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Did John Cena and CM Punk Switch Roles? Nope. Not Even Close.

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I was just watching the Punk-CNN spot (what can I say, I'm a sucker for human beings who think beating women is wrong) when I noticed the only comment below it urging me to read a blog that tells the not-so-accurate tale of Punk becoming the new Cena, how he's already watered down and stale, and how nothing is different about the WWE title. Having read this blog already, I remember finding it annoying because it just sounded like bitching for the sake of bitching. I can't speak for anyone else, but hey... wrestling is finally getting good again. We're wrestling fans though, so naturally we cannot acknowledge this fact and instead feel the need to bash everything that's wrong with the product and wax braggadocio on how we'd make much better bookers than the powers that be.

Anyway, here's the comment and a little retort from me. This is not meant as an attack on Knox or Hill or, aw what the hell if you want it to be an attack, eat your heart out girls.

In the comments section of the Punk-CNN video, Edward Hill writes:

"For you CM Punk fans please read Did John Cena & Cm Punk Switch Roles? by Knox. (He hits the nail in the coffin)."

Nope. He doesn't. He doesn't hit any nail on the head. Or coffin, or any other mix-and-match idioms you feel the need to come up with. The blog is pretty horrible actually because it's completely derived from lack of attention. Cena isn't funny. Cena isn't well-spoken. (Screaming really loudly and changing accents to adjust to crowds doesn't add points to one's speaking ability.) Cena is slightly witty, but in a very mechanical sort of way. Cena has set punch-lines and makes sure that everybody watching him knows they are indeed set punch-lines.

Punk is naturally funny (any commentary he's ever done, especially the NXT stuff). Punk is well-spoken, he doesn't need to scream or add a Bostonian twang to his rants, nor does he tack on a street thug accent as his intensity grows. He simply doesn't need to. Come to think of it, I don't believe anyone should. Except maybe New Jack, who will in fact, fucking cut you (you = general public). Punk is so naturally witty he'd give Johnny Carson a run for his money. Punk has set punch-lines, but instead of dropping a line and trying to look cool for doing it, he'll just slip it into a promo with the greatest of ease (see: "Mine went straight to DVD, just like yours.").

The blog says that nothing has changed in WWE since Punk took the belt and "took over", that Punk has become stale, just like when Cena carried the strap. Really? Because I've never seen Cena put on top quality TV wrestling matches with guys like Ziggler or Danielson or Mysterio or Kofi or Morrison. Don't get me wrong, Cena can deliver a HELL of a match. The guy just gets chemistry and story-telling and all those little things the WWE loves oh-so much. All those little things that ensured a guy like Rob Van Dam would never be top dog. These are the things that work as a great match's exoskeleton. RVD had that meat (the crazy spots, the flashy moves, the crazy moves, the SIMPLE moves) to fill the skeleton, but no "storytelling"; no exoskeleton.

Cena is the opposite. He's got all the things to provide a match with a skeleton, but I've never seen him provide any of the meat. And that's at BEST. That's on Pay Per View. I've never seen Cena deliver the stuff Punk is delivering week after week in his TV matches. I've never seen Cena throw in little interesting moments like incorporating the handshake of honor or tribute Savage elbow into a match. I've never seen Cena throw the WWE championship around or bang it against a cage like a rock star smashing his guitar. I've never seen Cena do anything interesting with that championship and wait, weren't Punk's exact words "I'm going to make this title interesting again"? Wasn't the whole point of this dude's blog to say that he hasn't made it interesting and things are the same? Well things aren't the same. The times, you see, are indeed a-changin'. Shit was unbearably boring and stale when it was Cena, Edge, and Orton every night. And yes, mostly due to booking. But none of those guys did anything to make shit interesting again. Punk is doing those things.

I've never seen Cena commentate and do a better job of it than most of the regular announcers. I've never seen Cena cut a promo (in the last 7 years anyway) where he didn't say something about how he's going to stay real and true to himself no matter what. (It's boring and we get it John, you have morals and shit.) Word Life. I've never seen Cena perform a single wrestling move that made me say "Man, that was awesome." Come to think of it, I've never seen Cena perform any more wrestling moves than I can count on my two hands... ever.

