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What If: We Came to Break the Walls Down... JeriMiz

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What's happening everyone? Scribbler Jones with another What If Mash-up idea. This one, I think, would be a little more possible than my last one. Once again, just spitballing, but who knows?

This time, I'm taking a look at two of the more disenfranchised Superstars of the WWE. Two of the most controversial loose cannons that have made their mark on RAW... The Miz and Chris Jericho. First, let's look at The Miz. He first came into existence as a reality television star who dreamed of making it big in sports entertainment. Then, one day, he got his big break after winning the Tough Enough challenge. He made his name in the WWE as a brash, cocky upstart who was widely disliked. Yet, he reached a turning point in his career when he won a Money in the Bank match, and went to become "the most must-see Champion" after claiming the WWE title belt. Of course, he had also won several Tag Team titles with former partners John Morrison and the Big Show, but this was his crowning achievement. Next, we have Chris Jericho. Extremely talented wrestler who made his name across the world. Gained fame in WCW and then in WWE. Arguably the winningest IC holder that the company has known, on top of many other accolades. Outspoken, controversial, and a conspiracy theorist. A man who has been the WHC holder and known what it was like to stand on the mountaintop. These two men have a lot in common: two heels who can easily raise the crowd's ire, but also have enough on their in-ring resumes to make them serious threats. What else do they have in common? They both know what it was like to be at the top of the heap... and to be at the bottom after it all. Once The Miz lost his belt, he began a steady slide towards mediocrity - eventually relegated to teaming up with unstable R-Truth in a bid to fight a corporate conspiracy that eventually never materialized before becoming little more than an afterthought (and getting got by R-Truth and "Little Jimmy.") Jericho lost his title and was drafted to RAW, where his jealousy of John Cena got the best of him, and he too faded into a degree of obscurity before leaving for a time. Now, these two men are at a point where they are watching people come up and over them... and they can't be happy about it.

I can see these two not hitting it off to begin with. Neither Miz nor Jericho are "people" people. But I can see something happen that would change their perspectives. For example, two of their worst enemies - CM Punk and John Cena - either partner up or keep doing their solo things and simply get more reaction or opportunity than they do. Miz and Jericho will look at each other and realize a spooky truth: they have a lot in common. They both have monstrous egos, both are first-rate performers, and they both want to buck the system. So they decide that, for now, a partnership should be formed for the sole purpose of setting the WWE on fire.

I think this would be a good tag team to watch. Jericho would be the technical man, while Miz would come in for the direct, more physical approach. What I think would really help sell them is this: both men are quite hated and have a talent for facilitating a lot of heat - both men can do some above average promos, but I think that they can really deliver if allowed to do so. I can see these two tearing Epico and Primo in half - the current Tag Team champs are good at tag team tactics, but Miz and Jericho have much more experience and would stoop to lows I think that Epico and Primo couldn't to win. Cue dominant Tag Team title run here. With them holding the belts, I think the division would pick up stock, as both men are capable of being excellent tag team specialists. With more people (theoretically) tuning in, this would facilitate more quality tag teams being formed to challenge them. Jericho and Miz would sell themselves just on making the crowd hate and loathe them and coming to see someone hopefully take them down a notch. Of course, Miz and Jericho have plenty of shock factor power. Have them do something crazy to get attention (spray paint one of Alberto Del Rio's expensive cars, convince R-Truth that Little Jimmy hates him, kidnap a Diva, masquerade as the camera crew to blindside some fools after a match, anything...) and that will draw even more attention and heat. After this runs its course, eventually the team will implode. Both men will realize that success is once again in their grasp, but one thing stands in their way... each other. Both characters are too well known for petty jealousy and having a taste for retribution for them to not see each other as threats to their greatness. And so the inevitable ego-fueled fight will happen. I can see Miz finally making his face turn here, while Jericho delves a little further into the madness and anger that lurks inside him, making his heel persona really pop.

Again, just a scenario I cooked up while listening to another YouTube mash-up. Be nice if it could happen, but sadly unlikely. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this and be sure to comment!

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    These two teamed up to fight the Hart Dynasty for the titles once before, sorry champ, check your facts
  2. ozfan's Avatar
    They already made a team and it failed faster than Awesome Truth. Good try though.
  3. owenhart4life's Avatar
    really Really REALLY. REALLY? REALLY! the miz did not win tough enough he came in second. how can you write a blog if your facts are not right.
  4. MR Boss's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, but The Miz in another Team is more of a step back. The Miz has been with Big Show,Morrison, and R Truth. I think he needs to show once again he can be a solo artist.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, looks like you didn't do your research. In your defense though, Tough Enough is scripted anyway, so basically, he won since other than Josh Mathews and Andy, he's the only one still on the payroll. *I don't count Skip Sheffield until he shows up again*

    Also, teaming with Jericho a few years ago doesn't count because he wasn't at the stature that he's at now.

    Good Blog...I don't think teaming w/ Jericho would do anything for either of them. But good write up nonetheless.
  6. Giddy's Avatar
    ChrisMiz or Jiz
  7. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by owenhart4life
    really Really REALLY. REALLY? REALLY! the miz did not win tough enough he came in second. how can you write a blog if your facts are not right.
    Well aren't you a pathetic fucker.

    Nice blog man, I really like the idea. I don't care if they've teamed up before; with this sort of storyline behind it, the idea would work. I'm totally sold on it.

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