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machoo mann

Curt Hawkins - Unsung, underrated, underappriciated?

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He was one of the Major Brothers, one of the Edgeheads during the supreme reign of La Familia, WWE Tag Team Champions along his former buddy Zack Ryder and then dominated Friday nights for a while with Vance Archer as the Gatecrashers. Then, a brief run as a singles competitor, mainly wrestling @WWE Superstars. There he had two of the most finest pure wrestling matches I have seen put on WWE's televised shows. A small tease of Hawkins and Ryder comeback but finally Hawkins solified his spot in a tag team with Tyler Reks. Reks, who is also no doubt a great performer has been teaming with Hawkins for a good two to four months now.

Don't get me wrong, a solid tag team will get you some airtime compared being a lowcard jobber but Hawkins has potential and starpower to be more than just a glorified tag team wrestler. Has he ever had a lengthy single run, or has he been always teaming up with someone? Hawkins makes his wrestling seem so effortless and he has nice, innovative moveset. But how WWE, how can a wrestler who puts forth this kind of performance;

is forced to job to Funkasaurus, who didn't even go over? It's time to invest to these younger superstars. Sure it's been widely said within WWE that the unwillingness of the midcard superstars being elevated is one of the reasons that WWE is very careful with these pushes. But when it comes to guys like Hawkins who try hard to go over using social media and just busting one's ass in NXT or Superstars, wouldn't it be time to try to give them an opportunity? Hawkins isn't the only guy deserving a shot for elevating but he certainly has all the tools for it.

When these big main eventers and veteran midcarders are not able to give it a go, it's time for the younger stars to rise. But they need their TV-time; they sure as hell can work a match so why wouldn't Zeke and Otunga visit NXT for a while and WWE giving the real talent a chance to shine?

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I agree with this blog...give that guy a chance...he's got loads of charishma!!
  2. Corwo's Avatar
    First of all GREAT first blog...Curt has all the skill just no chances
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