should never have been the main event of WMX8. Rock and Hogan should have been last. One of the dumbest mania moves in history.
    Yeah. Putting Triple H vs Jericho as the main event was indeed a dumb move. WWE probably thought Triple H as a face would be a draw like The Rock or Stone Cold so they decided to let him headline Wrestlemaina X8 which failed miserably.

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