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  1. tetzu's Avatar
    that blog cena & punk was so terrible I had to register just to comment. without a shadow of a doubt that guy is a fruity pebble eating, purple wearing,lil jimmy.

    I think cena will run for president soon. lol.

    I love it that Punk called chris brown out, I mean Punk letting him know what an ahole he is for what he did, he does, and he's doing have a bigger impact to brown.
    chris brown wont get pissed off if I keep bitching on twitter about him. he'll just block/ignore me.

    Punk = the voice of the voiceless!
    Updated 02-24-2012 at 12:38 PM by tetzu
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    AMEN! No I don't think Punk = new Cena, yes I believe that Punk made WWE interesting again and YES I do hope that Cena catches Chris in a dark alley with no one to save him.

    Ooops, did I say that out loud? 0_o
  3. vinnienfg's Avatar
    excellent blog! yes i'm a Punk fan so I might be a little biased, Cena is stale and boring, but at some point this year he will be champion again. Cena's promo this week about the Rock wasn't that bad, though it was obviously scripted and kinda felt like something Punk would say as it did have truth to it, but The Rock is back this monday and he's going to verbally destroy Cena.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Amazing how John Cena cuts an awesome kayfabe shoot promo, and everyone starts with the Cena/Punk switching stuff. Come on guys. Punk is nothing like Cena. Cena is nothing like Punk. Just because they both spit awesome "shoots" on the mic, doesn't make them similar. Cena is the face of the WWE with Punk running as top "good guy". That's all. Relax everyone.
  5. knox's Avatar
    I'm happy i inspired you to blog. I for one re-read my blog and it was very biased and I'm willing to admit I was wrong in how I went about it but I still agree for the most part.

    I was wrong to say that Punk will be a regret by Vince and he will be the next Ultimate Warrior in his 50s shooting on everyone.

    But the issue is how bent out of shape us wrestling fans get over an opinion. I mean people were sending me inbox messages threatening to kill me over an opinion. This is wrestling for crying out loud, we're all entitled to our opinion. I respect your blog reply.

    I just think Cena represents the company a bit better than Punk but Punk indeed is entertaining.

    @tetzu, guys like you are who I'm referring to. Your simply bashing me over a comment. Your clearly a Cm Punk mark as well but I'm not bashing you for having an opinion. The ignorance of you is the complete reason wrestling fans have a bad name.
  6. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    No offense to anyone on this site, but there's a trend here of extremism. There seems to be a lack of "fence" for people to sit on, or a "middle road" for people to take with their opinions. It's like people either 100% agree, or 100% disagree, and they're reactions to blogs seem so vehement because of it.

    Both of these blogs have shades of gray. Both have valid points, but neither are worth flipping out about. My personal breakdown:

    Knox's blog makes valid points about CM Punk becoming slightly stale. Yes, I said it. He is still the most entertaining thing in WWE to me, but I can see the instances where he relies on the "PIPEBOMB LULZ" comment that is more overused than anything. He can be hilarious, but sometimes you can tell when he phones it in. I remember during the whole Trips/Nash/Punk promos a while back, he kept throwing in "Triple H is Steph's bitch" jokes like one after the other. The first one was good, the second one was alright, and then three through seven were just overkill. When he gets on a real roll, no one can touch him, but when he does get like that then it's not as great as everyone makes it out to be.

    This goes along with his theory of Punk becoming Cena and vice-versa, because Cena has been well known to phone it in, when it comes to his promos and his matches. Nowadays, (especially last Raw) Cena stepped his game up, promo wise, and while it still wasn't the greatest promo ever, it was the effort that made the difference.

    However, he makes the mistake of going to "markish" for Cena, and that is probably what riled everyone up so badly.

    Raven's blog makes the valid point that Punk is a much more well rounded performer than Cena is, specifically using his ability to bring more to the table than Cena in regards to his matches and his humor. I would tend to agree with him, and also with the fact that Cena and Punk haven't switched roles nearly as much as Knox's blog would say.

    However, just like knox's blog, the blog tends to get pretty "Punk-markish" towards the middle through the end. I like Punk, but not everything he has done is pure gold.

    It's all about opinion, and people shouldn't take it so seriously.
  7. Theicon's Avatar
    All Knoxs blogs are absolute dribble & he knows it lol
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